25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 9 Oct 2013

Tirsa Rivas
My first exposure to Tirsa Rivas was right here on the blog. I kept seeing these amazing, dynamic photos of a new instructor whose classes I hadn't taken yet. Then I met her outside of the studio and couldn't believe what a tiny person she was. All that athleticism in the photos belied her tiny frame. And then I took one of her classes, and she didn't disappoint. The energy in her photos translated into her teaching style. Tirsa keeps the pace pupming and doesn't let you lollygag. Constantly reminding you to keep your movements sharp and you seat low, it's impossible not to push yourself in her classes. This week, learn 25 things about her you didn't know. 
  1. I have two younger brothers. One is married to a wonderful Russian woman and they have a kid together. The other one lives in Paraguay.
  2. My mom is one of my best friends and the most honest one. She doesn't sugar coat anything.
  3. I came to the US when I was 15 years old and I didn't know a word of English.
  4. My dreams are in different languages because I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.
  5. I'm a competitive Latin and Ballroom dancer. 
  6. I'm OCD about cleanliness
  7. I can't resist chocolate.
  8. I have low tolerance to alcohol.
  9. I love love love traveling. 
  10. I'm a coffeeholic and I have 3 different coffee machines in my house.
  11. My dance partner is also my roommate. People usually think we are married because of all the (friendly) fighting.
  12. I'm a perfectionist, which at times is not helpful. I can get very critical about myself. 
  13. I am detail oriented. If I learn or hear something new I ask a thousand questions about the subject because I want to know all the details, which can be taken as annoying.
  14. I found out about Lithe through mindbody. One day I was bored at work and wanted to know who else in Ardmore was using the same software. There was only one more business: "Lithe Method"
  15. My new favorite Lithe class is Rock Steady.
  16. My boyfriend has an identical twin. When we started dating I couldn't tell them apart. One time he got a haircut for our date. I was really mean and cold to him the whole date because I thought he was his brother and they were pulling a joke on me. He spent the whole night convincing me that he was not his brother. Now we laugh about it. 
  17. I don't watch much TV but my favorite show on demand is "The Big Bang Theory."
  18. I take the train to Mainline every day for work. Every time my train is late I miss my car. I hate being late.
  19. I never leave the house without my wallet, keys, trail pass and cell phone.
  20. I like to sleep with the room temperature at 60 degrees. My roommate hated that and I had to make him buy thicker covers.
  21. I like cooking but I love baking.
  22. I sleep with socks on and take them off in the middle of the night and leave them inside the sheets. Whenever I change my sheets I find all my missing socks. 
  23. I absolutely love doing laundry. I find it very therapeutic. (I know...you want me to do your laundry)
  24. I love sushi. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  25. My signature perfume is COCO Chanel Mademoiselle.

Image of Lithe Instructor Tirsa Rivas wearing Lithe via Dom


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Tirsa- We are too similar for words in so many ways. I love knowing all this about you and it will make coming to your classes even more fun that it already is. Thank you for bringing your spirit, energy and sense of humor to every class. xoxo

Tirsa's classes rock!!! Awesome energy..

She is the best. I love you sis.

Tirsa is beautiful inside and out. I love her energy and even humor in her amazing classes!

i'm a huge fan of tirsa's classes and love her boundless energy, not to mention her impossibly high and peppy kicks and the perfection of her form in a crazy class like hipster! she inspires me to give my all and find my 2nd wind even in those last exhausting final 10 minutes of high cardio classes. so happy to learn more about this gorgeous lady!

Tirsa! Wow, I can't believe how many of these I have in common with you...6,7,8,9,12,13 to name a few. But, 22 and 23, I didn't think anyone else could relate. My husband finds my socks under his pillow! And, I almost didn't meet my husband becasue I wanted to stay home and do my laundry on a Friday night, but my friend dragged me out and that night I met my husband!

Tirsa also teaches the best Rock Steady! Love the way you cue and break down the CCS, not to mention your awesome energy and spirit.

Please bring more Rocky Steady and Tirsa to the Main Line!!!

I'm so overwhelmed with all the love. I love teaching and specially Lithe. Thank you for all the beautiful words. You guys inspire me!
Kristen S. you might be my soul mate. I don't think I ever met anyone else with my sock habits and laundry obsession :-)

I love Tirsa's energy and attitude first thing in the morning. Miss you girl and hope to see you sooooon!

p.s. I share your sock habit, and also the low temperature at night - but it's so I can be the one to snuggle up under a thick blanket (with my socks at least temporarily on)! :)

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