Happy Friday, Lithers!  This week's giveaway comes to us from my good friend Julie Schwartz, M.S., L.OM. of Julie Heals. Julie has been my acupuncturist and herbal guru go-to since 2007.  She has shortened the healing time of muscles in spasm, turned Mars from his breech position at 38.5 weeks with acupuncture/moxibustion, and helps me monthly with stress management.  
Julie is giving away an acupuncture session (valued at $99 each) to two lucky winners!  Each session with Julie includes a complete health history, tongue and pulse evaluation, Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, and acupuncture.  For a chance to win one of the two prizes, please leave a comment below telling us why YOU need a session with Julie!  Two winners will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person.  Good luck!
In addition, Julie would like to extend a special offer to all Lithers:  30% off at her Bala Cynwyd location through the end of this year!




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I have always wanted to try acupuncture but never knew how to go about picking an acupuncturist. I suffer from horrible seasonal allergies and have been told by many people that acupuncture is something I should check out. Plus, I am always a ball of stress, so the relaxing benefits would be great as well!

I've always wanted to try acupuncture. Sounds like it would be great stress relief especially when I'm on trial.

I realized I had some lower back pain when I started my first lithe class. I feel its because of my posture and long work days on my feet. Acupuncture would be great! My hospital offers it to our patients and they love it!

I have absolute zero experience/knowledge of any of these areas in which Julie practices. It's truly a missing component of my health care regimen. I think my mental and physical well-being could truly benefit from one of these sessions with her.

I've got a few job interviews coming up, as well as the initial presentation of my Capstone for my Masters. I'll try ANYTHING to manage some of this stress!!

I would LOVE to try acupuncture! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and acupuncture has been recommended to us. I would looooooove to take advantage of this great offer and what could lead to help us starting a family!

I would absolutely love to try this. I am very prone to stress between taking my architecture exams and work, and after the challenge I will need it! I'm so curious!

My husband and I have been trying to start our family for over a year and I have read that acupuncture can help with infertility. I would love the opportunity to find out!!

I've recently had bad back pain and haven't been able to lithe for a couple weeks. My traditional dr isn't helping and I am very interested in trying acupuncture. This would be perfect, and will hopefully get me back to lithing soon!!

I've had back and neck issues since I broke my leg several years ago and the gait of my walk changed, which has been causing me back pain. I don't want to do medication and my experience with the chiropractor was awful. I would love to see what Julie can do to help me out!

I would love to win this! Every time I try something 'lithe approved' I am blown away!!

I need a session with Julie because after 6 years of having a cat, i have developed cat allergies! I need some holistic help!

What a fantastic give-away. I'm an oncology nurse practitioner (and addicted Lither!)and a number of my patients use acupuncture and complementary alternative medicine techniques as an adjunct to their medical treatment. I have always wanted to experience acupuncture so I could know more about the experience and be better informed for my patients!

Have never tried this before and would love to see what it's like!

I have been looking for a recommendation for a holistic healer for quite some time. The acupuncture will help with my sciatica and I would like to further investigate how she can help with my thyroid issue and acne. I believe there is something lacking or in abundance in my system that is causing these issues. A Chinese Medicine assessment would be great!

I would love to try acupuncture. Holistic medicine and treatment is the way to go!! :)

I grew up going to a Chinese Medicine doctor, and I have been looking for a good acupuncturist in Philly! This would be perfect for me!

Between a recent move, the loss of a loved one, and the start of a new job, the past three months have been tough. Lithe has been amazing to keep me centered and grounded, but adding acupuncture would be a great way to continue the healing process.

I have never tried acupuncture before, but I hear it's great for stress relief and since I just started a new job, the timing couldn't be better!

My mom raves about acupuncture! Would love the opportunity to try it!

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