What you need: Just yourself!
Props: 3lb, 5lb and 8lb weights (Lauren encourages using 8's at the barre and bumping down to 5 only after you've tried giving it a shot with 8's)
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you are comfortable in. 
Sweat Factor: I didn't sweat a ton, but I was definitely muggy...if that makes any sense. Other folks had a good sweat going. But no one was drenched. 

Every Lither I know loves to talk about Lithe. And more than that, we LOVE talking about our schedules. Do we take the 5:30 Sculpt at Rittenhouse or the 5:45 Pom at Old City? Perhaps we hate Sculpt, but Rittenhouse is closer and earlier and there isn't a wait list. We have to talk these conundrums out as if we are at a UN summit. Weighing all our options and making the best possible decision. Get two Lithers in a room and it generally sounds like this: What class are you taking? Have you taken it before? What do we need? Is it crazy? What studio? And my favorite: Who is the instructor?

Why? Because one of the things I love most about Lithe is that in addition to the 75 plus classes on the roster and the revved up, 2.0 versions of those classes constantly being added to the menu, each instructor often has her own line-up variation within each class. Taking Skinny Jeans with Lauren is different than with Krista or Elizabeth. Liz's Twiggy is slightly different than Ashton's. So even if you take a class over and over again, you'll still be exposed to some variety. The same holds true for Sculpt, and I took a new variation last week that I really loved. 

The lineup that I have taken in the past incorporates a 3 or 5lb weight into the barre work. With the weight in one hand, you do 3 different types of arm work along with the leg work. For example, you do your first 10 lunges while doing a bicep curl. Your next ten while punching up in the air with the weight, and the last 10 while taking the weight behind you to work your triceps. I have to admit, even though I liked this class when I reviewed it, I never got very good at it. I was clumsy and couldn't coordinate. Trying to punch up in the air while doing a Sumo had me all over the place as far as my form was concerned and I just felt like I wasn't getting the most out of my workout. I had friends on the other hand, who had it down, loved it and chased that class around the schedule. Different strokes as they say. 

So when I signed up for Colleen's Sculpt, I have to admit that I was not excited about the class. But I was soon dispelled of any preconceived notions because Collen has a different variation of Sculpt I've never taken. You spend more than half the class on the mat doing a TON of arms, abs, and foldover work. Your standard ab prep that you're used to, peppered with arm sequences from classes like armistice. A push-up, see-saw, plank sequence with no breaks that will have you pleading with God to have mercy on you. Waist rotations. The works. I was quivering and shaking and almost spent before we grabbed our 8lb weights and headed to the barre. 

So we started (without the weights) doing leg combinations at the barre--think hover-launch-and-land-its and all the standards. Inbetween the leg exhausting sets at barre sets, we picked up the weights and used them during our wide second work. Lowering and lifting our heels, for example, in concert with lowering and lifting weights in a variety of configurations. Up right row, out to T, and adding the extra pounds to our plyos.

This class was INCREDIBLY challenging, but I left there feeling a) pleasantly surprised at how much more I liked it than the other Sculpts I had taken and b) thinking that this class was a BODY CHANGER. And while all Lithe classes do that, there are a few that, for me, after just 1 or 2 times, I can see a difference. This Sculpt variation is now on that list. If you'd like to give it a shot, Danielle, Colleen, Julie and Meredith all teach this version. I will certainly be signing up.

See you in class! 


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Great to know!! I also always avoided Sculpt due to lack of coordination and feeling like I was spending too much time tangled up and not enough time working! This version sounds aaaamazing :-).

I love this and it's oh so true.. Everyone is different! Jen makes you do at least one set of 10 in stiletto for all leg work and half your push-ups have to be in plank! It's a hate her in the class love her at the end kinda workout + now I am incorporating that philosophy into all my other classes now!

Sayeh, thanks for the great review. I, too, didn't really get the appeal of Sculpt because I felt really unbalanced during the barre work. However, this got me excited as Sculpt with Colleen is on the ML schedule in the coming weeks! I guess it is true, if you don't care for a class, always, always give it another try--which means I guess I'll have to eat my words and try Short Shorts again when it returns to the schedule ;)

New Sculpt sounds great, but old Sculpt (especially Joellyn's version) will always be one of my favorites!

Excited to try this!!! I like doing Sculpt but always feel like I'm not getting a lot of sumos with weights because I have trouble balancing. Can't wait to try this :)

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