25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 21 Aug 2013


This week's 25 Things comes to us from Katrina Culley who has quickly become a staple at the Old City front desk since she started the job in June. A Lither  since December of 2012, she had been thinking about getting a part time job (see her full time job at #1), and made a list of places where she'd love to work--and Lithe was at the very top! She knew it would inspiring to be around such a wonderful group of positive, healthy ladies, and it just so happened that that they were looking to hire someone. Some things are just meant to be, Katrina!
  1. I'm a 5th grade teacher at an elementary school in the lower NE part of Philadelphia. This fall will mark the start of my 6th year teaching.
  2. I eat plain greek yogurt with some combination of granola/nuts/fruit almost every day. Recently, I  started eating 2% greek yogurt instead of 0%, and I'm going to tell you - it's so much better. Life changer.
  3. I've been living without a couch for years. I've had chairs in my living room(s), but my roommate just got a couch. It's amazing. I can't believe I lived so long without one. Totally changed my life.
  4. I have had 6 different living rooms (and 7 different bedrooms, believe it or not) since moving to Philadelphia about 6 years ago.
  5. I work out a lot. I got into my current fitness routine due to family history of diabetes and heart disease, and my own desire to lose weight and get healthy, and now I'm addicted! When I'm not Lithe-ing, I do a bootcamp class, take yoga, and run. I am running my 3rd half marathon in October.
  6. I don't have anything that is an all-time favorite of something. I usually just love what I happen to be into at the moment. Current Lithe class? Split. Current color? Purple. Current food? Pasta. I don't have a favorite movie, but if I'm forced to answer the question, I consistently say Pretty Woman. That's easier than explaining to people that I don't really do favorites.
  7.  I get addicted to terrible television. How can you not love a show where 25 singles date the same person? Or where a group of high school girls (with a pretty low level of common sense, to be honest) try to solve a murder(s) and almost get killed over and over and over?
  8. I play on an ultimate frisbee team with the Philadelphia Sports Network. I'm not amazing, but it's fun and a great workout.
  9. I started eating sushi about 2 years ago, and I can't stop eating it. If you have a question about a sushi place in the city, I've probably been there. I'm currently obsessed with any rolls with mango in them.
  10. I need to eat every 4 hours or so, even if I don't think I'm hungry. Otherwise, I get grumpy. My closest friends see it coming before I do and strategically plan food breaks into our travel plans.
  11. My best friend from high school and I have done quite a bit of traveling together. We particularly seem to find ourselves on road trips. We drove cross country together from San Diego to Harrisburg. We traveled together in both Costa Rica and Honduras. We traveled for 5 weeks in Italy, drove the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fran to Seattle, and most recently, did a road trip through Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
  12. While in Nashville during that road trip, I discovered my love for country music, cowboy boots, and boys with guitars.
  13. I played the viola from 3rd grade to 12th grade, but I haven't touched one since I graduated high school.
  14.  I have a cat named Jack. He's adorable. He weighs 16 pounds and loves yogurt and hummus.
  15. My favorite amusement park is Knoebels Grove. It's an old school park where you pay with tickets by the ride. My favorite ride there is an old school wooden roller coaster called The Phoenix and costs $2.50. Okay, so I do have a favorite. 
  16.  I'm almost always 5 minutes late. I find it annoying, though, so I'm working on it.
  17.  After graduating college, I moved to Honduras for a year to teach 1st and 2nd grade English in a bilingual school. Want to find yourself? Move to a country where you know no one.
  18. I could survive on chips, salsa, and tacos.
  19. I buy the trail mix with chocolate in it from the bulk bins at whole foods, and always pick out all of the chocolates in the first go round, and then am disappointed each time thereafter that there is no more chocolate.
  20. I wish I were more artistic. I think about trying out a drawing class or pottery, but I shy away from making that kind of commitment. 
  21. I don't eat nearly enough vegetables on the weekends. 
  22. My bucket list includes traveling to the Amazon, hiking the Inca Trail, island hopping in the Mediterranean, going on an African safari, doing a multiple day hike (maybe on the Pacific Crest Trail), and travel in SE Asia, among other things. 
  23. My closest friend in the world is my sister, Jess. She lives in South Philly and is basically amazing.
  24. The first lithe class I took out of 101 was Tight End, and it's a miracle I didn't curl up into the fetal position and cry half way through class. Now, it's still hard, but I have a sick obsession with classes that I find really hard. (Such as Tight End, Hot Legs, and Hipster. I have yet to take Action Figure, but I think it will probably fit into this category as well.)
  25. I really like craft beer (and good food, obviously), which is another reason why I work out so much. 


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I used to work at Knoebels arcade during summer break in High School! Small world :)

I'm with you on #12! Have not been to Nashville yet, but was just invited to a wedding there next May so I'm pretty excited :)

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