25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 6 Nov 2013

Joellyn Fox

Oh, Joellyn, how do I count the ways? Perhaps 25 Things--all facts that I love about her? Not only is she funny, and NICE and always up for a post-class question or chat, she's smart! I took her Watershed for months, and learned so much about my body. What my IT band is. What my piriformis is. What my sitz bones are (not sits bones. go fig.) I learned why certain spots are tight, and how parts of my body are connected. She brings her PT knowledge into all her classes, which I truly appreciate. But above all that, she's just someone you can imagine hanging around the house with watching TV. (My true test of friendship.) This week, she gives us 25 more reasons to think she's the best!
  1. I have one younger sister who is my polar opposite! She is 5’5” (I am 5’10”) with blond hair , blue eyes and is as  quiet as can be. She loved “My Little Ponies” and I was obsessed with “Barbie”. Despite our differences, we would both run through walls for one another.
  2. When I get nervous I talk…a lot of chatter, to the point where I myself am not sure the point of my story.
  3. When hanging out with friends, I often get excited about the topic of conversation and will go off on a tangent, diverting far away from the original point of discussion. My husband has a wonderful knack for remembering the original point and reeling it all back in.
  4. My best friend saved my life. She and her now husband were hosting a party for Sunday football. I did not chew my nacho well enough (we have all been there) and choked. We were both new physical therapy grads and well versed in emergent techniques. I literally gave the universal sign of distress: hands to throat and big time difficulty breathing and she grabbed me and threw me over a chair. One Heimlich maneuver, and I am hearing sharing this info with you today.
  5. I often go into coughing fits, and most of the time in very inopportune moments. I am consistently telling my husband that I will kick the bucket first due to aspiration!
  6. I was married at 31 years old and cannot relay my absolute bliss. I truly met my soul mate and it was well worth the wait. He is my balance and what I dream of and wake up to every morning.
  7. I am a home body….what often gets met through a hectic or stressful day is knowing that I will see my husband's face, my pup and our home. 
  8. I love to cook….however I need a recipe.  I unfortunately do not encompass the culinary creativity to just look in a fridge and create a gourmet meal, however I am obsessed with Epicurious and Food & Wine magazine. My favorite part of weekends are when my husband and I find a new recipe and are in the kitchen together.
  9. I have a talent for baking…unlike cooking, baking comes naturally. I routinely have to bake chocolate chip cookies for my co-workers children because they rate mine higher than their own moms'! This reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica is trying desperately to recreate Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies…lo and behold, it was the Nestle Tollhouse recipe (I love that episode!)
  10. I can relate to Monica from friends…I am a type A personality and an absolute worry wart.
  11. Another habit of mine, when I am nervous, is to pick at the seam of my pants. Seems strange, I know, but it's just something I do.
  12. I am obsessed with animal crackers. Currently, I have three different brands in my pantry. It is hard to explain to people, but not only do they all have different shapes, each one has a different taste.
  13. I love peanut butter as well….I try to eat things with five ingredients or less (thanks to my hubby) but I just cannot give up my Skippy. It’s my all-time favorite.
  14. A secret to share with you…Wintergreen LifeSavers spark in the dark. I am serious.
  15. The only pet I grew up with was a cat. I named him Tiger (he was all black, go figure). My husband introduced me to dogs as he had a Cane Corso (Italian mastiff) named Luca. I was blessed to be part of Luca’s family for 5 ½ years. The day we lost him was truly the saddest day of my life.
  16. Labor day 2013, my husband and I rescued a 6 month old Mastiff/Great Dane mix who we call Stewie. It is an indescribable feeling to rescue an animal….there is nothing like it!
  17. I first traveled to Rome in 2009 with my husband. I am OBSESSED. Anthony Bourdain, House Hunters, a movie, etc can come on the television or across the internet with a Rome reference and tears come to my eyes. When I am in that city, it just feels like home. We will be returning this March!
  18. I love sculptures, with my favorite being Marfurio. He is a “talking river god” and found in Rome. He is enormous and whenever I see him when I visit, I just feel like hanging out around him and hearing the stories and sharing my own.
  19. I could walk forever, which is why I love the beach. How much better could it get, hearing the waves, smelling the salt water and the ability to walk for a really long time.
  20. I never “officially learned how to swim.” I grew up VERY close to the beach so that was where we went. My dad’s cue when my sister and I couldn’t touch the floor? Move your arms and legs so you don’t go underwater.
  21. My husband is a great surfer. When we met, he knew how active I was and wanted to teach me how to surf. We have tried places spanning from the Jersey Shore to Costa Rican shores. I think I am too tall and lanky. It just doesn’t work for me, however he has taught me to be a pretty rad boogie boarder when my fins are on!
  22. I love going in the ocean in a wetsuit. I am usually always cold. To go out in the ocean in a wetsuit gives you the ability to be so warm. It is so wonderful, especially when the sun sets.
  23. I have so many scarves that I actually have to phase them in and out for the seasons. When I do, my husband jokes that I look like Pauly Shore. I am sure I am aging myself with that comment.
  24. I have had two hip surgeries on my right hip.  Thank you running. I needed something just as addictive but healthy for my body. Hello Lithe!
  25. I work as a Physical Therapist in a Movement Disorder Clinic. 98% of the patients whom I see day to day have Parkinson’s Disease. It is a progressive neurological disease wherein there is no cure. Exercise has been shown to be neuroprotective. Exercise is medicine! I feel that statement goes beyond any disease, and should just be a mantra for life.

Image of Lithe Instructor Joellyn Fox via Dom


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Yay, I love love love Joellyn!!

Love this post, Joellyn, and Joellyn's classes!

love Joellyn!

Joellyn I want to take one of your classes like NOW! I am the same way cooking wise but have been working towards slowly picking and choosing ingredients and adding or taking away to put my own spin on stuff. If you like F&W and Epicurious you should check out Cooks Illustrated and Food52. Cooks Illustrated especially is a great resource for the home cook - amazinggg recipes and also great tips to become a better home cook!

Love reading your 25 things Joellyn! xoxo

Thank you all for the sweet comments! Kristy, thx for the heads up on Cooks Illustrated and Food52!!!!! Looking forward to meeting you in class too!!!

I agree with Food52... Is my new obsession. That and Chef's Feed! I love your classes Joellyn. I haven't been in one for a while as I only get to see you early Sat morning in Rittenhouse. I love how you describe 'running through walls' for your sister. It's exactly how I feel about mine but I never knew quite how to say it so well.

Love this article! But the photo retouching is not up to the usual standards. Those edges are terrible.

And for clarification, I'm not saying they're retouching Joellyn to make her look fitter - her body's ridic, but the standard photo retouching (fixing lighting, removing background,trimming funky edges, etc.) makes this photo look totally JV.

Joellyn, back on 6/11/11 you taught my first ever lithe 101 class. I was both nervous and excited, and to this day I remember how awesome that first class with you was! I always look forward to your classes;). Awesome learning more via 25 things, and I've got some fun cooking links to explore now!

Ps. Lithers, have you taken Joellyn's thinny yet?

Jen, thank you so much for your comment!! I love teaching Thinny :)


I just had them killed.

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