Happy Weekend and Happy August!  This weeks giveaway will make your abs work overtime: one Lithe Cinch Band and 3 Lithe Method classes ($100 value)!  Our Cinch Band gives additional abdominal awareness to any of our workouts, but it's great for slower, controlled classes such as Cinch (it was created for Cinch back in 2009), and can also be used for our other total body/Ab-focused classes: A-List Abs, Waist Not, Floored, Thinny, Waspie, Peeled, Skinny Jeans, Arm-istice, Sweet Cheeks, and even Hipster!  They are also just plain great to wear during the fall/winter for added warmth. 

For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us how you're going to wear your Cinch band! Read Christina's post for some Studio + Street inspiration.  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person; Card will be added to your account with expiration applied.  Thank you, and good luck!

Images of Lithe Instructors Lauren Boggi and Melissa Weinberg wearing Lithe's Cinch band at Lithe Old City



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Anything to help my abs post baby is a plus! I am going to wear my band pre-lithe to warm my abs, during lithe to work my abs, and post-lithe to accessorize!

Love it! I finally am confident enough to wear it on the outside! I would love that extra ab-tention.

Dying for one of these! Would love to wear it in Cinch and other abs classes and with flowy dresses out and about!

Would love some extra classes and a cinch band! I'm ready to heat up my core!

Would love this give away....took Cinch 2.0 with Melissa yesterday and sweat up a storm! Adding the cinch band would bring it to another level! Would look super cute with a maxi dress too!

Taking Sweet Cheeks next week for the first time.... the Cinch band would be perfect to use in that class!!!

Need to cover the leftover skin from losing weight and having babies Wear it over tops.

I've had my eye on these bands for a while and agree with Jill. Yesterday in Melissa's Cinch 2.0, I was thinking, "I really want to get my hands on a Cinch Band to take it to the next level!" Layering it in cool weather also sounds like a fun way to stay warm and increase circulation.

I've been obsessed with Cinch lately! I took it for the first time a few weeks ago and I would love to take the class with the band as I've already noticed a huge change in my abs!(And the other classes too :))

Great to warm up abs area and wear during classes.

Going to wear it during my classes and get these abs in tiptop shape!

Well duh Id rock this band to all my lithe classes, but i'm thinking around the house- makes cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc more of a workout! A tidy house and a cinched waist? Need this!

Great for that extra push!

i could use extra help with abs!

I WANT A CINCH BAND SO MUCH! I would love to wear it in class, I definitely need that reminder to keep pulling in when I get tired - but also think it looks so cute over a tank or tee or as a belt on a dress.

Would love to wear one of these to really hone-in on the abs!!! I have been really wanting one sooo bad! Love everything lithe!

I've always been curious about how they feel and would love to give it a try in class! Count me in!

Love the look of the cinch band. Will def need some added core support post-baby!! I will also rock the studio street look and wear it out and about!

Dying for one of these!!! I plan on wearing it to class and really get that added push. Great way to warm up pre-Lithe for an even more productive hour!! Getting married in ONE YEAR! and already planning my diet and plan to get in great shape for my big day- this would be a great addition to my routine!

I would use it to help remind me of proper positioning of my abs. Gotta keep them in check!

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