Dear Lauren and everyone who is part of the Lithe Method community,


I am writing you this letter as my Three Year Litheversary approaches and just two days after I finished the Lithe in 35 Challenge. I think this is the perfect time to thank you for creating Lithe Method. The emotions I want to express are complex and deeply rooted. As a young girl I was always the last picked in gym class. I attempted to play softball for several years and even though I could knock them out of the park, I was constantly mocked for being a slow runner. I decided when I was about 13 that fitness and athletics were not for me and I had no business even trying. Cue the next 16 years of my life. My twenties were plagued with bad diet and long hours at work. I was 60 lbs overweight and decided I needed to do something about it. In 2008 I lost 50 lbs and gained a new perspective on my potential. Despite this weight loss I was still convinced that fitness wasn’t for me. I would never be strong enough so why bother? A friend who worked in the same industry also lost lots of weight in 2008 and made Lithe Method the most integral part of her journey. I noticed but it wasn’t until October 2010 when I dove in. I purchased a Living Social deal for 3 101s with two friends. Our first class was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t sit down for three days. They gave up but I decided to give it another shot, that’s when I was hooked.


If you asked me three years ago if I was the kind of woman who could make fitness a part of her weekly routine, I would say “no.” If you asked me after that first class if I would ever be able to complete eight classes in just six days, I would have answered “hell no” but I just did. Lithe Method got me through the final eight months of a relationship with emotionally abusive man and was one of the reasons, along with counseling, I had the strength to leave him. I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day after our break up with Lithe Method, Melissa and about twenty other awesome women who decided to love themselves that day. Lithe Method has gotten me through two more break ups and most recently through a period of unemployment. There have been times when I had to take a break because my schedule/body/pocketbook won’t allow it but Lithe Method always welcomes me back with open arms. Three years later the woman who was in a bad relationship, who was insecure with her body, wakes up everyday feeling like the strongest, sexiest, most beautiful woman alive. I am the person I am today because of the community that you’ve created and I couldn’t be more thankful.


So Lauren, thank you for creating something so amazing that I am choked up thinking about it. Thank you for showing me that you don’t have to have the long, thin body to be healthy, fit and gorgeous. That curves are powerful and so is my body. I also want to thank my amazing instructors I’ve had throughout the years. To Melissa for her amazing grace and spirit, getting a shout out for my kicks last year from you was the ultimate compliment. To Liz for being so down to earth despite being drop dead gorgeous, I love when you say “three” when counting down reps. To Krista for smiling throughout class and giving the most positive motivation possible. To Tif who is a total badass and scared the pants of off me in the beginning, you are so approachable and give the best feedback. To Bari for showing me that short women with real hourglass curves can be insanely fit and sexy. To Danielle for being the fellow client I admired who became my favorite little drill instructor. To Cori for her energy, nothing will get you going like watching her sprint. To Kim for her strength, you are an inspiration to working mothers everywhere. To Tirsa and Rachel for their energy and challenging new workouts. To two more women I admired as clients, Ashton and Cat you are continual inspirations! To Sophie who makes me giggle everytime she says “boobs and butt.” To all the new instructors I’ve yet to know, the former instructors that have been by my side during my journey and for the amazing support staff who are always there with a smile, thank you so very much. This is my first milestone and I know you’ll be there for me every step of the day when one day I become Lithe Bride and a Lithe Mama! Thank you Lithe Method for being here!


Julia Ramsey


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Julia, your letter is truly touching. Whew! You displayed such focus and commitment during the Fall Challenge! It was amazing, and it showed in every class. I liked chatting with you about your results post-class. See you around the studio!

What an inspiring story & letter, Julia! I remember our Valentine's Day class together, as well as your amazing kicks ;) Keep up the great work, and continue to give yourself all of the love that you deserve so very much! xoxo

Julia, what a beautiful letter! I don't think we've met - although I do think we were in classes together during the challenge :) - but I felt like I got to know you through your posts throughout the lithein35. Your Lithe/life experience is as much an inspiration as your hard work, diligence and results! Hope to finally meet you soon...see you in class!

Julia, you are as much of an inspiration to us as we are to you. Keep up the hard work and the positive attitude. You are an amazing woman. xoxo

Julia! I read this behind the desk at Lithe, and thankfully there are no witnnesses because it made me cry! I understand exactly what you mean when you say that Lithe gave you the strength to do things both mental and physical. Your valentine's lithe is the kind of thing that makes me proud to be a part of this community. xoxo-Lily

Ashton, Melissa and Tirsa thank you so much! Lindsay-say hi next time we are in class. I have this dream that one day I will have a post-lithe happy hour crew! Lily-I cried when I wrote it, I'm touched that you felt the same way.

Love! I'm so happy you started lithing. #teamcampaignerlithing

Thank you Melissa for being my Lithe angel! Its changed my life!

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