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Dear Lauren and Lithe Universe,

Happy Lithe-versary to me!  I've been so excited to write a Lithe Love Letter and now that I've officially hit my 1 year mark, I feel like it is appropriate.  I was seeing a doctor on the 7th floor of the Rittenhouse location and she commented to me about "those girls on the 4th floor" looking buff and fit.  I was so intrigued by this mysterious 4th floor of super-women I had to check it out.  I had broken up with a boyfriend and had nothing to do but cry and Lithe brought me back to life.  I was a dead person and you saved me.  I went to Immersion and was terrified of Danielle and relaxed by Cat and never looked back.

Lithe gives me absolute joy.  I can do push ups!  30!  In plank!  (holla!)  I can rock out the CCS of Pom like its nobody's business (and sometimes do at home).  I bend and snap with the best of them.  Lately, grad school has been cutting into my lithing, but when I do get a chance to come I instantly feel better, stronger, smarter, prettier, fitter, hipper, healthier, etc. etc.  The ladies I have met at Lithe (including ballerina, ice skater, blondie who takes early classes, my summer Tuesday 4:00 pm mamas, candy crush buddy, that pretty girl who is in the corner who KILLS it every time I see her, K and J) these women are my heroes.  

Let's not forget my teachers!

Cat - Cat was one of my first Immersion teachers and thank gawd.  So calm, so collected.  She made me feel like everything would be okay.  Even those upside-down L-shape positions at the barre in sculpt.  She is just so strong and comfortable it made it easy to come back.

Danielle - Well I met Danielle and I thought she was actually going to kill me.  I thought she was some completely insane drill sergeant instructor who was wired on stimulants.  I remained terrified until I saw her sweet comments on the blog and Facebook and I realized "okay, maybe she isn't SO scary."  When I get a chance to take a Danielle class (specifically Barlesque) I jump at the chance.  If you haven't take Barlesque with Danielle, you are basically missing the greatest time of your life.  Seriously.  Plus when she tells me to smile in class, I do.  :-)  She also makes jokes in class.  I laugh.  Its a good time.

Elizabeth - Elizabeth took over my Monday 8:30 am classes (Spirit) and I fell in love.  Its the way she says the word "good"…not just "good!" but "gooooood"  Our schedules haven't lined up lately, so I've been missing my "goooood" reinforcement, but when I see that cute little face I feel "gooooooood!"

Jamie - Jamie likes to make me do burpees.  It gives her a sick thrill.  I will do them, if she asks, because I want to have a bod like hers.  Those arms.  That back.  That stomach.  Sigh.  Plus she rocks the Peeled sleeves like whoa.

Kelly - I haven't had too many classes with Kelly - but the best Kelly quote is "so strong!" I AM so strong, Kelly!  Yeah!

Tirsa - Tirsa talks through all of class and at times is hilarious.  My favorite Tirsa-ism is "Sprint! 10 seconds!"  I get very excited when we have fan kicks in one of her classes because her fan kicks are the best.

Liz - Liz is a model, right?  Like a cat-walk, high fashion model?  I am fairly certain of this.  I LOVE having Liz in class with me because she has perfect form and is always drenched in sweat, which makes me feel okay to be also dripping in sweat.  Liz is my favorite Pom teacher and Pom is one of my favorites.  When we do our hook jumps, she has us go at our own pace, which works out really well.  Plus the way she says "3" while counting is the best.  She might not be 100% human.  Which leads us to...

Melissa - Melissa is definitely NOT 100% human.  That woman is a machine.  Some sort of gorgeous fitness instructor nice robot person hybrid.  Have you seen her in A-List Abs?  Its not even fair.  Thinny with Melissa is one of the best stress reducers.  The playlist is even spot on (mellow oldies).  Melissa = fan favorite.

Every teacher has been fantastic and fun.  I am excited about our new ladies - and our visiting NY ladies!  Raises for everyone!

Wait!  That front desk staff.  Those dolls.  Fran, Katie, sassy brunette, etc.  They do an amazing job and are so sweet and well dressed.  Absolute dolls.

Last one.  Sayeh.  I have never met her, but anytime I'm not too sure about a class I google "Sayeh + name of class".  I trust in her posts.  Believe in the Sayeh.

I've only taken one class with you, Lauren, and it was Rock Steady and I was near death at the end and have avoided your classes ever since.  Maybe this next year.  ;-)  But thank you for thinking, doing, feeling, being Lithe.  You have enriched my life more than I can say.

Up Down Shimmy Shimmy Sink it High V Low V Punch-Side Side Step Ball Change Step Ball Change 4 eva.



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Very well put! God what were we all doing before Lithe!? You just got me pumped to go to class tonight.

Whoa! Who is this woman!? let's be best friends!

This is amazing, JS! Lots of Lithe Love right back at ya! xo

Omg I loved reading this! GET IT, GIRL!
Happiest of LIthe-versaries to you, and may there be many, many more XO

As someone who just celebrated her 3 year Lithe-aversary (where did that time go?), I couldn't agree more! XOXOXOXO and congrats! MT

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