SAYING "F-YOU" TO THE "F" WORD 31 Jul 2013

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Give Your Thoughts a Makeover

Re-define your concept of “thin.Use words! Replace the old ‘fat’-laden language with new language. Or, even better, get rid of that word all together! Words like “skinny” and “thin” carry a lot of unhealthy connotations that we have picked up through exposure to things like the media over the years. I personally try to steer clear of that kind of language. I prefer words like “fit”, “trim,” and “lean.” If I were to define my ideal version of myself, it would be something like, “lean all over with boobs and a butt!” The only “Twiggy” reference in my life is related to Lithe class scheduling.

Stay Positive

Instead of immediately casting- off a negative thought about your body, allow yourself to honor and acknowledge it. Label it as ‘fat talk’ and then promptly replace the thought with something positive. For example:  “I’m stocky” becomes “I’m petite and strong!”

Get Inspired

Get over that ideal ‘perfect version’ of yourself. Try to let go of that and start noticing people with your body shape. Pay attention to how they play up or down certain features for a polished, proportional look. Check out style blogs for different body types, or create a personal style look-book for inspiration.

Adjust the Focus on your Lens

And while you’re at it, zoom out a little bit! Try to avoid hyper-focusing on one particular element or area of the body. Instead of focusing on what your body is not, concentrate instead on what it is, and all that it does for you. Next time you are feeling down, do a set of calf-pumps (arms: your choice!) or drop down for a quick set of burpees!

The Golden Rule

Just as you treat others as you wish to be treated, do the same for your body. Talk about your body respectfully, and honor how powerful it is. I love this analogy I heard once: think about a dandelion. Technically it’s a weed, but it could also be a flower. How you label it, however, will influence how you feel about it. Call it a “weed” and it ends up in the trash. Call it a “flower” and it ends up in a vase on the kitchen table. You will likely take better care of your body if you think about it with respect, awe, and gratitude.

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Dr. Rachel is incredible. She's completely in my head.

Love the twin ideas/goals of acceptance and appreciation.

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