SayehGuys, I'm back to post-wedding real life and I love it. No more delicate threading of twine through place cards and agonizing over what nail polish color I'm going to wear. No. I'm back to doing the things that are really important. Decoding the recently revealed Kardashian Christmas card, for example. Are they in the Illuminati or aren't they?? Did baby Mason keel over from the fumes he's inhaled in that time machine/spaceship parked in the back of a weird movie theater/trash alley they're all in?  Am I the only one that keeps confusing Kim for Beyonce now that her hair is blond? Is this a Jay-Z masterminded plot to bring about the New World Order? Where does baby North fit in? Will she dethrone Suri as the reigning pre-pubescent queen of fashion? Will she grow up to have a giant butt? I bite my nails in anticipation! 

But all of this readjusting has meant that I'm not back in the studio yet (cracking codes is VERY time consuming). Ever week since we've come back from the honeymoon, I've said: On Monday, I start again. On Monday, I go back. And then Monday comes and it's cold outside and it's dark. And I just want to go home and crawl under a blanket. Plus, I feel like my house is a disaster and neglected since all the wedding mania, and instead of working out, I need to come home and start organizing drawers that are out of hand and do laundry that is piling up and perhaps cook something decently healthy. But instead, I come home...do something with only a slight hint of productivity to it, and then zone out on the couch in front of the tube. 

In short, I can't motivate! I was going so steadily before the wedding, obviously with a pretty good motivator, but this happens to me once in a while. I will Lithe 4-6 times a week consistently for MONTHS and MONTHS. And then I just fall off. Usually because I've gone on a trip, or I've missed a few days due to work or some or other diversion, and then it's all down hill until I rally back up again with renewed gusto weeks later. This time, part of me is ok with it because I really feel like I need a break. There was so much stress pre-wedding, that I feel like I'm still recovering. Like there's no room in my brain to coordinate all the things I need to do, so I do nothing.  

But the problem is that I don't compensate for that break by eating more cleanly or making other good choices. No. If one thing goes out the window, I chuck everything out along with it. I am eating everything in sight. With no rhyme or reason. I'm not even hungry half the time. It doesn't even taste good. I'm walking around just shoveling things into my gourd. And I can't make it stop. And today...today my underwear is tight (This is my chubby gage. Tight underwear). Straight up. Just one month of living la vida loca, and I've gone from being in the best shape of my life to having tight undies. I texted Lauren to complain and get some advice, and she responded by saying: Oh yeah. You have a case of the Love Bloat. Happens to everyone during the first 3-6 months of marriage. To which I dumbly responded: Wait. Is that a thing? I AM bloated!

The Loooooooooooooove Bloat! I've been diagnosed folks. I have a case of the post-marriage do-nothings which apparently almost always leaves you a little more plush than you'd like. Is it so wrong that I just want to sit on the couch in my flannel pajamas pants that I love so much, while eating take out from a container that is definitely contaminating my food with weird chemicals, while yelling at MJ and Reza for turning into big bullies on Shahs of Sunset. Is it too much to ask to do all of this and not slowly expand in the process?? Come onnnnnn! Cut me some slaaaaaaaaack, laws of physics!

Honestly, I'm also scared of the sore. Scared. Of the sore. I won't be able to walk once I return, and I'm putting that off too. Arghhh. And then you know there was Thanksgiving and then there's all these Christmas parties. Wahhhhh! I need help getting back on the wagon. For now, I'm scheduled for class tonight. But my pajama pants are already calling my name. 

Any suggestions? 

I really need to see you in class!


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i hear you, the thing I always tell myself is that I won't regret it once I get to the studio....(except of course, the next morning when I can't walk!) ;o) At the same time, if you're really burned out an need a break, sometimes it's better to just own that and take a few unapologetic days off.

