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A-List Abs!

What you need: Gloves! 
Props: Pom Bands (The ones with handles), Hipster Box, 3lb weights (optional for modifying) 
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you are comfortable in
Sweat Factor: A nice light sheen. You could go get a drink afterward, sans embarrassment (although don't be confused, this class is NOT a walk in the park. Are any of them, ever?)

When I signed up for A-List Abs last week, I was coming off of a 3 week Lithe hiatus. 3 weeks! Between a trip home to Texas and never-ending wedding errands after work (woe is me, I know), I was off the wagon and spazzing out because the wedding is so close. Knowing the soreness I was sure to experience,  I decided this lower-key abs class would be just the ticket to easing myself back into my routine. So imagine my surprise when I walked in to see the Pom Bands dangling ominously from the ceiling and the hipster boxes planted firmly on my mat. 

Noooooooo! I thought. I'm not ready! I'm not ready! This can't be! Is it...is it A-List Abs 2.0?? I almost turned around and walked out. 

Yes, Melissa Weinberg confirmed, A-List Abs has upped the ante. The humanityyyyyy! She began the class by telling us that A-List Abs 2.0 builds on the original A-List abs, like all 2.0's build on their predecessors. She warned that if we have had less than 30 hours of Lithe (30 classes), that she highly recommends we not attempt to use the Pom bands, but the 3lb weights instead. She was emphatic about this. 

Now, when a class needs a disclaimer like that...you know you're in for it. I thought for sure between the box and the bands...we would be jumping and squatting and lord only knows what else, but when Melissa put on a nice slow playlist of R&B Jams, and told us to lay flat on our mats, I was one happy camper. 

After a good stretch, we took the Pom bands into our hands and did a series of moves that will not be new to you. Ab prep, press downs, climbing rope, waist rotations, etc., but incorporating the bands takes these moves to THE NEXT LEVEL. No joke, I had a serious shake in my abs with the very first crunch. This continues at a perfect pace. Not too fast. Not too slow. Melissa cues you in a detailed way so that you get every ounce of work out of each move. With the music smoothly gliding around you in the background, before you know it, you will be working hard AND you will be ENJOYING yourself. (At least, I did.)

After an intense ab series, you turn onto your stomach and do some familiar backwork, but using the bands to take it up a notch. Then you use the hipster box as a place to sit and do some 360 degree waist rotations using the bands (I loved this.) And then you end the class by using the box as a guide to do some squats and other leg work. 

I HIGHLY recommend this class. I was super sore in the morning, but my mind felt incredibly relaxed afterwards. It is certainly going to be a regular in my rotation until it moves off the calendar. You won't regret it, if you do the same. 

See you in class!


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Will we see A-List Abs on the Main Line anytime soon? After this review, I'm dying to try it!

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