Need some inspiration right about now?  Well, this oughta do it!  Welcome to our "Summer Bodies are Earned in the Winter" series.  Every Monday until Summertime, we're celebrating Lithe body diversity, and the real results of women who are toally kicking a** in the studios.  These are real, strong women; women who lithe beside you in class.  Some may choose to remain anonymous, some will not.  Who knows, we may even see some before pictures!

RE: Results:  You all see the results of Lithe via our instructors right here on the blog, website and in-studio.  I love (to hate) when I hear Lithers saying, "Oh, I'll never look like an instructor because she was an athlete, or a college cheerleader".  No, no, no.  I repeat: NO!  You absolutely can be your fittest!  All of our instructors were clients. Most have Lithed religiously for years. Their results are from Lithing, not some other regimen, or sport that they were involved in 10-20 years ago.  

For our inaugural post, we're starting off with Lither, Laurie.  Laurie chopped her head off here (she's a little camera shy), so we can only see her beautiful body.  I've experienced Laurie's amazing transformation first hand.  Laurie was NOT a former dancer, cheerleader or athlete. Pre-Lithe, her workout consisted of some walking and the treadmill at the gym.  She has a very small frame and was never "heavy", but she was much softer and proportioned very differently with little to no muscle tone.  Currently, she is super strong with feminine (she says that she thinks that she appears more "feminine" in person than in the image above) curves and visible muscle tone. 

Age:  44.5 years

Kids:  Two

Fell off the wagon:  I recently fell off the wagon over the holidays:  Thanksgiving combo-ed with Hanukkah, into party season over Xmas/New Years Eve and weekends at our ski house.  It was crazy for a bit.  I've been back at Lithe (and eating right) for the past six weeks.

How I Lithe:  I started off two years ago taking 2-3 classes per week and 2 days of treadmill cardio at the gym, but about a year ago I up'd to 5 per week and quit the gym- there seems to be no point to doing anything else!! Not only are the results indisputable, I'm just totally addicted. Nothing else pushes me as hard or is anywhere as much fun.
I'm a huge fan of the fun, dance-y, sweat-your-ass-off classes with the bands. I feel like I'm burning max calories, and sculpting everything while I'm having fun dancing around. I particularly like Higher Power, Twiggy, Barlesque and Spirit. Those were game-changers for my body - I got slim, my legs got into really pretty shape, and my stomach just flattened out. 
Sculpting is key:  Per Lauren's blog posts about mixing it up, I make sure to take a sculpting class at least once a week, if not twice -  I like classes that combine sculpting with some cardio CCS like Rock Steady, Stems, Weightless and Pom. Hot Legs is my current favorite and I'm so happy it fits my schedule. But I like Sculpt, Cinch, Waspie, A-list Abs and of course Skinny Jeans.
My diet: I do eat pretty clean. I vita-mix a green smoothie every day, and really most of my diet consists of lean proteins and vegetables. But I love to cook so, while that sounds simple, I like to make (and eat!) really delicious food - we grill and roast a lot, and I use a lot of spices and sauces and good oils and fats. I'm pretty strict about avoiding gluten, most of the time. Still love my dessert - I eat a TON of dark chocolate.
She does weigh in:  I'm super tiny right now, for me - I am 5ft7, and my whole life, when I was feeling really good, I was 125-130 (bad stints I was upwards of 135). I'm currently 120 and seem to be maintaining easily. It's definitely intertwined with diet but I believe my workouts keep me slim even when I go a little overboard on the eating and drinking.)
She feels:  As far as 'proud' - I totally am - I LOVE how I look - I can't WAIT to get into cute clothes every day - I have total body confidence right now.
Image taken 2.9.14 via Stuart Goldenberg
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she looks great, very inspirational!

Incredible! Real work and real results! Strong for every body type I cannot wait to see it! Looking amazing Laurie!

She looks great, has surely worked very hard, and everyone's journey is their own. But I do hope that you'll feature Lithers for which 5'7/135lbs is not a 'bad stint.'

agreed with Meghan. If we could also maybe rephrase the idea of 'feminine' curves?

Meow, hiss!

Everyone is different. Some people weigh in and some don't. You'll see a little of both represented.

After TWO kids and at 44.5 years old, I applaud and celebrate you, Laurie! Thank you for your body honesty. You're healthy, fit, and fabulous. Everyone who knows you says the same. So many women over 40 feel that they are too "old" to lithe, so I love your story and your results.

