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The first class I ever took with Jaime was Peeled. It was a double whammy of newness because it was my first time taking the class and with a new instructor. I had no idea what to expect. While Peeled killed me (and still does), Jaime blew my mind. She did ever single rep of the arm work. Every. Single. Rep. If you haven't taken Peeled, you should go now just so you can truly understand how ridiculous this is. But her physical prowess wasn't the only thing that caught me off guard, it was her disarming way. The only word that comes to mind to describe it is: kindness. She just oozed kindness. She was in-charge, she was kicking my butt, but she was just...nice. I felt like I'd been taking her classes for years even though we hadn't spoken a word to each other. A coworker, whom I've been evangelizing with the gospel of Lithe for months, finally went to her first 101, and Jaime was her instructor. When I peppered her with questions about the experience, she could only gush about Jaime. What a perfect introduction into our community. This week she shares her 25 Things, and turns out being nice isn't her only quality!
  1. My name is Jaime.  It is not short for anything, and I don’t have a middle name.  Telemarketers like to call me Hi-mey.   My parents named me after the Bionic Woman… think The Six Million Dollar Man circa 1975.  Sadly true, but I am thankful as Sunny was a close second!
  2. My Confirmation name is Victoria after my grandfather Victor.  He was the only person I know who could actually walk on water & teach me to tie my shoes at the same time.
  3. Serendipity is my favorite word.  I love what it means and how it sounds as it rolls off your tongue.  I have contemplated getting it tattooed on my foot for years.
  4. I do have one tattoo.  It is of my favorite thing… the sun.  I got it on spring break in South Beach.  I met Marky Mark in that very tattoo parlor!
  5. My second favorite holiday is the 4th of July; it runs a close second to Christmas.  SUMMER, fireworks, parades & BBQs=happy day! 
  6. I spent my entire childhood with short hair… my mom called it the Dorothy Hamill.
  7. My mom is amazing.  She makes me totally crazy and is one of my very best friends.
  8. I have one older brother who is part Wayne Gretzky and part Lance Armstrong (minus the doping stuff).  My best friends & my cousin are my “sisters."  Each of them brings spice to my life… I would be lost without them. 
  9. I am an aunt and a Godmother.  I absolutely love spending time with my littles doing whatever they want to do.  I am a kid at heart- amusement parks, pink cotton candy & mini golf- love. 
  10. I suffer from the disease of perfectionism.  It came clear to me again as I was painting my bathroom and broke out a fine point artist’s brush.
  11. A girly girl with power tools.  My favorite color is pink and I have a soft spot for Lilly Pulitzer all the while having more power tools than most men.  I once remodeled a condo… chair rail, crown molding, fire place surround and my claim to fame… I installed a toilet!
  12. Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something.  I will take it as a personal challenge and prove you wrong.  I believe that anyone can do anything they really want to do if they are willing to work for it.
  13. I have been a pediatric ICU nurse for 13 years and counting.  It is a mental, physical and emotional challenge every day & I love it.  My perfectionist nature definitely comes in handy here.
  14. I am late. I am almost always either right on time (I mean to the minute) or late.  It is a struggle that I have tried to correct for years.  When I tell you I am sorry for being late… I really mean it!  I believe the universe works against me.
  15. I am a good sleeper.  I can sleep anywhere at anytime and I must always set an alarm.  FYI… the Sleep Cycle app has changed my life!
  16. I love to cook, entertain, decorate and garden… I could be totally content doing that and Lithe forever.
  17. I have a GIANT sweet tooth.  I choose vanilla over chocolate and cookies over cake… unless there is a lot of frosting involved.
  18. When I am stressed you will find me cleaning and cooking.  It is how I find my balance and often involves a bottle of wine.
  19. I rarely watch TV but the first thing I do when I get home is turn it on.
  20. An animal lover to the core.  In high school I though about being a veterinarian.  I got a job at my local animal hospital and quit in tears after my first day.  I tried again after college and volunteered at a local animal shelter.  I left in tears with a kitten after one hour.  Welcome home problem child Emily.
  21. Emily is my famous million-dollar cat. She has been “special” since her very first near death experience.  A fellow Lither saved life #7.  I will be eternally grateful AS.
  22. Burt’s Bees lip balm & tape lint rollers… necessities of life.
  23. I love all kinds of music and I am always stuck with a tune playing in my head.  I often hum and sing aloud without even realizing it’s happening.  All I can say is I am sorry!
  24. I am not yet married nor do I have children of my own.  I have kissed a lot of frogs and I am still waiting for one to turn into a prince.  Know anyone? 
  25. I love Lithe!  It has changed my life & continues to make me a better version of me. Thanks LBG! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Jaime wearing Lithe via Dom


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Love the second part of #22

I suffer from #10 as well...haha!

I also LOVE the sleep cycle app!

Ok so I always surmised that "Jaime" was an homage to the French "j'aime" ("I love"). I'm so freakin impressed that you remodeled a condo... And that you're a big animal lover like me! Sayeh said it perfectly about peeled: I'll find myself saying "surely no one can get through this entire series w/o a little break here and the---" and then I'll notice I'm hypnotized by your super sculpted back and turquoise-covered (intimidatingly cut) arms, doing every.rep.to.perfection. Such a beautiful lady inside and out, every class with you is awesome!

Sayeh & Jen... I am flattered! Thanks for your kind words! We are a unique group & I am very proud to be part of a team that works so hard to give you the perfect Lithe experience 😊

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