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30 for 20

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GO Recess
Lithe Foods Spiced Apple Butternut Soup

You'll probably be looking for some lighter fare post-Thanksgiving.  Trade in your leftovers for these cleaner options from Lithe Foods 3 Day Detox!  Our Spiced Apple Butternut Soup & Harvest Millet Pilaf are featured on Go Recess



So enough with talking about the wedding! Since I've dragged you all along with me in all of my wedding worries for the past year--to register for a food mill or not to register for a food mill--that is just one of a million burning questions! (LAWD!) I figure it's only fair to let you see how it all turned out. It truly was as people told me it would be...all worth it in the end.  A beautiful night that I will never forget. 

We had a Jewish wedding ceremony on Thursday October 24th at Congregation Rodeph Shalom, where Drew's parents and grandparents were married, and where both he and his brother were Bar Mitzvah'd. It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony with only our closest friends and family as witnesses, in a grand and beautiful room which only underscored how our marriage was not just about the two of us, but about something much bigger--a joining of families, communities and traditions. The next night, we were married AGAIN ( What can I say? The man liked it, and put multiple rings on it! Ya heaaaard me? Up top!) in a mix of Jewish, Western and Persian traditions. The wedding party danced down the aisle to none other than my ultimate fave, Michael Jackson, where I'm told that one of the groomsmen did an incredible split in the center of the aisle and bounced back to standing. Not to be outshined, my sister and the best man did an incredible robot. Folks were clapping, laughing, and the party was started. I walked in to a little ditty by none other than the ultimate R&B diva herself, Mariah Carey. It was pretty epic. I'm told there's video somewhere. 

We then did some Jewish prayers, circled each other as is also the Jewish custom, said our vows and then went to sit at the Persian Wedding Table or Sofreh. The Sofreh comes from Iran's Zoroastrian roots, established in the country over a thousand years ago, and has changed little despite the advent of other religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) in the country today. Each item symbolizes something different that the couple hopes for in their marriage. Incense to ward off the evil eye and protect the couple, a book of ancient Persian love poems (some couples opt for a Koran or other meaningful book), eggs to encourage fertility, bread to ensure prosperity, pastries and honey to ensure a sweet life are among many other objects displayed. My family in Iran scrambled far and wide to find all the items I needed and somehow get them to me in Philadelphia in a logistical effort that would have made UPS proud, and for which I will be forever grateful. One that culminated in a surprise courier--my grandmother--who helped to raise me, whom I hadn't seen in 5 years since she returned to Iran, whom I was devastated wouldn't be at my wedding. She made the multi-continental journey alone with 10 suitcases at 88 years old. The first of many wedding gifts bestowed upon me by my incomprehensibly wonderful human of a groom. (Now I've SEEN the video of that surprise reunion, and I challenge anyone not to cry watching it.)

Then, in my favorite part of the ceremony, in keeping with tradition, we invited the married women in our lives--the ones whose marriages we admire--to hold a canopy over our heads (much like a chuppah). Each woman, in turn rubbed two cones of sugar together over us, sprinkling their happy marriage energy and good love juju in a shower of sugar and sweetness on our heads to give us some light and positivity as we begin our own foray into marriage in line behind them. Finally, we were pelted with Persian candied rice, hugged and kissed all our loved ones and the partay started. One that was full of loud singing, dancing and nonstop group hugs.

Thank you for being with me week after week this year, as I waxed philosophical on all things Lithe and love and marriage. I am grateful for all your encouragement and kind comments over the past 2.5 years of Sayeh's Living Lithe. I look forward to continuing to chronicle every other chapter in my life--in all our lives--with you as they come. 

See you in class!


Lauren Boggi at Pogust Party 2012

Ah, the holidays are upon us. While some of us are polishing off the last of our Halloween candy, others of us have moved on to hoarding recipes for cornbread-stuffing and pumpkin pie… then comes the Christmas cookies and egg-nog, not to be out-done by the champagne cocktails with-which we toast to bring in the new year…

Most people indulge during the holidays. They just do. And most people feel bad about it afterwords. They just do! Enter “detoxes” designed to flush out the body of toxins and waste that accumulated during our Holiday Bender.

I believe in detoxing. One of the things I love about Lithe Foods is the Lithe Foods Three-Day Detox. Why? Because it does detoxify the body and can jump-start weight-loss, but in a psychologically healthy way! You still eat meals, you still get dessert (praise the Lithe Gods! Dessert!). The program does not follow a deprivation model—meaning it does not cut out FOOD, it just provides you with the purest, cleanest form of it! Of course, Lauren could have created a three-day juice cleanse without batting an eyelash. But there is a reason that she did not. As you will read in the following post, juice cleanses, for some, can be dangerous: medically, emotionally, psychologically, and otherwise. . .

I’ve heard Lithers freaking out about the Lithe Foods Holiday Vacation (Oh My God, Becky, did you hear!?...) While I will choose to wait ‘till 2014 to get my Detox on, I am aware that many of you will not. I am also aware that the Holidays, although meant to be joyous, are not always so happy. Whatever our vices may be, they tend to intensify during times of stress, and for many of us, the holiday season is extremely stressful. It’s important to keep all of this in mind so that we are able to make healthy decisions.

