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This week we're featuring Lither Lauren Donnon.  Lauren achieved the results above in two months of Lithe.  The image on the left was taken in April, 2013 and image on the right was taken in June, 2013.  Unfortunately, Lauren is currently "benched" and recovering from a slip and fall on the ice, but she cannot wait to get back in the studio.  

Results: I think my core has transformed the most from lithing. I have always been a go to the gym, hop on the elliptical for 45 minutes, stretch and call it a day sort of person. That wasn't enough and did not give me the results I wanted. When I first started Lithe my core was so weak and I struggled with the sculpting classes a lot. After the first few classes I could already tell how much stronger I was becoming! Lithe gives me the cardio I'm used to but in a much more fun way (elliptical-no thanks!), while also incorporating the whole-body sculpting (core focused) routine I never before had but NEEDED! 
Age: 27
Kids: Not yet
My Fit.Hip.Healthy: These workouts have no doubt made me the most fit I have ever been in my life. The classes are fun, unique and upbeat which makes me feel hip and keeps me going! Where else can you shake your ta-ta's (Barlesque) and move your hips so seductively (Hipster) as if you're practicing a dance routine for Beyonce's next music video, haha. The play-lists rock, the instructors are amazing, and the workouts are intense! Part of being healthy is being fit and active-which is why I Lithe, but the other part of being healthy is combining class with a healthy diet. The healthy recipes posted on the blog, and the availability of delicious foods at the studio just shows that Lithe aims to make us fit AND healthy. To me, Lithe Method is an all-around great environment and community to be a part of, which has motivated me to make better choices in my everyday life in and out of the studio! It's become a "lithe-style" for me! 
Fell off the wagon:  Recently, I slipped on a patch of ice and hit the inner part of my left knee super hard. I had x-rays but dr. thought just tweaked my MCL.  It's still be bothering me.
How I Lithe: I first started in April 2013 and I make a goal to attend 20 classes per monthly unlimited membership. This means about 5 classes a week for me. It's hard to choose a favorite class or two because I honestly love them all! I get bored easily, so there's nothing better than the variety Lithe offers! Waspie and Armistice are awesome upper body sculpting classes (which I believe were a huge contributor to my toned tummy & arms when I first started), Sleeveless and Skinny Jeans are amazing sculpting classes that also incorporate high cardio to give you that whole-body workout, and Hot Legs, Higher Power & Barlesque are some of my favorite high cardio classes that leave me a sweaty mess! :) 
Sculpting is key: I love incorporating sculpting classes into my weekly routine! Cardio is easy to incorporate in my everyday life, but sculpting, especially ab work, is something I dread doing on my own. I think having a good balance of high cardio and sculpting classes per week is smart and most effective for me. When scheduling I make sure to look at the class description to see what the focus is that way I'm never taking back-to-back upper body sculpting classes for example. 
My Diet: In order for me to maintain the results I achieve at Lithe, I know I need to make smart choices with food. Smoothies & green juices are my favorite way to start the day! I make them the night before so it's ready for me in the busy AM. I incorporate a lot of salads, nuts/seeds, beans, seafood, steamed veggies, soy protein crumbles & bnls/skinless chicken breasts in my diet. I have a really huge sweet tooth so I try not to have chocolate in the house, but it's so hard not to! Also, I recently cut red meat from my diet and use soy crumbles (LightLife or Trader Joe's) instead for taco's, pasta sauce & chili. It's so good, you'd never know it wasn't ground beef!  
She does weigh in: I am almost 5'6" and I'm usually between 130-135 lbs. Depends on the time of year. Spring and Summer I'm usually 130 because I'm out doing more in addition to Lithe and eating less, but Fall and Winter it's hard to be as disciplined with all of the holidays, snow days and overall cold weather which forces me to stay inside more (boredom leads to snacking). My goal is to be 125 this summer, so I have a lot more hard work and dedication ahead of me. I know Lithe will help me reach that goal. 
She feels: I feel happier and more confident with myself. I am amazed at how Lithe has helped transform me in such a short period of time! I am also impressed with the strength and energy Lithe has provided me with. I just feel all around better! I'm excited to continue on this path so I can hopefully reach more of my fitness goals and continue to feel proud each time I walk out of that studio! 
Before & After two months of Lithe (image on left taken in April, 2013 and image on right taken in June, 2013) via Lauren D.



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Congrats, Lauren! You look amazing!!!!

Keep up the great work!

You look great Lauren! And, not only are your results super inspiring, you might even have convinced me to give Hipster another try. Hope your knee recovers quickly and you can get back soon!

Lauren, you look great! Keep it up with those smart decisions. You look super healthy where you are now! Gorgeous!!

You look fierce!! Hope the knee knocks it off soon!

I love this series! Great job Lauren!

Lauren, your results are stunning, you have a lot to be proud of! I can relate to the knee injury, I had an mcl issue a few years ago from skiing. The rehab took time, but I was patient during recovery because I certainly did not want to risk re-injury. It'll take time, but you will be the stronger for it.

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