SOPHIE OH! 30 Jul 2013


From: Seoul, Korea

Favorite City: Berkeley & Shanghai

Favorite Lithe Workout: 
Spirit & Rock Steady

Favorite Lithe Exercise: Jumping series on the rebounder in Spirit

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team?: Sophie is fierce! She has endless energy, incredible stamina (hello lung capacity!), and is always up for a cardio challenge. After years of experience as an aerobics instructor and dancer, Sophie jumped right into Lithe and excelled so much that she became an instructor in Summer 2013. She really cracks the whip in her classes!

Other Job: Assistant Professor in Political Science.
Enjoys: Learning new languages, hiking, biking, dancing (hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, salsa, anything!), healthy cooking, exploring outdoors, and discovering local Philly gems.

What you wouldn't know by looking at her: Born and raised in Seoul (South Korea), she had her first quintessential American experience as an exchange undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill where she developed a knack for slang (“I keep it real”) and survival in the South ("when in doubt, just substitute jalapeños for kimchi"). Having found her inner hippie (and a PhD) at UC Berkeley, aka "heaven on earth," she is now deeply in love with the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. For her doctoral field research, she spent two years in various cities in China, and speaks near-fluent Chinese and some Japanese. She also holds a black belt in kung-fu, has won several amateur-division medals in competitive salsa, and loves to take the reins, on and off a horse.
Image of Sophie Oh in Michi NY via Dom


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congrats Sophie!

Thanks Krista, you are one of my role model lithe instructors : ).

"When in doubt, just substitute jalapeños for kimchi". Love it!

Congratulations, Sophie! You are a phenomenal instructor, and I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future!!!! Way to go!!! :0)

I took Waspie with Sophie yesterday afternoon. I was so impressed by her! There is no way she is a new instructor... I thought she was better than some veteran instructors! Can't wait to take more classes with her :)

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