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Kristin has been working for Lithe for years now, and I've loved watching her grow personally and professionally.  I'm thrilled to feature her as she returns from her mission: Lithe!  

Her Results: Kristin recently completed the 9 days of Lithe.  Check out her mission: Lithe results!
Age: 25
Kids: Nope
Her Fit.Hip.Healthy: I think there's nothing more hip than doing your thing and really owning it. In order to be my best self and feel confident that I'm giving my all, I need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to keep my energy up.
Fell off the wagon: As soon as it started getting cold and dark, probably around mid-November.
How she Lithe's: Previously I lithed VERY sporadically, but since Chrissy and I did our challenge I find myself in the studio more often.
What is "key" for her: I need a balance of cardio and sculpting. Cardio gets me that sweet elation that comes from exhausting the body with exercise, and sculpting provides me with the sense of accomplishment and muscle definition I'm looking for. I love that Lithe combines these elements so I can get both in one class.
Her Diet: The name of the game is to get as many vitamins and nutrients as the body requires, and to stay away from things the body wasn't designed for. I know what's good for me, I know what's bad for me, and I know that my moods depend largely on what I'm ingesting. Some things may be tasty, but being tired and irritable all day isn't worth it.
She does not weigh in: There once was a time I would weigh myself every day, but now I see no reason to. I can tell how healthy I am by how I feel.
She feels: Excited about where I'm going. There's a great many things I need to work on so that I can maintain this. It'll take effort and dedication and changes, but that doesn't scare me. Letting myself become a crotchety miserable person scares me! This time I won't let myself forget how good it feels to be healthy.
Image of Kristin via Stuart Goldenberg



So, you made it (or maybe you almost made it) through the first month of the #EarnedinWinter challenge and you want to take it to the next level.  Are you ready to take another 20 classes in 25 days AND follow our meal plan?  This second part of the challenge is all about integrating the Lithe Foods component into your practice.  Lithe's Spring Clean is based on our Lithe '10'/Lithe Foods/Lithe Escape food philosophy, so it's been tried and tested; We know it works!  Our plan is uniquely Lithe, is easy to follow five days a week, and can be modified based on your own dietary needs. 

Sign up tomorrow through Saturday, and we'll give you your plan on Saturday so that you can shop on Sunday and get started on Monday.  Much like Spring cleaning, we'll be focused on detoxifying and cleaning house next week.  We want you to cook, but if you're not able, don't worry, we've got you covered.   

How will we keep you motivated?  By banding together in true Lithe fashion!  We'll keep each other in the game  by sharing our recipes and our results along the way.  We want to track your progress, so continue to send us your results!

The Details:

  • Not a here in Philly?  No problem, you can join in!  
  • The challenge runs 25 days:  Monday, March 31 through Thursday, April 24th
  • Lithers who complete the challenge and share recipes and results on social media using the #litheSpringClean hashtag will be entered into the Ultra Lithe Bonus drawing: 1 person will win the grand prize of 1 Lithe Detox and 1 runner up will win a one day of Liquid Lithe!




I think that some of the best activities to do with your kids are the simplest ones.  Mars and I love chasing bubbles.  It holds his interest, keeps him active and I adore blowing bubbles and watching him chase the big "bouncy balls" around the house for hours.  What about you guys?  What are some of your favorite simple indoor/outdoor activities that you do with your kids?

Images of Mars via Lauren 

25 THINGS! {BY SAYEH} 26 Mar 2014

Been frequenting the Rittenhouse studio? Then you've seen Meghan Lechette, this week's author of 25 Things . She's a hard woman to pin down, and it's easy to see why! With her myriad talents, I'd be a busy lady too. Read on for fun facts and great tips on her favorite products!

