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Image of Lithe Instructor Meghan Grauzlis wearing Lithe via Dom


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Wow....I honestly have to say, I'm a bit surprised (and disappointed) by this bit of 'inspiration'. Usually I love the stuff posted as inspiration, but this comes across more demeaning than anything - very "I'm better than them because what's hard to them is so easy to me." (or, in other terms - "pfft, that's only $200? chump change.") This isn't really what I thought Lithe was about - the implication of people comparing themselves isn't motivational or inspirational to me.

Hi L, I think you may have misunderstood. We're not comparing lithe to another workout, this is from an instructors POV. We usually teach more than one class in a row. The first one being referred to as a "warm up". Today is Meghan's birthday and we chose to feature and celebrate her hard core style of teaching.

I appreciate your response, however, I didn't misunderstand and I didn't think that Lithe was comparing itself to any other type of workout. I exactly got that it was the instructors comparing themselves to Lithers that aren't instructors. A very happy belated birthday to Meghan, but I still don't view this type of thing as motivational. The view you espoused comes off as extremely elitist and judgmental, and it puts me off. It was hard enough to start Lithing in the first place, because it seemed like so many amazing, super-fit women that would judge those that weren't in perfect shape (like myself). I was thrilled when I learned from a friend that it wasn't like that...but this bit of 'inspiration' takes me right back to that fear. I appreciate the instructors' level of fitness and their hardcore approach, and respect them for it - who wouldn't be motivated by that sort of thing? But to compare that to other Lithers' experiences by calling a regular, one-off workout the 'warm up' in a public forum is, again, disappointing. The instructors may very well feel that way, but boasting about it in a way that is opposite of how Lithe generally portrays itself was, again, surprising.

Inspiration, music, workouts...it's all subjective.

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