Oh hey, guys. Happy new year! What have I been up to? Oh you know the usual new year stuff. Cleaning things. Getting back to the grind at work. EATING LIKE I'M GOING TO THE ELECTRIC CHAIR! In fact, as I type this, I'm dipping completely nutrionally worthless white corn chips into a big vat of guacamole. Oh, guacamole is good for me you say? It's the GOOD fat? Well my guacamole is BROWN. It has weird strings in it, and definitely doesn't taste good anymore. Stop eating it then, you say?

I CAN'T! It's here. So I'm putting it in my face. 

I can't stop eating PERIOD! For weeks, I have had an insatiable appetite. WEEKS! Last night I heated up one half of a large left over pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Lazaros (the sweet sauce is so good when it touches your lips) and made ground beef nachos. Why both you ask? I DON'T KNOW! Stop asking me really hard questions! It was the college championship football game and I realllly felt like having nachos. Then I saw the pizza in the fridge and was like...I rrrrrreally want pizza. So I mean...yeah. That's basically the story.

The other thing is...I'm eating when I'm not even hungry. I encounter a box of donuts at work. They straight up DON'T look good. Like they actually look BAD. The glaze is all sad and they're all deflated and sideways, like a box of weird cartoon eyes all squinting up at me real funny. And I KNOW they are going to be NWTC (not worth the calories) but I reach for one anyway. But, I obviously don't just pick up the whole donut and eat it. Oh no. I just want a PIECE. You know, just a little baby piece. So I pick up the sticky platic knife tossed in the box and begin to saw at this donut. And I have to put some serious elbow grease into this thing--further proving that this donut is going to be dry and gross and totally NWTE (not worth the effort). But, now I've made a little bit of a perforation in its rhino-skin glazed exterior, so I attempt to pull it apart with just the one hand since I'm carrying a cell phone and keys and my notepad and a pen in my other hand. And after 15 seconds of flopping the donut around and shaking it vigorously, I have not made any progress. So do I give up?? Nahhhhhh. I actually SET DOWN the piles of things in my other hand to forcefully tear my piece of donut off the rest of the donut--effectively making it impossible for anyone else to eat the leftover section since I've thoroughly manhandled it. And now I've actually worked harder on this sliver of donut than I have on anything else in my entire life. My hands are all sticky, and I can't pick up my things, so I stuff the donut in my mouth, inhale glaze flecks, cough little glaze spitlets all over my papers, and stagger around the room gasping for air like a zombie as I choke and reach outwards towards terrified colleagues as I attack them in search of a napkin.

I repeat this two more times that day until I actually finish the entire donut. (But it feels so much less terrible in pieces!)

They say that you should eat slowly because it takes 20 minutes for your mind to catch up to your stomach and realize it's full. But what if your mind just doesn't give a FUUUUUU**?? What if you eat for 20 minutes and your mind's all like: You're full. You're REALLY full. In fact, your stomach hurts it's so full. In fact, it's bloating and extending past your waistband. And I know you are already having that terrible, I ate too much feeling. BUT as the Little Mermaid once said: WHO CARES! NO BIG DEAAAAAAL! I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!


How can I make it stop?? MAKE IT STOP!! I know all the rules. I know that crappy eating begets more crappy eating. That I'm not getting what I need from the foods I eat, so I keep wanting to eat more food. I know when to eat and how I'm supposed to eat...but I just cahn't dew it, captain. I dohn't have the powerrrrrrrrr! I know Rachel says willpower actually runs on glucose, but like, I've been eating all these cookies and nothing's happening! Self control?? Don't make me laugh, Sandy. Heh heh heh. 

I clearly need to reboot. Maybe a Lithe detox? Or some kind of kale bender? Any advice to turn a girl on the edge back into a girl on the vedge?

Til then, see you in class (...and that's a whole 'nother story!)



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Ugh, I'm going to need to check back for the amazing advice you're sure to get because I read this while inhaling a happy hippo... at 8:20 in the morning. Why must every deli have them next to the register ?! All I wanted was a green tea (healthy!)to bring back to my frigid office.

As a successful weight loser who struggled with nonsensical binging, here are my tips:

1. Clean out your fridge. Get rid of all horrible food - bad guacamole? seriously? toss it. And everything else that's going to mess up your healthy lifestyle.
2. Pack up all your food for a day. Even if you're eating at home. If you have a meal in a container and all you have to do is eat it, you'll be set up for success.
3. Break your post holiday pattern (I had a day when all I ate was oatmeal, cookie dough, and then warm cookies. At least it started off good! by committing to JUST ONE DAY of healthy eating.
4. Go to the store - buy three vegetables and three fruits that dont' require much thought. Spend 30 minutes cutting them up and/or cooking them for the next few days. If you spend time with your produce you're more likely to eat it.

A lithe detox - which I love uses actual food! Or some other food based prepared meal service is also a great way to bust through a bad eating plateau - it's limited thought but after a few days of healthy eating again, you'll start to want better things again.