Girl, i think everyone can relate to this- besides have you felt some of the sweatpants from Kohls, Walmart, etc lately? its like they were made out of baby hair, why would one ever want to get out of them? Now that its cold and it gets dark early I think everybody feels that lag to get to class. Although people might think i'm nuts for saying this as an instructor, but its TOTALLY different going in and taking a class, bc our teaching time is not our exercise time- its yours! But one thing is always, legit ALWAYS true- its that AFTER class you feel so happy that you did it. I think its that reminder of the greatest feeling of accomplishment when its all said and done that pushes me into the studio outside of work and most lithers to come when Bravo & Han Dynasty delivery calls their name (just save it for 8:30 :-P )

I totally, totally feel you. When I came back from my honeymoon with 5 more pounds of me to love (hey- it was 3.5 weeks after all!) the last thing I wanted to do was exercise. Plus, I had moved and Lithe wasn't available. I would give anything to have Lithe back- just do it! I swear that the more time you take off, the worse it will be. Plus how am I going to do Endvy vicariously through your review if you don't show up for it? Get it girl! It's a high of 54 today in the city of brotherly love, and it's not going to rain until 9pm. A perfect day to get your Lithe Booty to class!

I don't have love bloat but I have been going through a change in my life which has also kept me on the couch and in my flannel pajamas in front of the TV watching BRAVO. I hate this time of year which is dark in the am and dark in the pm. But I finally made it back to the studio yesterday and yes I am SORE this morning. I had a hard time getting through 3 sets of lunges at the barre but I did the best I could because I also know that before I stopped Lithing I was rocking those lunges. I know I am that strong.

I feel like in the chaos that is my life right now, I have control of one thing - which is Lithe. The rest of it can happen when I am ready for it. Enjoy your class tonight!

God, this was written for me. I am not in love but I finished the challenge and was completely worn out. I haven't lithed in a week. I was supposed to go this morning but I have such cramps. This time of year is hard to get motivated for anything. Maybe I should take Danielle's advice and think about how I will feel after.....

Bouncing off of Danielle's sage wisdom - I had a class with her a few months ago where I was just barely present mentally - I was having a really rough weekend, and I felt so bad that I wasn't focused was barely keeping it moving or together. Forget sets of 30. I maybe did half of everything. And she saw that I was having a tough time and assured me after class that even if I didn't do everything, at least I showed up, and that's more than if I had just wallowed on the couch. I've thought about it since (and thanks, Danielle! Your kindness really made a difference to me), and it's so easy to fall into that mindset of "If you're not first, you're last," but even if you did just half of the class, you STILL got a workout in!
So even though your first class back won't be how it was at your peak, you'll still be in the door and starting somewhere. The thing I love about Lithe is it's about you doing your best, whatever YOUR best is. Good luck!

Thanks SO much guys. It is so helpful to know you can relate. Showing up is half the battle for sure. Rebecca and Danielle, that's such a good way to look at things--just doing your best is good enough even if it isn't the best you're used to. And says...it's doing the best you can. Amanda and Miriam...I know I'll feel so good after. I just need to keep it in mind. NM and Julia, I'm right there with you. We can do this!

Oh man, Sayeh, this entire post was speaking right AT me. I was a dedidated 4-7 X's/week Lither for a solid year. I didn't even understand this talk of falling off for periods of time. It was unfathomable. But then in August I lost my job. I still Lithed all the way through unemployment, loving that so many daytime classes were now available to me and knowing I would need it to keep me sane. What I didn't anticipate was that an hour of really hard work a day doesn't overcome a new lifestyle of sitting around all day trying not to spend money. So I was consistently inactive at home on my sofa, job hunting and eating inexpensive food, and the weight started piling back on. Two months later I found a new job (a better one actually!) and I went back to work three weeks ago, but sadly I barely have any work clothing that fit. I returned to my pre-Lithe size and weight. An entire year of busting my butt just wasted; I am back to square one. And the new job is hard and time consuming and I go home every day exhausted. So once I started the job, I stopped Lithing. My motivation was gone; it wasn't working for me anymore. I feel burnt out at the thought of another session of lunges, sumos and curtsies. I am petrified of going back. I resent that I got to the point of needing to "start over." I'm afraid of the pain. I am even insecure about the regulars and instructors noticing that I am heavier again. I know how irrational that all sounds, but it is paralyzing me. When I get home from work, all I want is my sofa, my boyfriend, my dog, and something warm and filling to eat. I need help!! I'm grateful that I am not alone on this. :)

