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Ah, parenthood.  Being a mom is so amazing and so much work!  Do you remember when Jerry Seinfeld would joke about parenthood? He’d say, “When you wake up in the morning, you have to be READY!” And as he told the joke, he would have his knees bent and arms out, like he was ready for anything that the day threw at him.  Being a parent to a toddler is such a nonstop cycle. Everyday, I’m constantly paying attention to where Mars is, and what’s for dinner, what we're doing next, and whether we'll have time to do this or that.  Here are ten ways that I recharge and break the mom cycle:

1. Pedicures.  Pure heaven.

2. Date nights. Jordan and I have been going on two date nights per week since Mars was born.  Sometimes my Mom will take him and we'll stay in, but usually on Wednesday we leave work right at 5pm and go straight to one of our favorite places in the city.  And then, we get to an early dinner alone or with friends on Sundays.  It feels so good to get dressed up, and sip champagne without anyone calling for me or climbing on me.

3.  Stay-cation.  This is a rare occasion, but when I'm up to my ears in work and have to get away from it all or I'll burst, I'll take a stay-cation here in Philly!  It's a great way to get away from it all without disrupting my schedule or taking time off.  Drinks, dinner or a spa treatment along with a night in a lovely (and quiet!) hotel room at Hotel Monaco, The Sofitel or The Ritz totally does the trick. Don't have the dough?  Stay at a friends house.

4. blogging.   Even though it's part of my job, it's fun and cathartic.

5. Exercising. Teaching is hard work but it's not my workout (it's y'all's!) so I make sure that I make time for a true workout everyday, even if I break it up into three, 15-20 minute sections throughout my day.  When the weather is cold, I Lithe at home on the mezzanine of our condo building.   If I can't devote 30 minutes or an hour to myself, I'll take a quick walk around the park to recharge.

6. Being spontaneous. Oh, that whole concept of doing something at a moments notice just for the fun of it? Spontaneity rarely happens once you have a little one on a schedule.  Some of the things that Jordan and I have recently done:  Booked a last minute 4 day trip to Paris, decided to stay overnight in Chicago and have a dance party in our living room.

7. Baths.  Every night, with the works:  music, magazines, candles, a glass of wine, and salt for sore muscles.   

8. Shopping (or window shopping).  Even if it's on-line, a little retail therapy goes a long way.

9. Cooking. Healthy or not, all the measuring, stirring and chopping is really fun and inspiring. 

10. Sailing.  It's the ultimate.  I do it every year, once a year.  Absolutely nothing beats a few days on the water off the grid with nothing but a bikini. 

What do you guys do? I'd love to know!

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1. Lithe, obviously. As a full-time working mama I make sure to remind myself at least once during EVERY Lithe workout that Lithe is what I do for ME because I love myself. ;)
2. Good wine! It doesn't have to be expensive, but I can't abide junk. ;) Trips to Moore Brothers in New Jersey are always fun and a bit "me-restorative."
3. 26 in 52: That's what I called my 2013 reading challenge for myself and it was such a hit I'm doing it again in 2014! Reading feels one hundred times more luxurious now than it ever did because it's a quiet activity, and precious little is quiet when you have a 2-year-old!

In addition to all of yours, Lauren,
1. Lithe, of course.
2. Sleeping in, when I can on weekends - it feels like heaven.
3. Having an uninterrupted phone conversation with my sisters or my friends - as we are all moms, it is so nice when nobody is in the background.
4. a hot cup of coffee, drank leisurely
5. photography, i love it and its my second passion, after cooking!

Love this! I'm not a mother yet but I often worry about how I'll find "me" time... I'm bookmarking this for when I have a baby one day... :)

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