Meredith Steinberg

From: Larchmont, NY

Favorite City: New York, NY

Favorite Lithe Workout: High Waisted & Barlesque

Favorite Lithe Exercise: CCS sequences from Tight End & Weightless

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team:  A natural teacher and Lithe drill sargent, Meredith is commanding, always smiling, strong, form-focused and fun!  She brings a unique, calm-assertive quality to her classes that you'll absolutely love!

Other Job: Marketing & Development Manager at a dance non-profit

Enjoys: Waking up early, dancing, yoga, supporting local artists, working with children, reading, Scrabble, farm shares, green smoothies, chocolate, Lithe!

What you wouldn’t know by looking at her:  Meredith came to Lithe with a background in dance and Yoga. After receiving her BA in Dance & Theater from Wesleyan University, she lived and worked in New York before moving to Philadelphia in 2010 to complete her MFA in Dance at Temple University.  At Temple she studied choreography, modern technique, improvisation, and dance research methodologies, and taught undergraduate courses in the Dance Department. Meredith has a professional background in arts administration, non-profit management, dance education, choreography, and theater directing. She is also a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher with a passion for anatomical awareness and healthy alignment. In addition to teaching Lithe, Meredith works at a non-profit dance organization, and teaches yoga and children's dance classes in the community. She lives in Center City with her boyfriend Ben and their rescue dog Fergus, and she goes home to New York to visit whenever she can. She loves board games and spontaneous dance parties. She is happiest whenever she is moving!
Image of Lithe Instructor Meredith Steinberg wearing Lithe via Dom


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Go Wes! I'm Wes '98. Come visit us at the ML studio some time!

Welcome to the team, Meredith! Looking forward to taking a class with you :)

Welcome Meredith! You look so happy in this photo! See you around the studio :)

Yay Meredith! Can't wait to take a class with you!

Welcome Meredith!!!

You are a fabulous addition to the team! Welcome :)

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm so happy to be a part of the Lithe community :)

I love taking Meredith's classes. I had a hunch she was previously a yoga teacher - the way she says inhale and exhale is very yoga-esque. I like it! A great teacher...such a natural.

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