July is just flying by, isn't it?  I've really been enjoying my summer (and my food)!  On Friday I'm headed out to LA so this week I'm motivated and devoted to me.  I have no issues admiting that staying lean does not come easy for me.  For me, it's all about willpower and a little time.  About seven days before I have to be on camera, I always go into serious prep mode.  I pay extra attention to my diet so that I look and feel my absolute best. 

Choosing the right foods can really fuel short-term weight loss.  For seven days, I strip my diet of all things unhealthy (except for dark chocolate and our Lithe Foods Fruit & Nut bar) and eat really, really clean.  My coffee is black, my water has lemon, smoothies are green, heavy on the cold-pressed juice, a lot of sauteed dark leafy greens and lean protein (fish). 

This week, I began with Lithe's three day Detox.  It's always easier when you have a buddy on board with you and I can usually count Jordan in for a day, maybe two if I'm lucky.  Monday he was on board.  I know that I've waxed poetic about his scallops before, but on Monday night he made the most incredible dish for us.  He seared scallops (above) and then made a tomato, onion, garlic and rosemary saute. It's so simple, fresh and clean; I think that I may make this recipe my Monday ritual for the rest of the summer.  What about you guys?  Have you been enjoying summer a little too much?  Do you do anything on Sunday or Monday to re-set yourself for the week?  Do your significant others ever join you in prepping, or are you always flying solo?

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Thank you for this. Its refreshing to know that no matter how much you work out or eat well, it is still a sturggle to remain lean. Like you, I am also really short (5 foot) and curvy so gaining 2 lbs looks like 20. I too sturggle and its nice to know I am not alone. Thats why I love lithe. Its real. so thank you.
Ps.. I would love see a day of eats for you. I find it intresting and inspiring.

I second Leonore that I really find this type of post inspiring, and would love to see more, Thanks Lauren! From my own experience, I've been really proud (and to be honest, a bit surprised!) that my +1 has been so open to changes I've been working to implement. He's usually skeptical to begin with, but then starts making small changes that make a big difference (spaghetti squash vs. pasta, or almond milk vs. dairy). He's even drinking (and prepping) greenies these days! He's got a great salmon recipe down to a science: start the cooking with lemon/citrus, then finish in a hot oven with rosemary, EVOO, S+P to get an amazing crust on it. Gorgeous! Great for a Sunday night meal. Keep us posted on your trip to LA, and have a great time!

I'm feeling really horrible about my eating lately. I've had a bit of a medical crisis come up, which is keeping me from working out, so I think that the boredom from that paired with the anxiety has flicked a compulsion switch. I just inhaled a bagel- I never eat bagels. I planned to get a fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast this morning, but ran out of time and ended up with a lousy bagel. Sometimes it seems like roadblocks are chasing you down. Maybe I'll make some scallops and veggies for dinner...

Totally going to try to make my own spin on this dish.. components sound delicious! If you're looking for a great green juice pick me up on your travels in LA, I highly recommend Pressed Juicery. They have locations all throughout LA!

Hi Kristy,

Yes, I'm very familiar with Pressed; you can't beat that west coast produce!

Hi Ladies, I can share more if you'd like! I'll post asap. I can also share how I eat when I'm away on vacation. Thanks!

yes please do Lauren!!

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