Ladies, "feminine" came out of Laurie's mouth. It's the way SHE feels about HER body. Someone out there is going to relate to her. Guess what? 110lbs is "heavy" for me. I'm 4'10" and curvy. At 125 lbs post-pregnancy, my back and knees were killing me. I don't weigh myself regularly, and I don't need a scale to tell me when I have too much weight on my frame - my knees tell me that! Will I be judged now that I put those numbers on paper?

As the leader and founder of lithe, you can expect every single body type represented here. It's what we stand for. More on that: http://www.fithiphealthy.com/fithiphealthy/2010/04/waifnot.html

Ladies, say your peace and get upset about women weighing themselves. I think that it's a great thing to talk about. It really is. I'm not applauding it and I'm not condoning it. Honestly, I cannot wait to hear what people think about the "slim" Lither who weighs 165 lbs. Or, the Lither who is 200+ lbs and feels "thin". Or, the woman who is all muscle and has absolutely no idea how much she weighs. I think it's awesome to show you what Lithe bodies look like.

Full disclosure: I'm planning to put it all out there (with adjectives!): Soft bellies, thick thighs, and masculine shoulders. I'm sure the word "bulky" will come up, as well. It's all via Lithers' and inspiration to be YOU, and nothing but.

But with all that said, If we can't handle this type of thing, I will remove it from the blog, because nobody will want to show off their results and celebrate their journey and hard work in an honest way.

I have had a very similar body type as the woman above. I'm one of those woman who have always been naturally thin. However, I recently worked hard to put on weight (the right way) because I think I look younger and healthier when I'm a bit "softer". It makes me sad to see that the word soft is used as a negative term in this post and I have to say that 5'7 and 120lbs is considered underweight. I hope that Lithe stays true to it's roots of having a healthy, feminine/curvy body.

I applaud this series and understand there are tons of body types so let's celebrate them all! With that being said, I think it does nobody any good when we start putting numbers into the mix. Weight as well as sizes are extremely triggering for a lot of people iand sets people up to just compare thenselves. Someone who is 5'7 might look at Laurie's numbers and feel in adequate. Maybe for them 5'7 and 140 is perfect. I would love this series to continue minus the specifics on weight. It's fine to say she lost 20lbs but not actually put the weight. Just my two cents.

LBG - totally on point about it's all about how YOU feel, and celebrating those results. Keep this series going!!

Laurie, you look ahhhmazing and above all, glowingly healthy. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and results of what Lithe + eating clean look like! You have a lot to be proud of!

Lauren, I really don't think my comment was catty, nor was it intended to be. But reading a height/weight that is PERFECTLY healthy (5'7/135) described as "bad" is misguided at best, and dangerous at worst. That kind of talk can easily be a trigger for people with eating and body image issues, and there have been posts here encouraging us NOT to engage in negative body talk, which I loved. If she wanted to discuss her weight range, perhaps she could have used "upper end of her weight range" rather than "a bad stint," so it's descriptive without a qualifier. Everyone has a different body type and relationship with it- I very much acknowledged her hard work in my first comment. This is in no way meant to put Laurie down, not at ALL- and she does look fit and strong!- but to bring some awareness to the seriousness of negative body talk, and the discouraging effect it can have on those reading it. It would be so sad if a Lither (or potential Lither) who is 5'7 with a 135 goal weight read this and felt terrible about herself, or decided to give up. I am super excited to see body types and stories of ALL kinds celebrated in this series!

This lithe lady looks absolutely crazy inspiring! I love that she achieved this body with plain old hard work solely thru diet and lithe. We are so quick to give up on ourselves!!! I love that the focus is on her cut muscles rather than the unhealthy role models we see in the media. Thanks Lauren!!!

Amen, Lauren! Healthy weight range varies tremendously by body type. 120 @ 5'7" is not underweight for someone with a small frame / bone structure. We all know that weight is just a number and it is about how you look and feel, this is not a numbers game! As Lithers and strong, confident women, we need to encourage and applaud every single woman courageous enough to share her body and her results with our community. Fithiphealthy is no place for fat shaming OR thin shaming. We are here to celebrate healthy and happy!

I look forward to seeing a range of gorgeous women with all types of curves in this series. Bravo, Laurie! You look absolutely phenomenal!

Laurie, you look amazing! Thanks for being brave enough to show us the results of your hard work!

Lauren, thank you for not censoring yourself in your response. I think it's great that you have created a place where people don't feel intimidated to speak up, but I love that you don't back down from what you put out there, either! We need more of this type of dialogue, on the blog and off.