  1. Even though I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, family definitely comes first on my list! My parents are divorced and have both remarried. Between the 4 families, we’re clocking 102 people (I counted over the holidays for crafts/cookies – it’s an overwhelming time of year!).
  2. Contrary to the seemingly French spelling of my last name, it is actually Italian (pronounced like machete).  The Lechettes make up a majority of my family unit with 51 people in our immediate family. Despite the large number, we are incredibly close and try to meet for donuts and coffee every Sunday morning.
  3. I am 10 & 12 years older than my 3 brothers, and words cannot express how grateful I am for them (and for our age gap)! My father’s eldest son and my mother’s son were born 8 days apart - talk about weird. I also have an older stepbrother. Yep, I’m the only gal. “Me & the dog”, as my brothers would say.
  4. I’m a Philadelphia native and grew up split between Northeast Philadelphia and Drexel Hill (yes, Delco).  “Wooder”, Schuykill, Wawa, and scrapple are all part of my standard vernacular.
  5. I went to Catholic school for 11 years, including an all-girls Catholic high school. It was an incredible experience, and I would choose all-girls over coed any day! (Prendie! LYLS!) No, I am not a practicing Catholic.
  6. Maine is a very special, sentimental place for me. My grandmother grew up outside of Augusta, and we’ve vacationed there almost every summer since I was born. My great-grandmother was the original host of “Sunday donuts” (see #2) and just like the Lechette fam, the Maine-iacs still observe this tradition weekly.
  7. Along with my brothers and Maine, music is my heart. I discovered my singing voice when I was 8, played the flute in grade school, participated in as many musical theatre productions as I could (when I wasn’t grounded), and I FINALLY started teaching myself to play guitar last Spring. I do a wicked Lana Del Rey. 
  8. I lived in New York from April 2004 through September 2008. I moved back to Philly just in time to experience the Phillies’ World Series win! GO PHILS!!! The following season, I ended up working for them as a “Phanstomer” – double win!
  9. As Ashton once told me, “I’ve lived 5 lives.” (see #8). I’ve worked in freelance TV/film production since 2005 with an eclectic range of gigs before and between: TV Guide “scheduling reporter”, music industry admin, brand ambassador, personal assistant, ballroom dance studio manager, producer of “live TV’’ for preschoolers, floral assistant, etc. It’s been a colorful 12 years!
  10. I was first inspired to become a Lither after reading the 2010 “Heavenly Bodies” feature in Philly Mag. I conquered my laziness and fear of regular exercise with Immersion in April 2011 to prepare my body for an intense film gig, and I’ve never looked back (though I have fallen off the wagon a few times).
  11. After an intense bought of depression in 2009, I started to explore “The Secret” (or not so secret)/Law of Attraction/”A New Earth”/TUT. Whatever you call it, it has changed my life. Frequent challenges make an “attitude of gratitude” difficult to maintain, and Lithe gives me the added inspiration and extra push in the right direction when I face a downward spiral.  Lighthearted “Notes from The Universe” are also a huge help!
  12.  I start EVERY morning with my “Home Colombe” French press coffee.  Freshly ground Phocea beans in a boiling Bodum topped off with almond milk and a teaspoon of vanilla sugar – cue Sinead O’Conner’s “Nothing Compares.” For me, there is no other bean or brew.
  13. I have a voracious appetite. Always have. My 1st grade teacher actually asked my mother if she fed me enough at home, since I “ate like I had a wooden leg.” Thankfully, my mom made sure that I loved fruits, veggies, and wheat germ as much as a King-size pack of Reese’s.
  14.  My lifelong love affair with food evolved into a passion for baking and recipe experimentation. Since my metabolism can’t hang like it could at 21, I now focus my recipes on nutrition.  I once attempted a “recipe a day” from my fave Gwenyth cookbook. I got through 24 of them before I tired of it and started adapting them to better suit my lifestyle.
  15.  I started a recipe blog during a stint of unemployment to occupy my time and support the efforts of #14. It trailed off after I booked a few consecutive film gigs, though I continue to tweak and log recipes by hand. One of my goals for 2014 is to renew the blog this Spring! http://sop-upthegravy.blogspot.com/
  16. I have a wicked sweet tooth, and yet, I have never had a cavity. My dentist told me recently that it’s due to a great mouth pH. I absolutely hate going to the dentist, so this was great news!
  17. I don’t drink soda (though I’ll occasionally enjoy a rum & Coke w/ lime). Lemon water has been my beverage staple since I was a kid, and I can’t rave enough about its benefits! You can even utilize the “used” wedges to scrub pots & pans and freshen the garbage disposal! 
  18. I try to take a spa-style soak at least 2-3 times a week. I add kettles of boiling water to the running bath, along with Epsom salts, coconut oil, lavender bubbles, and whatever detoxifying, indulgent additions I have on hand (French green clay is a treat!). It’s therapy for my skin and my soul.
  19. I am a product junkie. Working on TV & film sets with actors & their amazing HMU teams definitely encouraged this addiction. I’ve tried many items and trust few. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, Moroccan Hair Oil, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, Comodynes Makeup Remover wipes, and Kai Perfume Oil are a few set-worthy staples.
  20. Due to #18 and working as an uber-prepared P.A., I am never without Clear Eyes/Visine, Kiehl’s Eye Alert (undisputed fave since 2007), Jack Black lip balm, hand lotion, bobby pins, and mini Altoids – all stashed in my purse.
  21. I have never dyed my hair.  Highlights happened many moons ago, but I’ve never colored my whole head. Also, I will NEVER tan. Ever. Never-ever, and not for lack of trying. My sunburns fade back to lily-white within a few days. I’ve grown to like this about myself, though it was a loathsome trait as a teenager. My friends still joke that they could lose me in a blizzard.
  22. I buy myself flowers at least once a month. I find it therapeutic to prep and arrange them, and I keep a bud vase on my bedside table to greet me with a smile when I wake up! J
  23.  One of my favorite hobbies is gardening (both indoor and out, weather permitting). Like cooking and floral design, I find it therapeutic and incredibly gratifying. It is so rewarding to cook and enjoy the fresh herbs and veggies I’ve nurtured since seedlings!
  24. I’ve unintentionally started an unofficial Phalaenopsis orchid rescue at my apartment. Orchids are one of my fave plants, and I can’t bear to pass by a suffering bloom. Resuscitating their delicate, temperamental blossoms is inspirational and heartwarming!
  25.  Lastly, my random fear: emetophobia. The fear of vomit. It’s very real, and VERY scary for people like me, Cameron Diaz, and Matt Lauer (so I’ve read). It’s also my family and friends’ ultimate prank. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve thrown up since I was 5 years old, and I’m knocking on wood as I write this… How long was that hummus stashed in the fridge…. ??!! Yikes!