For these reasons, I thought it might be meaningful to post some excerpts from a recent interview I did for Redbook Magazine Online regarding my thoughts on all-juice cleanses, weight-loss, and how these elements can contribute to disordered eating. Check out the following post for a peak into my discussion with Sunny Sea Gold, freelance writer and author of Food: The Good Girl’s Drug. As a woman in recovery from her own eating disorder (Binge Eating Disorder, commonly referred to as BED), Sunny’s questions where playfully curious yet honest and caring. I really enjoyed my work with her and hope you enjoy it too.

Image of Lauren Boggi at the Pogust Holiday Party December 2012 via Stuart Goldenberg


Rachel Dore & Redbook Magazine

I've wondered whether juice cleansing could be a form of anorexia for some people -- basically being able to deprive themselves of food, but in a "healthy" context. What are your thoughts on that possibility?

Yes, but I don’t think it necessarily starts out that way… Take the non-pathological person who seriously wants to drop some pounds: while refusing to eat food for 3 days straight would likely not fly with those around them, calling it a “cleanse” makes their behavior seem more legitimate and socially acceptable. In this case, the person, like you said is “depriving themselves of food but in a ‘healthy’ context.” 

How does a Juice cleanse become unhealthy?

It’s a slippery slope because when one does this type of strict cleanse, they will likely see results—this can act as reinforcement for one’s efforts (i.e., when the outcome of a behavior is positive, this increases the likelihood that this person will engage in said behavior again). Further, they might receive praise from others (“you look great! Did you lose weight?!”…. “Oh wow, I really admire your self-control, you are so disciplined!), which further reinforces one’s juice-fasting efforts, and makes them—you guessed it-- hungry (pardon the pun!) for more. So they do it again… and again…

Is it possible for someone to abuse a juice cleanse, as they might a drug?

Yes. Juice cleanses are to be done sporadically, and in isolation. Juice cleanses go wrong when they aren’t used properly. For example, someone may follow a juice-cleanse regimen for a prolonged period of time to lose weight or they might do several shorter cleanses within a short period of time to lose substantial amounts of weight.

OK that makes sense. What else? When does it become pathological?

Someone goes on a three-day bender of eating and drinking whatever they want, followed by a three-day “cleanse” to counter-balance the “damage” they did. It may be seen as a quick fix and might be appealing to someone with that type of lifestyle. BUT it becomes “pathological” when an unhealthy habit is formed: It could quickly turn into detox, then retox, then detox again pattern. This is not unlike the binge/purge cycle of Bulmia Nervosa: consuming a large amount of calories in one sitting and then “purging” the body of said calories through a variety of means. It’s the same underlying cycle regarding impulsivity and loss of control followed by compensatory mechanisms to restore one’s sense of control and emotional peace.

So why do some people try a juice cleanse and emerge  just as mentally healthy pre-cleanse, while others may fall into a full-blown eating disorder as a result?

It has to do with the person’s goals, coping skills, and personality factors. Many people will do a cleanse as a way to lose weight but really it’s supposed to be a springboard for weight loss—a kick-start to a healthy and balanced low-calorie diet. But people don’t get that and instead see this as a quick fix: they do the cleanse… and of course they lose weight—much of which is water weight—and the body goes into starvation mode; then they resume their normal eating habits (and most likely indulge a bit as a ‘reward’) and not only do they gain the weight back, but they might even gain additional weight which might compel them to adopt unhealthy habits in efforts to “re-lose” the weight in addition to that which they gained post-cleanse. They think to themselves “well I thought I was going extreme by doing this intense & expensive three day cleanse but not even that worked so I guess I need to go even more extreme!”

On the other hand, do you think it's probably okay for someone who really has no eating disorder tendencies to try a cleanse if they're curious?

Definitely. The most important thing is to educate your self, and have a good understanding about yourself. What makes you tick? What triggers maladaptive coping behaviors? If you have struggled with disordered eating, it’s probably not a good idea for you to introduce a rigid diet into your life because that would trigger all kinds of thoughts and behaviors that aren’t good for you.

Regarding juice cleanses, I choose to remain completely neutral. I am not saying that you should do them, and I am not saying that you shouldn’t do them. For some people, doing a juice cleanse can be the beginning of a beautiful journey towards better health, totally! I am only saying that, like adopting any diet or lifestyle change, you educate yourself.

Any advice for those of us who are curious to try a juice cleanse?

Let me first say that I am no expert in juice cleanses! Nor do I possess advanced knowledge in nutritional counseling! If you want to try it, do your research so you know what you are putting your body through, because it is a shock to the system and should only be done per the directions of the company supplying the cleanse in conjunction with a consultation with your physician. Set realistic expectations. If you want to try it, make sure the reasons for which you are doing it are healthy.

What is the WORST piece of weight loss advice you have ever heard?

Such a good question! I have definitely heard many things, but the sad part about that is most of the things, no matter how disturbing/ grotesque etc. they may be, do work to some extent other wise they wouldn’t have been expressed to me.  I choose not to comment on that or repeat these kinds of things because that makes those tips available to others. It’s so easy for things like this to be taken out of context and used for evil instead of good! Even though most people would see those things and laugh or cringe, someone who is not well, psychologically, would see or read that and think “oh. I’m going to try that!”