I think most of us know our bodies well enough to know what is normal and attainable and what isn't. At 5'7" myself, I've gotten down to around 130 lbs and looked sickly and skeletal and, quite frankly, it was way too hard to maintain. I've happily settled around 155 lbs and look and feel the best I ever have (and have Lithe to thank). If someone else wouldn't be comfortable at this height/weight, that's fine, but I'm not going to let it diminish how great I feel.

There are so many beautiful bodies who lithe and we should be able to celebrate all of them, with or without numbers attached!

LGB - please keep this blog post going! It literally motivated me to not skip my class tonight! I love seeing women of every shape, size and age in class, including myself. For anyone who gets upset at a number on a scale, we should all know better than that..it's a mindset and numbers mean nothing as long as you feel good about yourself!

@Meghan, thank you for clarifying. @L, M, & Chris, I hear what you are saying and I understand your POV.

I really love hearing everyone's thoughts, but I also know how women can be towards each other. The "meow, hiss" is me being protective of the women who are brave enough to put themselves out there on this blog. I love that they are excited and have achieved body confidence, especially after having babies, etc.

There's a real (and totally healthy) person behind this photo and I want her to be celebrated rather than broken down over the way she feels about herself.

Laurie... Thank you for sharing (not only your body, your weight, your holiday wagon jumping, but your love for dark chocolate also). You inspire me. Your commitment to yourself with five days of Lithe per week and your clean diet seem to be over looked in the criticism of sharing your weight above.

I found Lithe almost three years ago and developed my love/hate relationship the second night of immersion. What I loved most about it was the array of women who pushed their personal limits because they wanted to feel better and be healthier. I loved how strong I felt and how after a few classes my clothes fit better. I loved that it was women encouraging and supporting other women.

I think this entire blog series of women who are dedicated and willing to share their personal fitness journey is inspiring. So I say following the golden rule might be in order here- if you don't have anything nice to say, maybe you shouldn't say anything at all. If your response to a woman's picture or words is disdain or a criticism you should take that as a cue to look deep within yourself to find out why you feel that way. 9.5 out of 10 times it will be coming from a personal insecurity. Look at Laurie's picture again; I don't see any photoshop retouching or slimming. I see hard work and commitment. I'll say it- If that was my body I'd have never agreed to cut my head off!

What makes us beautiful is our differences. Why not celebrate them?

Thanks for this series LGB. My view is, this is a wonderful start to the series.
Laurie looks freaking amazing. Is brave to go first here. Is to be complimented on combining fitness plus a healthy diet (realizing that even if we followed her exact same plan, we wouldn't all look the same anyway).

And man, at 44.5, even! As an older Lither, I'm always happy to see when my contemporaries feel satisfied, especially where the body is concerned! Keep on keeping on, Laurie. I'm all for your body confidence. Well deserved, and, frankly, awesome. Thanks for sharing!

I know Lithe well enough (coming here 4 years) to know it supports a diversity of body types, shapes and people in various stages of their quest for health, fit, feeling and looking good. In class, I find motivation in the whole spectrum of sizes and body types around me: if they can work it out, so can I. We all should give each other (and ourselves) a little more credit. I'm not going to go into an emotional tailspin because I'm 5'4" and I weigh more than her. I so appreciated the openness and detail.

I think that most people realize that each person's height/weight ratio is going to vary due to frame size. Clearly Laurie has a small frame so for her 135lbs was "heavy." Im 5'4" and 125lbs - with a medium sized frame- and her sharing her stats did not make me feel bad about myself. I have D cups and a big butt - and never had any complaints. I realize I will never be that thin because my body structure just won't allow it unless I resort to serious diet changes which frankly I'm not willing to make. Yes I'm "soft" in places but you know what, I'm strong and I feel good. Im sure Laurie is just one of the many body types that will be featured here.

And I would be remiss if I did not give mad props to Miss Laurie! Girl, good for you for making your health a priority and looking absolutely fantastic in the process =)

Whoa hot mama! Laurie, you look great! Why so camera shy with abs like that?? ;)

I think it's so helpful to hear about other people's habits and attitudes about their bodies, positive and negative. It's a reminder that while we should love our bodies in any shape, we all have bad stints, and to be our "best" shape or that we envy of others takes real dedication. Six weeks of eating clean is no joke, but it's not a flash diet/cleanse either.

Lauren and Laurie, thanks for being such inspiring, strong, and remarkable women! It always makes my day to see either of you two lovely ladies in the studio!

After 10, we can drop the .5 from our ages. Do you celebrate a half birthday,too? Lol. Sorry, but we needed some humor on this intense page!

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