25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 25 Sep 2013

I knew Cat Kiernan was the real thing when one of my closest friends, who has been Lithing since Lauren had 1 small studio in Northern Liberties and taught all the classes herself, texted me after a class with Cat to rave about what a good instructor she was. This friend lights up when the class she's taking is taught by Cat. This is high praise coming from her, as she is a vet and discerning when it comes to her instructors. I signed up to take Dutch with Cat not too long after, and of course my friend was right. Cat knows her stuff and isn't afraid to push you. This week, she tells us 25 things about herself that you're sure to enjoy. 
  1. I was a neuroscience major for my first 2 ½ years of college, switched to political science, and am now in my last year of law school.
  2. I absolutely love animals and have owned all different kinds of pets over the years.  I’ve had hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and a bearded dragon. 
  3. I still have the most amazing group of close girlfriends from my hometown.  Some of us have been friends since elementary school, and even though we’ve all grown up, we still get along like no time has passed.
  4. I have a 2 ½ year old Border Collie/Labrador mix named Hercules who can always make me smile no matter how bad my day is.
  5. My boyfriend, Matt, and I have been living together for three amazing years.
  6. It’s both infuriating and amazingly comforting to date and live with another person in law school.
  7. I grew up with all boy cousins (10 of them!), so I got very good at video games at an early age. 
  8. I love to go out to eat (and the amazing Philly craft beer selection), but have recently started to learn how to cook and make it a goal to cook at least 4-5 times a week. 
  9. Unfortunately, I have never been out of the country!  Hawaii and Puerto Rico are the most exotic places so far, but I plan to save money and travel to Europe after law school.  Suggestions on places/things to do are totally welcome!
  10. I was an EMT from ages 16 to 19.  I would love to re-certify and volunteer again.
  11. Even though I no longer take ballet class, I constantly notice myself doing a variety of weird dance moves while waiting in line for food, the bank, or pretty much anything where I’m standing still. 
  12. I am inexplicably and irrationally afraid of flying bugs.  This past summer a cicada flew at my face and I dropped flat to the ground in less than a second.
  13. My 21-year-old sister can still go to any New Jersey beach for free because she’s 4’10”
  14. I always carry hand lotion in my bag/purse.  Nothing drives me crazier than dry hands. 
  15.  I’m doing a one year clerkship with a New Jersey judge next year, but I really hope to return to Philly afterwards!
  16. I went to Connecticut College for my freshman year of college and EVERYONE from New England made fun of my Jersey accent.
  17. Now that I’ve been in Philly for three years all of my north Jersey friends make fun of my Philly accent.
  18. This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s swanky New York City wedding with all of my closest friends as bridesmaids.  The bridal party also did a surprise choreographed dance for everyone!
  19. When I was little, my mom and I would order Chinese food every Friday night and watch British comedies on public television. 
  20. My only tattoo is the phoenix I designed on my shoulder.  Part of the reason I got it was to serve as a permanent reminder of my creative/artsy side, no matter how corporate I get.  If I ever transitioned into a different line of work I’d probably get a couple more.
  21. I really wish I could sing and do backflips (separately). 
  22. Even though I’m socially shy, I love public speaking.
  23. I’m very impatient and being stuck inside all day makes me incredibly anxious.
  24. I have dyed my hair a ton of different colors.  My favorite was bright red (think the Little Mermaid) I had in college. 
  25. Lithe absolutely got me through my first year of law school.  No matter how stressed out I got, a tough ass-kicking Lithe class helped me sweat it all away.  Teaching or taking class, Lithe always pushes me to be the best I can!

Image of Cat & Hercules via Cat and Cat wearing Lithe via Dom


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I love cat's energy, so grounded and fiercely strong. Hercules is so adorable! I'm an animal lover, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can still fit in some time for teaching while she's doing her clerkship next year!

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