Dear Lithe—

I’ve been looking forward to sharing my love of Lithe for quite some time.  I decided that waiting until after my February 17th wedding, was the appropriate time to tell you just how important a part of my life you’ve become.

I’ve been a dedicated exerciser for many years, not only for the physical benefits, but also for the mental benefits; that natural high you feel when walking away from a super-sweaty workout.  When I belonged to a regular gym (please note the past tense), I always enjoyed the group classes above everything else.  Then I transitioned my love of outdoor cycling to spinning and became pretty obsessed with a local spin studio.  When my co-worker encouraged me to check out Lithe, I thought it would become something I mixed in with my other workouts, but boy was I wrong!!  Lithe was a game-changer. 

I immediately fell in love with the whole Lithe vibe. The smell of the studio, the variety of the movements, the energy of the teachers, the amazing mix of classes, the music, the bands, the BLOG, you name it.  Next thing I knew I was logging on to the Lithe website first thing in the morning, to register for a class three weeks away, before I’d even showered or made myself a cup of coffee.

I felt results after every single class.  I felt strong.  I felt challenged.  I felt a sense of accomplishment.  But then I saw results.  Lithe changed my body in a way that no other workout ever has.  I lost inches around my thighs, my arms and shoulders were toned in a way that I didn’t think was possible.  My posture changed.  I would see my butt in the mirror and do a double take because I didn’t even recognize the booty I was sporting.   I was long and lean and strong.  I was Lithe.  

As the wedding drew closer and the planning intensified, I found that my time at Lithe was sacred.  It was an uninterrupted hour I could dedicate to myself, where I could clear my head, release my stress, have fun, sweat it out and do something amazing for my mind and body.  My husband, Michael, had to come to terms with my Lithing.  He could tell how much I loved Lithe and it was hard for him to accept that I was so in love with something that he couldn’t really be a part of.  Let’s just say he got over it once he realized he benefitted from it as well… J

I want to thank the amazing instructors at Lithe (especially Elizabeth and Bari) for enabling me to look and feel my absolute best on my wedding day.  I felt strong, confident and beautiful and I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish physically since Lithe became a part of my life.

Carrie Feinberg



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Carrie, you (and your mom) look absolutely gorgeous!!! xoxo

I had a feeling one of these days you would share you love on this blog. Was such a fun surprise to read it today - and enjoy our Lithe catch ups at work.

Carrie!! You were such a beautiful bride - love the pics! Hope you had an AMAZING honeymoon and see you in class soon!

Love all the pics - all filled with so much joy!

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