Here's a little love letter/segue to Judy's #earnedinwinter feature coming soon!
Hola Lithe Sisters,
Formerly a size 22/24, I've lost close to 100lbs and am currently a size 14.  Let's just say it's taken me a long time to love this body. Loose skin and stretch marks included.  I've been Lithing about 18 months.  I started at 1-2 times per week and now I'm averaging 3-4 but shooting for 5X.  I work in marketing for Arm & Hammer which is cool, but it means I travel a lot and won't ever get to Lithe Varsity Status. I've appointed myself JV Squad Captain.  Before I found Lithe, I wanted to be skinny - now I value being strong. Thanks for that! 


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JV Squad Captain for the win! YOU GO GIRL!!! :) Keep spreading that smile nationwide (even if it means we don't get to see you everyday ;).


I finally get to say "that's my girl" on social media! I'm so proud of you and all of your efforts! You are forever my joy in class. I love seeing your constant smile and uplifting energy. Thanks for making me laugh and and smile in class. I can't WAIT for your edition of summer bodies. Heck yes!!! More kick cross step!!!!

Judy - you are beautiful!

Congrats, Judy! This is amazing and thank you for sharing your story!! Very motivational to see that you are able to overcome hurdles, like having a job that requires travel, and still able to achieve your goals!! You look great!!

Judy - congratulations and your BIG win :) You look amazing!! I love your smile in class - you light up the room and it is positively contagious! As a member of the 100+ lost club, I know the real happiness behind that big ol' SMILE!! You go girl and keep pushing!

Meant to type "on your big win!!"

All I can say is WOW....you go girl! Every single time I see you...your are always "awesome" as you say. You make me smile. As I am learning to (after 2 kids) love our "new" body, whatever that may be. I couldn't agree more I just strive to better, stronger & happier. You have inspired me today, thank you.

Judy, you rock! It is always so fun to see you in class! You are my inspiration too :) Keep on keepin' on girl!

Judy, you look AMAZING!! Congrats, girl - can't wait to see your earned in winter post, and hope to meet you someday in the studio :) <3

Thanks ladies! I'm so honored to represent all the curvier gals who Lithe! :) I feel so important!

Hi Judy - I got to meet you at the event at Old City and I LOVED your spunk and vitality. (I was one of the blondes.) And all I can say is that I'm sorry I don't get to see you at ML. You are a force and an inspiration. I'll vote you as Squad Captain. :) Cheers to you!!

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