Sleeveless 2.0!

What you need: Wrist Bands! The new Thinny bands no longer have a foam cushion to protect your wrists (sanitary reasons). They protect the delicate skin around your wrists from chafing from all the sliding the bands do in this high energy class. BYO or purchase them at the front desk for $6. I highly recommend them. They make a world of difference. 
Props: Lithe Thinny Bands (the ones that velcro around your wrists) 5lb and 8lb weights
Clothing Considerations: Anything you are comfortable in.
Sweat Factor: Sweat City, USA.

I once saw a guy walking down the street sporting a white tank top that said--in giant black letters--F*CK SLEEVES! Aside from almost causing me to choke on the smoothie I was drinking, I tend to agree with the man. Sleeves? Please. WHO NEEDS EM? I don't know about you guys, but this dreary, rainy and completely erratic weather has me yearning for the days of sun, fun and obscene tank tops. But since I can't do anything to speed up the slow, frosty crawl of winter, I can at least use this time to get my arms in shape for when the day finally does come, right? 


Enter Sleeveless 2.0. By this time, you all know how I feel about 2.0s. Insert expletives here, but I've learned to just embrace and accept that I'm going to get my butt kicked even harder than that last time I thought I'd my butt kicked.

Basically, you arrive, strap into the Thinny bands, and start standing up. The music is turned sky high and it's go time from the first count. Sleeveless 2.0 is rife with Lithe Method signatures: bursts of cardio moves that build upon one another and eventually lead to a CCS sequence that is fun to learn and much easier than it looks. I promise. Think calf pumps, jacks, and bow and arrows into your favorite 90s throw back move, the Roger Rabbit. 

Once you're good and sweaty, you take the heart rate down a notch to do some sculpting lunges and squats with 8lb weights (the Thinny Bands help to carry some of the weight) and do a series of arm sculpting exercises. You can always drop down to 5s when it gets to be too much. 

You end with foldover work (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) and push-ups. That's right. Push ups. After all that. Get ready for it. I have to say though, I'm looking forward to taking the class again. It was the combination of fun CCS and then slower sculpting that I really enjoyed. Also, Colleen taught our class and really PUMPED up the jams. So it was nice and loud and she was loud and the bands were clanging and we were sweating and the dancing was in sync and at one point...I was like YESSSSS. THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I love those Lithe moments. And this class is full of them. I think you'll really enjoy it. 

See you in class!

Image of Sayeh wearing Lithe via Dom


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I like the old sleeveless much better. Hopefully they will both be offered on the schedule in the upcoming months.

Hi Natalee,

Our originals are never retired : ) Our 2.0's are built off of the original workout.

love everything about the class except the roger rabbit. couldn't do it in the 90s, can't do it now, feel like it does nothing for me and i just look like a complete idiot doing it! bari tries her hardest to teach it and i love her for it, but it's just not going to happen for me!

I hear ya, Caroline! I just can't. I swear It's some sort of very specific dyslexia (which also accounts for my improper grapevine-ing). And if I can't get it with Bari's patient encouragement then it probably isn't going to happen. But as long as we keep moving, it's good enough, right?!

SUN'S OUT, GUNS OUT!! LOL. Sayeh, I love you.

I was super intimidated by this class when Danielle's video was posted, but totally agree with Sayeh - I loved it! (Even though I totally can't do the Roger Rabbit either.)

The foldover work with weights takes it to a whole new level - SO HARD. But I love that while I have to do the modifications now (can anyone actually do the lateral leg-AND-arm raise with 8 lb weights?! Seriously?), I'm excited to improve my strength and will feel super-accomplished if/when I can do the full move. (Still no hope for the Roger Rabbit, though.) :)

@Anna,@Caroline, never, never, never give up!

Dear Colleen,

It's on.



I LOVE sleeveless 2.0!!! Colleen is the best!
It would be more fun if we have something like 90s dance party playlist. :)

Whew!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't do the roger rabbit!!

Fear the Roger Rabbit no more!!! if you've taken my class i've said i watched a youtube video to teach myself the roger rabbit! this is it!!!


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