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Continuing our series of 25 Things! featuring the bright shining faces of the studio staff that greet us, help us with scheduling issues, make sure our studios are set up and that we have everything we need is Manager, Katie Kempf. If you frequent the Rittenhouse Studio, you have seen her tall, long-haired, gentle self standing behind the desk smiling kindly at you. But don't be fooled. Under that seemingly quiet exterior, is a girl who goes HARD. Read her 25 Things to find out that if you mess with her, she may jack you with an elbow, among many other fascinating things!

  1. I have two younger sisters named Chrissy and Kelly.  Apparently, my parents really love names that start with the C/K sound.
  2. My mom is the best.  She is one of the kindest and most caring people I know.  I can count on her for anything and everything.  I’m also amazed that she survived raising me and my sisters.  We were a handful!    
  3. For some strange reason my parents named me Catherine (w/ a C) but nicknamed me Katie (w/ a K).  When I was growing up I was always confused if my initials should be CMK or KMK.
  4. My roommate and I were matched as random roommates our freshman year of college.  Her name is also Katie, and she’s been one of my best friends and main partners in crime ever since.  
  5. A lot of my friends call me KK, and my roommate KO, in order to distinguish us.  However, if we are both around and someone calls our name, we almost always know which one of us they are actually talking to.   
  6. I spent 2012 and most of 2013 living in Thailand and traveling throughout SE Asia with three of my best friends.  In Thailand I taught English to kindergartners and 1st graders.  They were so freaking cute, I wanted to adopt all of them!
  7. My favorite festival in the world is Songkran.  It’s a Thai festival celebrating the Buddhist New Year.  During Songkran, Thai cities shut down for 3-5 days to celebrate with a giant city wide water fight.  EVERYONE (from babies to police officers to little old ladies) participates.  It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.  I felt like I was 10 years old again!   
  8. I love all animals, but I generally consider myself a dog person. I’ve always had dogs growing up and I plan to always have them in the future.   My roommate and I looked into fostering dogs this weekend so hopefully I will have one soon!
  9. The most interesting pet I’ve had besides a dog was a baby duck.  We found a duckling abandoned in our front yard when I was in 4th grade.  We kept it for a couple of months, then we had to give it to a nature center so that it could be released into the wild.  
  10. I love to travel.  For me, nothing beats having a new adventure, experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and trying new food.  I don’t even mind long journeys because it builds my anticipation and makes me more excited for the adventure ahead.  
  11. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to over 20 countries.  However, that has not even begun to satisfy my travel itch.  The list of places I want to see is always growing (which is bad since it already seems endless). A few places on the top of my list are:  Machu Picchu, the Galapagos and the Philippines (mostly for diving), and Norway/Finland/Iceland to see the Northern Lights.
  12. I am lucky because I can sleep almost everywhere.  I think this is probably part of the reason I don’t mind long trips.  When I was backpacking, my friends were always bitter that I could sleep through our worst journeys, while they were usually awake, miserable, and fearing for their lives.  
  13. I love pizza.  I wish I could eat it every day of the week.  I have been known to easily crush half a pizza by myself.  
  14. I used to have an irrational fear of scuba diving.  I was terrified that I would be attacked by a shark because I couldn’t see it coming from behind me.  Last year I overcame that fear and I am now obsessed with diving.  It’s a completely different world under the water!
  15. The coolest place I dove was in Komodo National Park, Indonesia.  I spent 3 days on a live aboard with two of my best friends. We dove three times a day in crystal clear water with sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and lots of other cool fish!  I loved it so much that I almost decided to stay and get my dive masters instead of coming back to the states.  
  16. One of my scariest dives was a night dive on the Tulamben Shipwreck in Bali.  The dive itself was great. The water was full of bioluminescent algae that lit up every time you flailed around.  It felt like you were floating in the stars.  I was a so distracted by all of the awesome things around me, that I got lost and began to follow a different dive group.  I was terrified when I realized I was alone at night on a shipwreck.  Luckily my best friend/dive buddy found me almost immediately.  
  17. Last year I was in a motor bike accident in Thailand.  I had to break suddenly and a pickup truck hit me from behind.  I flipped off of my bike and landed on my head.  My helmet completely saved my life.  I walked away from the accident with a few cuts and scrapes and a $3.00 hospital bill. (That $3.00  bill also included my antibiotics!)   
  18. I love to snowboard.  My sister lives in Colorado and I usually visit her a few times each season.  
  19. I hate cold weather unless I’m snowboarding.  I always prefer 100 degree weather over anything that’s below 50 degrees.  
  20. I had severe arachnophobia growing up.  Anytime I saw a spider I had to make a family member kill it or take it outside.  I got over this fear when I studied abroad in Belize.  We stayed on a jungle reserve and there were tarantulas in our outhouses.  It was terrifying, but I’m glad it made me face my fear!
  21. I have a terrible habit of twirling my hair whenever I’m deep in thought.  I’m pretty sure it’s genetic because my dad and sister both do it.
  22. I never watch TV shows on a weekly basis.  When I do have time to watch TV, I usually binge watch a TV show, and it’s usually Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  
  23. I love the excitement of being in a city, but I need to escape to nature on a regular basis.  Camping, hiking, and kayaking are my go to activities if I don’t have a lof of free time.  However, there is nothing I love more than being on a boat!
  24. In Thailand I took Muay Thai classes to make up for not having Lithe.  I now have a pretty deadly spin elbow.
  25. I have never found a workout that I love as much as Lithe.  In my opinion, it’s perfect.  I never get bored, and I always walk out of class feeling amazing!  Some of my favorite classes are Rock Steady, Sleeveless 2.0, Twiggy, and Waspie.  


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Love Katie! Cool, calm and collected. Katie, are you a Sag? I can relate to your wanderlust and love of adventure. Sayeh, you nailed it. She IS fierce underneath that calm exterior.

So adventurous and exotic, Katie! Always love and appreciate how calm/cool/collected you are. And your amazing descriptions of life abroad make me want to go to Thailand tomorrow!

ps: I envy your ability to sleep anywhere
pps: Kelly, I can't see the poodle skirt!? (but it looks super cute anyway :)

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