Betty Kim Lithe Bride

Dear Lithe,

This letter is way overdue, but I guess a wedding would finally motivate me to write my love letter! I started lithing more than four years ago (before Lithe Food, Lithe Old City, 6am classes...yes, there was a time when none of these were around!). I was always a runner and was never one to strength train in fear of bulking up. But, all this changed when I dabbled in a few lithe classes in 2009 (my first class was Skinny Jeans with Bari!), which then soon escalated to a full blown addiction. Lithe was even factored in when I was deciding on PhD programs :).

Lithe has not only transformed my body, but has changed the way I view working out. I now embrace strength training and getting stronger, and have realized the importance of changing it up! Lithe instructors have inspired me to train harder and continually improve on my practice (how can you not want to work harder when watching Krista during hot legs or Danielle during Peeled). I didn’t realize how much Lithe has changed my body until I saw an old picture of me from right before my first Lithe class (purple dress).

Lithe has also been my outlet during some big life events – applying to grad school, starting a PhD program, getting engaged, qualifying exams and now getting married. Lithe classes helped me to relieve stress, keep my sanity, and balance out my sometimes hectic life. More importantly, when it came to start getting body ready for my wedding, I didn’t change my routine that much. I didn’t have to! I didn’t feel the panic or the need to search for the magic plan to “get ready for the dress” even though I was having a beach wedding! I just continued what I had been doing for the past 4 years and kicked it up a notch!

I cannot thank Lauren and the other instructors enough. Thank you so much for inspiring and motivating me to work harder, get stronger, and to love and need consistent exercising! Lauren, Carrie, Bari, Krista, and Tiff: I am forever grateful to you guys for your encouragement and motivation when I was a newbie many years ago. It has also been wonderful to watch Lithe grow and flourish over the past years! Once again, thank you so much for keeping my body and mind healthy in the last 4 years!




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Betty, you look stunning! I love these pictures of you and I love your letter! You are truly beautiful inside and out. XO

Beautiful! Congrats!

Betty, you look gorgeous!

Betty, congratulations! I remember when I first met you in Ali's Truce with Food seminar about the time you may have started Lithing and listening to you talk about Lithe and thinking to myself that sounds like something I might want to try. It only took me three more years to get my act together and was happy to have a familiar face in Lithe '10' last summer when I was just a newbie. So as much as Lithe inspired, changed and 'grew you', you have done the same for me thru Lithe on my life.Thank you!

May you and Brian have laughter, love and memories to build for a lifetime!

Betty Kim Kim!!!! You look amazing! It's always such a pleasure having you in class. I really miss my 7am crew:( Congrats!!!! xoxo

I love this love letter Betty! Congrats You exude happiness. xo

Krista- we miss you too!!!! xo

Thanks everyone for the nice messages!
Krista, I miss taking your classes!! I hope I can take one of them!

Betty, you look great! I can't wait to be a Lithe bride like you soon! Let's take some classes together this fall. Congratulations to you and Brian!

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