Happy Friday, Lithers!  Do your feet need some love and support?  This week we're giving away a beautiful pair of blue Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear®! 
These innovative shoes are made specifically for use during studio workouts like Lithe. I love that the chic design acknowledges the foot’s aesthetic and allows a natural range of motion and articulation, which is perfect for barefoot training! They provide stability, prevents cramping, and protects against moisture and irritants. Each shoe in the line is made with environmentally-conscious and vegan materials.  The progressive technology behind the materials allows the shoes to be breathable, antimicrobial, and delicate enough to maintain a feel for studio surfaces.  Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear® is available for purchase on blakebrody.com.  
For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us your shoe size and why you want them!  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules: One entry per person.  Thank you, and good luck!


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Size 9 and sadly, bi-lateral plantar fascitis, which seems to never go away.

Size 6 and I need it. Wearing sneakers to class anyway

Size 6 - Would love the extra support and grip!

Size 9. I could use them because my feet cramp up during band work.

Size 6. My toes started to hurt recently. Hope they can help me lithe more and more!

Size 7. Maybe, just maybe, I would wear flats other than my running shoes ;)

Size 8.5. As embarassing as it is to admit, my feet get really sweaty during lithe, turning my mat into a slip n slide! It's kept me from taking some classes, like the rebounder ones. I desperately need these!

I prefer to wear something on my feet while working out, and socks slip and slide all over-- these would be a great addition to my lithing-- size 6.5!

Size 8. I'm totally flat footed, and find that my foot cramps up a lot when we are doing calf pump exercises.

Size 9. Would love the arch support!

Size 9.5. I've been having a lot of pain in the ball of my foot lately while lithing. It's been affecting my lunges and other bar work; I've been seriously stressing that after being a devoted lither for over 3 years now, that I would need to take a break. Perhaps these shoes are my solution!

Size 8 - want these to avoid cramps in my arches!

Size 7.5, plantar faciitis in both flat feet with matching heel spurs. I'm willing to try any and all things. The cramps and pain make it difficult to keep form in a bunch of positions and stretches.

7.5 I gave up on Lithe because my feet and legs hurt so much. I could use a reason to come back.

An 8, because I have been noticing with so much lithing, the balls of my feet have been hurting recently.

Size 9.5 ... I'd love these especially since my doctor told me today that I need more support for my arches

8. Simply because they are darling.

Size 9.5 They look super cute and might work well with my flat feet. Hopefully it'll prevent me from jamming my toe every once in a while during burpees.

I'm a Size 8 and I want them because I have been dying to find a pair of flats that are versatile with so many outfits and don't kill my feet by the end of the day!

8 - I'm imaging these would be ideal for classes like High Wasted where you balance on your toes and if that's the case, I'm in! Hard to keep that momentum up with arch cramps.

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