Dear Lithe (love letters)

Dear Lauren & Everything Lithe,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lithe as a whole, has helped me feel & look in a  way I never even knew I could!!

I started Lithe when my 1st son was a year old. I said I was going to "try it".  A girlfriend & I made a commitment to do the immersion. After the 1st class, I thought how am I going to do this?! These workouts are beyond what I'm physically capable of (this is what I was thinking when we were told we do 30 lunges on each side). But that is the beautiful thing about Lithe...all I needed to do was SHOW UP! If I just got myself to class, the workouts were killer & I felt amazing when I left. This happened every single time I went to class. 

Going to class & seeing all these women, day after day, giving it their best totally empowers me to continue on. The other aspect (for me) was knowing there were other mothers that got the whole "your supposed to just bounce back after the baby" theory & how that ridiculous that statement is. After I had my 1st son I never felt like I did, pre baby. Little did I know, over a year later, of religiously Lithing (and LOVING IT) I got in better shape than I had ever been in my life!!

I then Lithed my whole 2nd pregnancy!! And I have to tell you the strength that I felt knowing I was carrying a baby & still kicking ass in class kept me going, until the bitter end. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing other pregnant women doing the same thing. 

I say all of this to say that after I had my son who was a week late & was 9 pounds 8 ounces, that Lithe is the ONLY reason I have had such a great recovery after birth. Here I am 4 weeks post giving birth ready to get back to class. I miss the ladies I got to know in class, week after week, month after month. 

For me Lithe is so much more than just the classes, it had become a way of life for me. I know that sounds extreme but it has changed me, for the better. I look at physical strength & the dedication it takes to exercise in a whole new light. Here I was just giving some classes a "shot" & I got back so much more than I ever could have expected. 

Again let me say thank you to Lauren for creating an amazing place for women to come, feel safe & comfortable to exercise. Thank you to all the instructors who time & time again push us to give it out all! Thank you to all my Lithe Women who are always so encouraging & made me feel like we got through another kick ass class! And thank you to the all the behind the scene people I don't even know about! You guys ROCK!!

PS...My son is now 7 weeks old (it just goes to show how busy life can get, yes it has taken me 3 weeks to send this email, LOL) & I am back to class & feeling right back at "HOME"! 

Nicole Andreola


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I recently had the joy of sweating through Hot Legs at the barre next to Nicole during her first class back only five weeks (!) after the birth of her son. Let me tell you - the woman is an inspiration to us all. It was a tough class for me, and, like always, there was no better motivator than working next to someone who you know is pushing herself as hard as possible. Keep it up, Nicole!

Thank you Regina...trust me you were part of the reason I kept pushing thru....you rock đŸ˜‰ & were def motivation thsat class!!

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