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Waist Not 2.0!

What you need: Gloves! 
Props: Pom Bands (The ones with handles), 3lb weights (optional for modifying), 2 mats (intrigued?) 
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you are comfortable in
Sweat Factor: I had a pretty good sweat going. If you have to go out in the world after, you certainly can without looking like you stepped out of a swamp, but you should probably just go home and shower. 

Rachel Dore's column last week about being Fit.Hip.Mindful was truly perfect. All of it resonated with me. The "I am here" mantra struck a cord because my mind is always wandering, (my wedding is day after tomorrow!), as did the piece about being open. So much wisdom in those words--especially for life in general. But being open can be challenging when it comes to our ways and habits. It's hard to switch gears when we've been operating in the same ones for so long. Lithe however, offers us a microcosmic opportunity to take baby steps in that direction. Not sure if you'll ever be able to be open to another political party's rhetoric (or the annoying FB'er who won't stop ranting about it)? At least you can attempt to not spazz out when you walk into your favorite class, and it's now a 2.0. Don't think you'll ever be able to understand the obsession with YouTube sensation "What Does the Fox Say?" (What's wrong with you? It's incredible. It's my gonna be my first dance.) you can at least try a new instructor without wanting to gag.

Enter Waist Not 2.0. I walked into it on Friday, looking forward to the chill vibe I was used to in its predecessor. When I saw the bands dangling from the ceiling a la A-List Abs 2.0, I thought fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....well you know what I thought. But, in the spirit of openness, I sat down, took some good breaths, set my intention (to be hot for my wedding) and was ready TO DO THIS!

Think of Waist Not 2.0 as A-List Abs 2.0's much much meaner older sister. She loves you, but bosses you around and doesn't let you wear her clothes or touch her makeup, and while you kinda hate her, you really wish you could just hang out with her and her friends. You begin by laying flat on the mat and taking the Pom handles into your hands for some familiar ab-prep work. All extremely more intense with the resistance of the bands. Since the focus of the class is the waist area, you do a ton of rotation work...taking the bands with you, working your arms, shoulders, back...EVERYTHING.

This class had me TREMBLING and for real sweating. At one point we were in side plank and had to bring our hand which was pointed towards the ceiling, holding a band, down in front and underneath our bodies. I baaaarely made it. My good friend made eye contact with me in the mirror and mouthed, this is HARD." I mouthed back some other, worse expletive. And then there's Banana Rolls. I'm not even going to tell you what these are. All I'm going to tell you is: be open, be patient, and prepare to be SORE. (Hint: They are the reason you need 2 mats.)

We finished off the class with some standing leg and waist work, which included a bit of choreography. Not jumping, dancing choreography. Just a series of moves you do in sets and then put all together. I have to say that Waist Not 2.0 gave me the class I never knew I was missing. It was a cardio class that wasn't crazy high energy. In other words, I sweat like a cray and my heart rate was UP, way UP, but I didn't jump around at all. There are days where I want a serious cardio workout, but I'm not in the mindset to do a Twiggy or a Barlesque. but I still want the sweat factor of those classes. Waist Not 2.0 is just that--best of all worlds for any day...but especially those days where you just don't have it in you to slap your own butt. I couldn't recommend it more. 

See you in class!

Image of Lither Sayeh Hormozi wearing Lithe via Dom




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I love this! So glad you loved it : )

I've seen it on Facebook, Twitter, and now here--I need to know what a banana roll is! The not knowing is killing me lol

It is currently my favorite Lithe class -and I want everyone yo experience the notorious banana roll in all it's glory!

banana rolls are serious fun. I took this over the summer when Lauren was first workshopping it. I loved it, I thought it was tons of fun. Some of the stuff is so hard that you sort of just need to laugh. I will be taking it again today, super pumped!

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