25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 16 Oct 2013


When Rachel Dore burst onto the Lithe scene as an instructor, I was immediately taken with her confidence. She didn't seem the least bit tentative or unsure--in a good way. I found her style energetic, yet no-nonsense. And when it comes to form, she ain't playin. She insists you Lithe correctly--pushing you to get the most out of your 60 minutes with her, which I appreciate. And as if that wasn't enough, she began to wow me with her blunt, yet caring approach in her column. She tells us the truth in a..."this is how it is ladies, and we can do better" kinda way that I love. I was eager to learn more about her, and was not shocked to find out that her 25 things are as interesting as she is. 
  1. I come from a family of lawyers. My mom’s an attorney; my father is a professor and author.
  2. As I child, I was VERY serious.
  3. I have a twin brother named Philip. He’s just awesome. He and I are both half-Indian, but he actually looks it!  He’s … a lawyer.
  4. I’m barely 5’2,’’ but people often think I’m taller. I fake it with huge hair.
  5. I can play music by ear. For 2 years, I tricked my piano teacher into thinking I could read music.
  6. I was raised to value culture and eclecticism. My father is fluent in English and French; he speaks 4 Indian and 2 African dialects. My mother is fluent in English, French, and Spanish.
  7. I speak French fluently. When my brother and I were 10, my parents temporarily re-located the family to France. My brother and I started our first day of school with a pocket dictionary and a post-it with “may I go to the bathroom” written on it in French.
  8. In high school, I was a cheerleader and Editor-In-Chief of our yearbook.
  9. I trained extensively in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance for about 8 years. I was in a professional performing troupe for 5 years.
  10. I went to undergrad at Loyola University in New Orleans. I was a Delta Gamma (viva la delta gee!) I’ll forever be drawn to anything with an anchor on it.
  11.  I am a proud survivor of Hurricane Katrina.
  12.  I am known for my voracious appetite and my love of puns.
  13.  I am also known for my love of Oreos, cereal, and chocolate.
  14. “Fake it ‘till you make it” is the best piece of advice I have ever received.
  15. Most people that know me outside of Lithe would describe me as un-athletic and lazy—especially those that know me well.
  16. I would describe myself as “part ninja, part perfectionist.”
  17. I am a DIY kind of gal. I love getting creative! It’s so important to exercise that part of the brain!
  18. I moved to Philadelphia directly from New Orleans to pursue grad school and graduated last spring with my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)  
  19. My clinical areas of expertise include: school psychology, eating disorders, and the psychology of fitness.
  20. Since graduating, I have done several media interviews on modern pop-culture trends that promote disordered eating and thinking in women. So interesting.
  21. My middle name is Zulekha.
  22. I constantly cycle through growing my hair long, then chopping it to my jaw and donating it. It started in college after my good friend’s mother passed away from cancer.
  23. BRUNCH is my favorite meal of the day.
  24. I’ve always been this size and shape. My motivation for exercising is the endorphin-rush and the energy-boost I get post-class.
  25. I am rarely seen in jeans. I just don’t care for them.


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What a beautiful and worldly family! Love all these pics - and btw, it would be awesome if all 25 things included a kid shot in the collage! So serious(ly) adorable (thats said French style)

I've enjoyed the stems evolution with Rachel as it morphed into 2.0. In both versions, as Ive got my game face on with the lithe loop, I'd look up at Rachel (who's doing all the reps with us demo'ing perfect form and setting the pace) with a look of effortless serenity on her face. Plus her peeled is so very challenging. I've learned a lot through her excellent blog posts on being psychologically and emotionally healthy. I always love the energy she brings to all her classes! Oh and I cannot forget to mention that her workout outfits are so fun and imaginative:)

Rachel, what a fascinating and talented renaissance woman - I loved reading this list! I've always been inspired by Rachel's energy and command in the studio, not to mention her intelligence. Rachel's blog posts are so well written, witty and resonant. I often find myself reflecting on and talking about them for days as the issues she calls out become so visible in my daily life. She is a true source of inspiration and beauty all around (especially as she pushes us to do one more set with that contagious smile...)

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