Summer Bodies are earned in the winter
This week we're featuring Lither Natalie.  I really loved getting to know Natalie better.  She wrote in and said that she would LOVE the chance to be featured in this series because she has NEVER loved her body more than she does today.  How beautiful is that? 
Age:   28
Kids: Not yet - maybe someday!
Her Fit.Hip.Healthy: Fit.Hip.Healthy to me means living a lifestyle that makes me feel like my best self. Obviously, that means a healthy diet and exercise, but it also goes beyond that for me. I make sure to make the time to do things that I love (go to concerts, spend time with my family, traveling to a new place etc) and say no to things that I'm not up for or don't fit in my schedule (i.e. not working long hours when I don't need to). A huge part of my lifestyle is going to Lithe as much as I can...and not just for the workout! I've met so many genuinely kind-hearted people (clients and instructors) - my relationships with them enhance my happiness just as much as sweating it out does :)
Fell off the wagon: I've honestly spent most of my life off the wagon. I went through years of body hatred and an eating disorder that left me with a completely skewed view of what exercise was supposed to mean to me. It wasn't until I started Lithing regularly a little over a year ago that I feel like I finally have things right.
How I Lithe: I lithe 5-6x a week (give or take depending on my mood and energy levels!)
Trusting Lithe to train her is "key" for her: I have complete trust in the mysterious, Wizard of Oz-like schedule of classes. With my schedule, I tend to pick the same time slots when I go, and I have YET to become bored or stop seeing results. That being said, here's a shout-out to some of my main girls:
  •  Rachael: your Armistice has not only given me arms that could win an arm-wrestling match against Paul Bunyan, but I'm still impressed by your knowledge about the habitats of penguins you shared during one "crazy arms" series. You're also the reason I have been getting my butt out of bed for 6am classes :)
  • Sophie: your Rock Steady was the turning point for me in terms of my CCS skills. You have so much patience and strength and are UBER inspiring!
  • Cori: I never understood (or felt) Waspie until you took the time to correct my form. You're amazing!
  • Jamie P: Your smiling face during the toughest parts of Peeled is something to write about! I always look forward to your classes and the upbeat energy you bring.
My Diet: I am a poster child for Intuitive Eating. I am so in tune with my body and what it needs, it's kind of amazing. My body craves healthy things 80% of the time, and the 20% of the time when it wants to party, I listen and give in. As soon as I gave up trying to stick to some kind of regimented diet, my body started to gradually morph into what it was was truly meant to be (and I'm not complaining!)
She does not weigh in: I haven't owned a scale in years (and seeing that written down is pretty awesome).
She feels: like a million bucks. times a billion.
Image of Natalie via Stuart Goldenberg


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I'm loving this blog series! I'm so proud of Lithe for recognizing body diversity and promoting healthy body image among ladies of all body types! Let me know if you need a size 14!

Go Natalie, you look great and nothing is more beautiful than being comfortable in one's skin. You are a role model!

Love this series!

You look great, Natalie!

natalie, congratulations on earning such a beautiful, super-strong physique! i don't care to look at the scale myself anymore - simply because it's just so much easier to gauge my "healthy weight" based on how I *feel*. you look incredible:)

Congrats, Natalie! You look great--strong, fit, and happy!


Thank you for being so so inspiring! I remember when you popped onto my radar at ML back when I was a client. I'm pretty sure it was sweet cheeks... which is killer...and it was the summer..and really hot.

It was partially your chic hair cut, partially your fab outfit and mostly that you rocked the whole thing. Like no quitting, no wavering, so strong and focused.

I admire your dedication, consistency, amazing attitude, confidence and ability to look put together at 6am. Rock on girl!

Natalie, you look amazing: hot, strong, and totes stylish (looove your pants)! Your spirit really shines through in this post too - thanks for sharing openly about your experiences. Your positive attitude and confidence are so inspiring!

You look terrific, Natalie! I'm jealous that your body wants to be healthy... mine pretty much insists that I need to eat ice cream daily or else. I have admired you in class not only because you always look great head to toe but you really seem to work hard and enjoy doing it. See you in class!

aw, thank you all so much for the lovely comments! :) see you all in class!!

You are a superstar!! Go Nat! I am so proud of you and cannot be more honored to be your little sister! You are truly an inspiration and my biggest role model!
Love you! Xo

Love this Natalie! You & your words have inspired me... starting now I am going to make time for the things I love! Thanks :)

Yay Nat! You look amazing! And I'm obsessed with those polka dot pants!

I'm so glad that we get to see each other more often in Lithe. Your charisma is contagious and your attitude is inspiring!!

I'm so thrilled to see you featured in the blog!

Love ya XOXO

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