Dearest Ass,

I can’t remember the last time I said something nice about you. You have always been very bold, and that has made me uncomfortable for years. I feel like I don’t fully understand you. I’d review the struggles we have been through but we both know of the harsh things that were said and we don’t need to revisit.

I’m pretty lean and muscular. And you don’t fit into that category. While resenting you for this, I never thought about your feelings. I bet as hard as this discrepancy is for me, it’s 10 times harder for you*. And you have no support! Literally, your closest allies are my thighs and my stomach… and they too have endured the wrath of my evil eye. But they are beautiful, and deserve a love letter too. And you? You are bootyful.

Please remember this: yes, I will have slip-ups and be less-than lovey-dovey with you. Know that it’s not you… it’s me. Just be the bigger person and turn the other cheek. Literally.

We have a special relationship, you and I. I love you for always sticking behind me (I guess you have no choice on that one). It’s nice to know that, no matter what I do, you will never disappear. No matter what. I get it. You ain’t leaving. I love you for not caring about what I think and for doing your own thing. That’s admirable. I love your tenassity.

I love your unique shape. I love the fun curve I see when I look in the mirror. I love you for holding up my leggings up so that I can Lithe and Lithe and Lithe until my heart is content.  On that note- I love you for not being a part of my body that sweats profusely. I love that you are always perky! I resolve to try and draw inspiration from you on days when I feel anything but(t). 

Lastly, I love you for cushioning the impact from my most recent slip on the ice! It is a comfort to know you got my back in this icy, snowy, tundra-of-a-city. That was really scary, and you did some quick thinking. My tailbone sends its appreciation and gratitude as well! 2014 will your year, and it will be fantasstic.

Happy Valentines Day, you cheeky lil’ thang. I got nothin’ butt love for ya.

Be Mine,


*I also know that the Cocoa-Puffs and Oreos I consume on the daily don’t make your life any easier, and I fully take responsibility for that. I’ll try to be better. Because I really do love you. I do… I just love chocolate, too.

Image of Lithe Instructor Rachel Dore, PSY.D. wearing Lithe's Hot-stepper dress via Dom



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Dear Rachel,

Thanks for the note! I like always being there for you. I hate to be so bold, but maybe you could do me a favor. How about teaching Stems again to those awesome lithers on the mainline? They all have such nice butts, makes me feel right at home.

Yours always,
Your Butt

Rachel, this is genius. Pure genius. Or rather: geni-ass! And P.S. Lookin gorgeous in that hotstepper dress:).

Oooooh, I second that Stems request! One of my fave classes!

love this! and on the subject of Stems...your Stems class kicks ass! Mainline or any other studio, I'm in ;)

Dearest Mainline Beauties & Booties,

I will definitely be making some guest appearances in your 'hood, promise!

Cheers to your Cheeks, and Happy Valentines Day!

Rachel's Butt

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