Article via Redbook Magazine Online & image of Lithe Food's Cashew Milk Mini via Lauren

ME ON MONDAY (MUSINGS ON 36) 25 Nov 2013

Lauren Boggi

Today is my 36th birthday.  I've never really been big into birthdays, they always feel like any other day to me.  Last week someone reminded me that my birthday was approaching, which got me thinking a little about age and aging.  Last weekend, someone asked me how old I was going to be and I couldn't remember. Like, I had to think about it and do the math.  I stopped counting at 27. 

I've considered myself lucky that I've always looked young for my age and being petite plays a big part in that.  In fact, if I wear no makeup, pull my hair back and wear flats, I can appear as young as 14.  So, I've never lied about my age or tried to act coy about it (except for those two years at USC that I used that horrible fake Michigan ID that got me into all the bars at Five Points). BUT, today is the first time that I feel a tad bit strange about saying my age out loud.  Thirrttie-sixx.  Don't get me wrong, I've loved my thirties and I wouldn’t go back to my twenties if you paid me, but, today feels different.  I think that it feels different because I'm firmly nestled into my thirties now.  I have a husband, a kid, and a whole lot of responsibility that comes with adulthood.  And, I hate all the adult-ness that comes with responsibility.  It makes me feel all rooted and I'd much rather be floating.   

I've always been all about age positivity.  Like, I never understood why some people say that they can't Lithe because they are 40.  That makes absolutely no sense to me.  When I was 27, I read that women reach their physical peak at age 36.  I held on to that and I truly believe that now.  Word is bond.  I don't think there is a certain age that we turn “old”; I think we decide what “old” means.  Being "old" is totally relative, and it’s forever shifting. 

I may be older on paper, but I have more energy, more "life" in me today than I did when I was 27.  I drink less, I Lithe just as much as I did in my 20's (although I Lithe smarter, now), I eat and drink my greens, I sleep waaay more. I take far better care of myself now and it shows—I look and feel better now than I did at 27. 

The biggest differences between now and then are pretty inarticulate—My room is still a mess, I'm still "all over the place" as people like to say, and I’ll still stay for one more drink, and I'll dance on the bar.  But, today I know that I'm older because some things have definitely changed:  I haven't been carded in the past year, the people at Whole Foods now refer to me as ma'am, and my right knee crunches when I gain a few pounds.  Other than that, I don't feel a day older than 27. 

So, thank you to all of you who sent me birthday wishes today.  I even got a few texts/emails that made me laugh out loud:  "Happy Birthday Lauren, today is the first day of the rest of your life; Laur, you’re only as old as you feel, and happy thirty-six years young"!  Ha! I say bring on the 36, I can't wait to see what I can accomplish before 37 kicks you out!  Cheers, everyone!

Image of Lauren Boggi via Jordan

“Bring it on, 36.  I’m excited to see you and I can’t wait to be a part of what you and I accomplish before 37 kicks you out.” - See more at: http://www.milehighmamas.com/blog/2012/06/13/turning-36-and-the-decade-thats-beginning-to-define-me/#sthash.UACEAfmb.dpuf



“Bring it on, 36.  I’m excited to see you and I can’t wait to be a part of what you and I accomplish before 37 kicks you out.” - See more at: http://www.milehighmamas.com/blog/2012/06/13/turning-36-and-the-decade-thats-beginning-to-define-me/#sthash.UACEAfmb.dpuf


It's the gift that gives back!  Our *gift cards are so cute; they come packaged in a little brown craft envelope and stamped with some lucky lithe love!  Can't make it into the studio to purchase?  No worries, give us a call and we'll mail it out to you.  
*Valid November 25 through December 31, 2013.  Gift cards must be purchased in-person or over the phone in a single transaction.  Discounted monthly must be purchased in the same transaction.  One gift card special per customer. May not be combined with any other discount or promotion.  Consultations will take place December 2, 2013 through February 28, 2014.  Appointments can be scheduled in advance by reserving a date and time through the front desk.  The following days and times are available by location:  Lithe Rittenhouse:  Mondays @5:00pm & Wednesdays @5:00pm; Lithe Old City: Thursdays @6:00pm, @6:30pm, @7:00pm & Fridays @11:00am; Lithe Main Line: Mondays @11:00am & Saturdays @1pm.

LUCKY SOMEONE! 23 Nov 2013


Adorable, and available in any amount for all things Lithe. 


Liz G.

Happy Friday!  The most indulgent month is just ahead of us (Thanksgiving-New Year!) and we're giving away a Lithe Motivation Pack:  three Lithe classes, one pair of Lithe Pearl iZumi gloves and a set of Lithe wrist bands!

For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us what's keeping you motivated during the holiday season!  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person.  Thank you, and good luck!

Image of Lithe Instructor Liz Galbally wearing Lithe via Dom


Main Line Today & Lithe Main Line Today & Lithe Method

Not sure how we missed this one!  Thank you Main Line Today!

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