Lithe Results & Love Letter

Hi Lauren!


February 28, 2012 is the day that my life changed forever. I’d been exercising on and off for about 10 years but never had a healthy diet to match. By that time I’d tried every diet/weight loss program under the sun and never really had any major success, and would always gain the weight back. The night before, I stood on the scale and saw a number that made me utterly sad, but even more importantly moved me into a season of action. I no longer desired to live as a spectator in my own life and became an active participant of change.


I decided to map out a plan for weight loss, and really stick to it. My motto was “Create a Plan. Execute Plan. Achieve Goal.” I put that on a post it note and taped it to my desk and created a goal board where I listed out 12 things I wanted to change in my life in 2012. From that point on I knew if I followed my plan, I’d have success and what would happen when I didn’t.  It was simple. I cut all processed/packaged/manufactured foods from my diet and sugar for the first 90 days. In that time frame I lost 40lbs – which, was impressive but also a major clue as to what had been weighing me down.  In the months that followed, I continued to follow the plan and the weight literally peeled off.  At the time I was just doing group fitness classes at the gym (Zumba, Body Works, Spinning, etc). By June I knew I needed try a different workout in order to continue to challenge my body so I decided to try running. I couldn’t even run an entire mile so imagine the smile on my face after completing the Broad Street Run 10 miler in May 2013 J!!


Fast forward to September 2012.  I was having dinner at a close friends’ (and fellow lither, Lesley P!) house when she began to tell me about Lithe Method.  She was so excited she couldn’t even get her words out and demonstrating the moves so happily; I’d never seen her so jacked up over exercise so of course I had to try a class when Gilt was offering a 5 class card.  I procrastinated and did not try my first class until November and needless to say I got hooked, fast! For Christmas my then boyfriend donated to my 2013 Lithe Fund.  Most women might be offended by such a gift, but he knew I was in love with Lithe and he was in support of anything that made me smile.


In January 2013 I got serious about my workouts and revved up my schedule.  True to your words, 6 months later I was in a different body. Lithe helped me (along with proper diet!!) go from a size 14 to an 8, shave almost 10 total inches from my body, increased my endurance, introduced me to an amazing community of women, and really grounded me in my new fit, hip, and healthy lifestyle.


I could be upset about the 10 weeks I recently missed over the summer due to a non-Lithe related foot injury, but I’m even more excited that because I kept my diet in line, my body didn’t suffer. This was a summer of total confidence, happiness, and full of satisfaction that I did the work that produced my results.


To date I’ve now lost 113 pounds! This journey has been so much more than weight. I’ve learned so much about myself, discipline, strength, and goal setting.  I’ve never had a workout that has ever made me sweat (and smile!) so much, challenged me, and created such incredible results. I am forever grateful to my instructors: Gerri for her bubbly energy in 6am classes, Bari for inspiring me to get my knee oh-so-low to the floor during lunge series, Rachel for encouraging me to keep my arms up in “T” when I felt like I’d die during any of her arm classes, Melissa for correcting my form so that I no longer had foot/ankle pain, Diana for her patience after class to help address questions, and Tif for cracking the whip when she knows you can dig deeper. And to all of my fellow Lithers, thank you for your smiles, kind words, and sharing your Lithe stories/journeys with me.  I am constantly amazed at this team of women!


I know you hear this all the time, but THANK YOU for creating Lithe Method! I love that Lithe is a small business, owned by a woman, from a small town in Jersey, just like me.  It further proves that if you put your head down, make a plan, and go to work, you can produce amazing results in any area of your life.


Love in Lithe,



PS – I’d love to meet you sometime to give you the biggest hug ever for helping me live my best life!


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Whoa! So awesome and inspiring! Keep it up!!

Cortney! What a beautiful letter! You are so beautiful inside and out. I am so honored to have been part of your amazing journey. PS. I LOVE hugs....

Congratulations!! Very inspiring to me as a new Lither! I love your motto!

Cortney your boyfriend is a lucky, lucky man! Mary Boggi

Congrats Courtney! Amazing letter. Your story is truly inspirational.

Congratulations!!! Such an inspiring story!

Congratulations! Excellent work. And what a well written and pertinent post- well done on that also!

Incredible story! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

Cortney, thank you for sharing! I had the privilege of seeing your transformation first-hand(fellow friend and co-worker), yet, I still wanted to relive your success story all over again by reading your blog. You have served as such a great inspiration for me that hard work and dedication pays off. Congratulations!!! You certainly earned it!

I agree with Anna G! This is awesome. Congratulations on achieving your goal. You look so fit, hip and healthy!

Cortney! I am a witness to your testimony! I'm so extremely proud of your success and more importantly how you inspire others (including me!) to change around you! Love you much Gf!

LOVE this, you and of course Lithe!! I am so proud of the person you have committed yourself to becoming these past several months and am even more honored to call you my friend. Your hard work has paid off and I CAN'T WAIT to get my preggo butt back to Lithe so I can join in your passion! Congrats!!

Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story.

So amazing! Congratulations!

This is by far, the best Lithe Love Letter ever! You look absolutely stunning!

Great work, you earned it for sure!!!!

WOW!!!! You brought me to tears!!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!! You are beautiful inside and out!!!!!!!

Ladies, thank you SOOOO much for all the kind words!! I <3 Lithe!!!!

Wow! Congratulations, Cortney! What a strong woman you are! And, you look FABULOUS!!!!!

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