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SAYING "F-YOU" TO THE "F" WORD 31 Jul 2013

Lithe at Bands

Give Your Thoughts a Makeover

Re-define your concept of “thin.Use words! Replace the old ‘fat’-laden language with new language. Or, even better, get rid of that word all together! Words like “skinny” and “thin” carry a lot of unhealthy connotations that we have picked up through exposure to things like the media over the years. I personally try to steer clear of that kind of language. I prefer words like “fit”, “trim,” and “lean.” If I were to define my ideal version of myself, it would be something like, “lean all over with boobs and a butt!” The only “Twiggy” reference in my life is related to Lithe class scheduling.

Stay Positive

Instead of immediately casting- off a negative thought about your body, allow yourself to honor and acknowledge it. Label it as ‘fat talk’ and then promptly replace the thought with something positive. For example:  “I’m stocky” becomes “I’m petite and strong!”

Get Inspired

Get over that ideal ‘perfect version’ of yourself. Try to let go of that and start noticing people with your body shape. Pay attention to how they play up or down certain features for a polished, proportional look. Check out style blogs for different body types, or create a personal style look-book for inspiration.

Adjust the Focus on your Lens

And while you’re at it, zoom out a little bit! Try to avoid hyper-focusing on one particular element or area of the body. Instead of focusing on what your body is not, concentrate instead on what it is, and all that it does for you. Next time you are feeling down, do a set of calf-pumps (arms: your choice!) or drop down for a quick set of burpees!

The Golden Rule

Just as you treat others as you wish to be treated, do the same for your body. Talk about your body respectfully, and honor how powerful it is. I love this analogy I heard once: think about a dandelion. Technically it’s a weed, but it could also be a flower. How you label it, however, will influence how you feel about it. Call it a “weed” and it ends up in the trash. Call it a “flower” and it ends up in a vase on the kitchen table. You will likely take better care of your body if you think about it with respect, awe, and gratitude.

Image of Lithe Instructors via Dom


Lauren Boggi at Bands

“Look at this pooch! No matter how much I suck in, there is still that little roll right there!”

“You’re curvy, so you can get away with it, you can’t even tell I swear! See, these love-handles are way more noticeable on me because I have no boobs or butt.”

“What love handles?! SHUT UP, if you think those are love handles … I don’t even want to know what you think of these (Squeeze, squeeze)...”

Fat talk¸ or talking negatively about the shape or size of your body, is a common type of banter that women (especially) are often exposed to. As this study from Northwestern University shows, most women engage in Fat Talk. The most common response observed in these types of social exchanges are: 1) denying that one’s friend is fat and 2) stating that in fact they are the one that is fat... Sound familiar?

Even though the focus is on physical, observed flaws of the body, the damage happens internally. Talking about yourself this way it introduces a negative thinking pattern that quickly impacts other domains of life. This University of Arizona study found that fat talk predicts lower levels of body satisfaction, higher levels of depressive symptoms, and greater perceived pressure to be thin. Talking smack about your beautiful body is harmful not only to yourself, but can also negatively affect how others feel about themselves. Recent research has found that hearing others engage in fat talk not only makes us feel guilty about our own bods, but also makes us more likely to engage in fat talk, ourselves.

Still feel like whining about your cellulite? Fine, but people will like you less. A recent study conducted at the University of Notre Dame’s Body Image and Eating Disorders Lab found that women who engage in fat talk are far less-likeable compared to those who make positive statements about their body.

I realize it is unrealistic to trash Fat Talk completely… we are all here, working out together, because we care about our bodies. Some of us are here with specific goals in mind. For example, if you are packing your Lithe schedule with Peeled and Wings to tone your upper-half, it is not unreasonable to want to pay closer attention to your arms for the month! Totally normal, as long as you are able to keep things in perspective: having crazy-ripped arms is cool, but it won’t make you a better mother, nor will it make dinner with the in-laws less-awkward…

As women, we often equate the way our body looks with certain desirable attributes and ideas (e.g., success, achievement, happiness etc.) but in so doing, we are taking power away from ourselves as autonomous, strong women. We are minimizing the importance of our mental capacities and capabilities to achieve these ideals, which in reality, have no correlation with how toned our arms are.

So…what kind of locker room buddy do you want to be?! It’s up to you what you say and to whom, but think twice about this kind of blasphemous babble now that you know the consequences it could have on you and those around you.

 Stay tuned for my tips on ways to keep your internal and external dialogues “fat”-free!

Image of Lauren Boggi at the bands wearing Lithe via Dom





Check out Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto Lithing on location in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy; A beach town east of Rome.  Bianca said that she did the Independence Day workout and finished up with a few liberty to attitude swings in the water, Lithe Escape style.  She said that the waves really made it challenging to stabilize so she really had to use her core. I love it, Bianca...we miss you! 