Finally - cut yourself a break -there are a lot of people in this same boat but who will lose their resolve in the next few weeks - you can do it! :-)

right there with you sista! so...when is lithe bringing back their reboot detox and food..I need it stat :)

I second all of these thoughts...and especially Cate's! I'm weirdly excited for lithe foods to be back. Any announcements coming soon??

Love reading your articles Sayeh!!! I chalk it up to time of year, its dreary and we want to find comfort in something so what better way to soothe our soul with something sweet, fatty, greasy, yummy for our tummy food:)

wow, Sayeh has been my soul sister lately- from missing workouts to eating anything not nailed down (well some things that are practically nailed down)... it's been rough. Right down to not being hungry, not even really WANTING to eat that donut, it doesn't look that great, but it's there, so in it goes. I'm sorry to hear about someone else having a frustrating time of it, but it is nice to know that I'm not in this alone. I've been cleaning it up a lot lately, but I still have my moments... like binging on apple straws (have you had those things?? they're like crack!) for 'dinner' last night... so today I have super healthy veggie chili bubbling in the crock pot for dinner, so I'm not tempted when I'm cold tired and hungry tonight.

Sometimes you have to eat 4 cookies in a row at breakfast or old work donuts and then try on your jeans and find out they're too tight before you can really be ready to re-set. We are only human. We have to be ready to change before we can reach our ideal behavior. You (and me, and most of my friends) got out of daily healthy eating habits with holiday treats and going back in the bitter cold winter seems hard. It's so cold out. I'm going through a bit of this myself. Everyone is different too - so what works for you won't work for everyone. For ex. I can eat 1 leftover Christmas cookie a day for a week with my coffee and my friend wants to eat them all on 12/26. But then she stops binging on sweets and I might eat french fries for dinner the next week too.
So if you want to make yourself stop sooner, you have to know yourself and how you tick. Why do you think you want that donut at work? Is it because you're having a bad day and you need a pick-me-up?
Once you know your triggers, figure out how to cut out the ones that keep you on that path of unhealthy eating... but don't cut out the treats you enjoy that are healthy. Maybe make fresh guacamole and dip veggies into it, or put it on top of a veggie chili. If your work is stressful, see if you can get in a workout at lunchtime, and maybe make a healthier work snack like a winter smoothie that is better for you. Sometime like chocolate milk/banana/peanut butter would be what I would want! Or maybe a healthy hot chocolate or spicy chai tea would help pick up your mood.
Think about that.
Take each day one at a time. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't perfect.
Crock pots rule too, love that suggestion above. That helped get me back on track last week. We cooked some sweet potato, squash and black bean chili and topped it with guac! Then I had leftovers all this week for lunch. I still wanted to grab taco bell after a long day of work but I was satisfied and was able to hold off the cravings. For today!

1 thing: Log what you eat! Measure your food! Take the time to estimate the calories of a meal out. Don't even try to eat healthy. Just write it down or use myfitnesspal. And reap the rewards, just like that.

LOL!!! This is hysterical and exactly what I am going through. Since having my daughter I pretty much live on Weight Watchers, which I will admit I love, and completely works, and you can eat what you want. I love it! But, i told myself I would give myself the holidays off, and not watch and after new years get back on the wagon. I have never had such a hard time with it.

My new excuse is that I am just waiting for Lithe Foods to come back...nothing like a Lithe Detox to get me on the right path again!

Cleaning out the fridge and pantry is KEY! I craved nachos and cheese the other night.. SO much that I seriously deliberated going out into the tundra we are experiencing to get some (thankfully I didn't - I'm a cold wuss) but since there was no nachos and cheese to snack on at home I ended up making hot tea with mint and calling it a day!

Wow guys!! Thank you SO much for all the great advice. Crock pots, fridge cleanouts, positive and forgiving towards myself. I love it. I feel inspired already!

Thank u for this post!! If its not nailed down, I've been eating it! Weirdly instead of this holiday weight gain motivating me to start back to lithe with vigor in 2014.....I have been so embarrassed to start back because i have gained weight. I have been thinking of the imaginary judgement from fellow lithers as if they will KNOW I ate a sleeve of Oreos for lunch today. Your posts are so honest and remind me to get out of my own head and get my booty IN to lithe!

Oh the bad cycle, I'm in it. All my plans of going to class and eating healthy are destroyed when I get stuck at work late, get frustrated from missing class and reach for any sugar filled something to boost my spirits and alleviate the frustration. And there is nothing quite like walking into the smell of burnt food in the crockpot from the unexpected extended stay at the office to make me reach for the take out menus. Please, from the bottom of my out of shape heart, bring back the Winter Recovery Smoothie. I need it!

Sayeh, sometimes I'm completely convinced we were separated at birth. Thank you, once AGAIN, for making my self-perceived shortcomings feel more like the rule than the exception.

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