Sayeh, thank you — I so needed to read this! My company moved from the city to Newtown Square a few months ago and my entire work/Lithe/home balance got turned on its head. I can no longer take 6am classes, which means that during the week I face a double curse: the common No After-Work-Motivation one, and the less common (for me) Race-to-Get-Out-On-Time one. I started the Fall Challenge and was doing really well until work hit a rough spot, deadline-wise, and then when I realized there was no way I could complete the Challenge, the dreaded Fall Off happened. Last week I went to my first class in 3 weeks (I was actually shocked to realize it had been that long) and oh yes indeed it was frustrating to be that sore all over again, and to not even be able to do 5 push-ups on my toes or an entire 3 sets of lunges in stiletto. But what makes me even more crazy is that for this whole period, I've been signed up for a class every day, and yet almost every day I end up late canceling. Sometimes there's nothing I can do about staying later at work than I want to, but other times it's just... easier. And then I literally *can't* make it to class that day. So then there I am, resenting the hell out of myself for not pushing myself to Just leave on time, ferchrissakes!, embarrassed about yet another late cancel AND deeply regretting missing One. More. Class. (And, in the same vein as what Erin said above, I'm also convinced that everyone who works at Lithe is aware of and horrified by my late cancel routine and thinks I'm monstrously lame and terribly, terribly inconsiderate.) So, yeah. While I know there will be days here and there when I really can't get out of work on time, I also know that MOST days, I just need to get my butt in gear. And it really does help to see that I'm not the only one fighting the motivation demon. So thank you! I can make it to class tomorrow. I CAN!

Thanks ladies I hear ya!! I can totally identify with the late cancel "shame" I feel sometimes. For me it's guilt that someone else could have had my spot and the lost money! Usually happens most when I get stuck at work and realize I would need a transporter to get to the studio on time! Ugh.

Things are always bound to come up but I think we shouldn't stress over it and try our best to make the next class count. Also, I feel like this lithe community we have here is way more supportive than we even realize.

I've been off for a few weeks and this has been the motivation I needed to get my rear in gear!! Just bought a gift card and a monthly pass and getting back to the studio!! We can do it!!

This is so funny because I've had the same feelings and problems at some time during my Lithing,and I have been out for weeks 3-6 and felt absolutely terrible physically and mentally. Now my strategy is to take classes early 6-6:30 and this way it's done and out of the way. Yes I hate those dark mornings but when I think about no traffic I feel much better. My job that I have now some days I have to stay later than my quit time and I find myself looking at the clock and saying, ok how is my workflow going and I count six hours from then saying oh no I don't need to cancel I can make it. Then the time gets closer and closer and before I know it, the window has closed and I'm like ok if I leave right now I can still make it to class, and I give up and have to cancel. Melza what I started doing on certain days was to keep some workout clothes in my trunk, and NOT scheduling but doing a walk in, this way if I make it YAY!!! and I feel better once I take the class, but if I don't then I didn't take that spot from anyone and I didn't lose any money in the process!!!! If I make class then I can go home and eat while my body is still burning calories hahaha

Erin, Melza, Cat and Toni. We have ALL been there. I would venture to guess that even the most dedicated Lither/workout fiend you know has been there. I have not only been there, but return every once in a while. Thanks for sharing your stories and let's support each other from afar and take comfort knowing you are definitely not alone in this.

Ugh this is me right now too!! I've been on workout hiatus off and (mostly) on since June due to medical issues. The thing is, now that I'm usually feeling well enough to work out, I can't. get. myself. going. I feel terrible, mentally and physically, but so far, it's just not happening. I have a long commute back to the city from work, it's dark and cold, I'm mentally drained, it's just so hard to switch back on, even though I LOVE when I'm getting solid workouts in 6x/week. It's good to know that I'm not alone...

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