Photo of (currently retired) Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto via Chris Williams

SOPHIE OH! 30 Jul 2013


From: Seoul, Korea

Favorite City: Berkeley & Shanghai

Favorite Lithe Workout: 
Spirit & Rock Steady

Favorite Lithe Exercise: Jumping series on the rebounder in Spirit

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team?: Sophie is fierce! She has endless energy, incredible stamina (hello lung capacity!), and is always up for a cardio challenge. After years of experience as an aerobics instructor and dancer, Sophie jumped right into Lithe and excelled so much that she became an instructor in Summer 2013. She really cracks the whip in her classes!

Other Job: Assistant Professor in Political Science.
Enjoys: Learning new languages, hiking, biking, dancing (hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, salsa, anything!), healthy cooking, exploring outdoors, and discovering local Philly gems.

What you wouldn't know by looking at her: Born and raised in Seoul (South Korea), she had her first quintessential American experience as an exchange undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill where she developed a knack for slang (“I keep it real”) and survival in the South ("when in doubt, just substitute jalapeños for kimchi"). Having found her inner hippie (and a PhD) at UC Berkeley, aka "heaven on earth," she is now deeply in love with the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. For her doctoral field research, she spent two years in various cities in China, and speaks near-fluent Chinese and some Japanese. She also holds a black belt in kung-fu, has won several amateur-division medals in competitive salsa, and loves to take the reins, on and off a horse.
Image of Sophie Oh in Michi NY via Dom



I had a great time representing Lithe at the DELL/MICROSOFT Inspire House in the Hampton's this weekend.  I love how our unique lifestyle brand fits into the scope of holistic technology and innovation.  What was it all about?  There were daily lectures featuring Google, amazing blogs and videos, curated dinners by Chef Roble, DIY workshops with I Made This - Erica Domesek, seminars with Gabby Bernstein, events in partnership with Fast Company, and World Changers events in partnership with Huffington Post just to name a few.  NYC Lithe Instructor Sarah Parker and I hosted Lithe workouts by the pool Lithe Escape style for attendees and Lithe Foods was present throughout the weekend!

Images via Lauren & DELL

LITHE BRIDE! 29 Jul 2013


The beautiful Maria Ferzola on her wedding day at One, Atlantic City, NJ.  Absolutely gorgeous, Maria! 

Images via Kay English


CHERRY BOMB! 28 Jul 2013


This light, low-cal yet filling (hello fiber!) combo is just perfect.  Cherries reduce pain, inflammation, and are perfect for recovery and performance post-Lithe. Coconut hydrates and coconut milk provides healthy fat; allowing you to go on and on.

I can’t live without cherries! I am addicted to the muscle recovery, as well as the healthy boost of delicious carbs they provide post-run. - See more at: http://www.choosecherries.com/redrecovery/index.html#sthash.HrSgGAKp.dpuf

Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut water, cherries, cocoa, honey  Nutrition: 168 calories, 4g fat, 32g carb, 4g fiber, 2g protein  Price:  $7  



Happy Friday everyone!  Lithe loves AVEENO®!  AVEENO® supports Lithe by placing their incredible products in our locker rooms and showers.  AVEENO® is sustainable, easy to find, affordable, natural and so effective. 

I had the opportunity to try the entire AVEENO® line and two of my current summer favorites are AVEENO® Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo and AVEENO® Protect+Hydrate Sunscreen.  AVEENO® Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo is great for our active lifestyle, and perfect for summer when you don't want to wash your hair everyday.  It has nourishing ACTIVE NATURALS® seaweed extract which is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to cleanse without stripping the natural moisture from hair and skin.  I spray post-Lithe for quick clean up and I'm amazed what it does for my fine, thin hair.  

My second favorite product is their Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen.  It helps to reverse skin dehydration caused by sun, chlorine, Lithe, and salt water while offering broad spectrum coverage (exceeding FDA standards).  After using Protect + Hydrate, I love how my skin and hands feel healthier after a day on the beach than before I went in the sun!

This weeks giveaway is a generous supply of AVEENO® products (my two favorites included!) for  beautiful, healthy summer skin, hair and body ($100+ plus value!)  For a chance to win, please tell us what your favorite AVEENO ® product is!  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck!

Product images via AVEENO® and Lauren Boggi via Dom


LITHE APP! 25 Jul 2013


You asked and we delivered!  A Lithe app is now available for download on iPhone, iPad, and Android to help you stay fit, hip, healthy on the go!  Plan your workouts, reserve classes, view your schedule, and stay connected to all things Lithe, all from your phone.  Have instant access to studio locations, contact information, and social media, and be the first to know about sales, specials, and promotions.  Download today and make your life (and your Lithe) easier!  


LOL Brasil
Check out this beautiful shot of Lither Vita Braunbeck striking a perfect Wide Second in "T" at the Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The "Marvelous City" received its name for a reason, that is for sure!  Vita said that eight days away from Lithe, though, was way too long... she jumped right back in the day she came back.
Have you been Lithing on location?  Send your pictures to blog@lithemethod.com

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