Congrats to Jennifer Seltzer!  Everyone needs to check out her super funny and creative #earnedinwinter posts.  I think that my favorite is the video of her son doing CCS.  Jen, you deserve this!  I can't wait to see your photo shoot : )  


Summer Bodies are earned in winter

I've known Chrissy for a long time.  She's one of my favorite people to work with and be around and I'm thrilled to feature her as she returns from her mission: Lithe!  

Her Results: Check out Chrissy's story & mission: Lithe results!

Age:   36

Kids?: 0

Fell off the wagon: 7 months ago - a lifestyle transition shifted my focus and I began to willingly relax, let go, and to be present, regardless of what that entailed. This started with the realization that I was putting a great deal of undue pressure on myself with food.

How she Lithes: A minimum of 4 days per week is what works best for my body. 5 is my personal goal. This helps me to follow the key that was designed to produce the most significant body changes. And it works.

What is "key" for her: positive energy and taking things lightly. When I take myself less seriously I tend to be more motivated. Self awareness is a beautiful thing :)

Her Diet: clean eating, for the most part, 6 days a week. I eat a lot of fish, fruits, nuts, eggs, and try to stay away from dairy. I drink a ton of water all day long. I have to plan ahead because I'm one of those people that eats every 2 hours or so. I graze all day long, literally. I'll grab the first thing that's easy if I'm not prepared with the right foods on hand. And most importantly, I believe in Sundays and allowing myself to eat anything I want. I'm a dessert person - to go too long without ice cream would be boring.

She does not weigh in: 131 at 5'6". It's little about the number and more about how I "feel". When I eat well and take classes my mental state and energy levels are elevated. That's more important to me than the number on the scale.

She feels: Motivated and supported. Surrounding myself with like minded, successful, bad-ass, and supportive women that make up the Lithe community has had a large impact on my life in many aspects. It's a wonderful feeling to just be me and to give back to others the support that I've been given.

Image of Chrissy P. via Stuart Goldenberg

ON ISLAND TIME 24 Mar 2014


Happy Monday, Lithers!  Maybe it's the sun but my brain is a bit like soup right now; I'm running at a much slower pace here in the islands.  I know that snow is heading your way, so I'm hoping to warm you up via the internet.  I'll be posting all week from Jakes in Treasure Beach, Jamaica! 

I'm excited to share daily Escape updates & Lithe Escape food and fitness inspiration here and on Instagram and Twitter, which will roll into all the details of #lithespringclean on Wednesday.  Tomorrow we'll be featuring our Summer Bodies are Earned in Winter Edition 6 AND we'll also be announcing the grand prize winner of the #Earnedinwinter challenge!  Can't wait : )   

Image of Lauren buying sugar cane from the Jellyman en route to Treasure Beach via Bari




The most difficult part about fitness is getting started.  You're all over that hump now.  Within just 21 days of Lithing, you've created a habit.  You're seeing results and feeling great, right?  Did you know that the Summer Bodies are Earned in Winter concept is actually 90 days long?  We love that so many of you want to keep going!  We're 91 days away from bikini season.  If you can stick with us (we know you can!) we promise that you'll be ecstatic on June 21. 

Are you guys ready for the next challenge? Honestly, this is my favorite one because you see the most dramatic results.  #lithespringclean starts on Monday, March 31st!  All details will be posted here by Wednesday, March 26th!  Stay tuned! 


Happy Friday, Lithers!  Do your feet need some love and support?  This week we're giving away a beautiful pair of blue Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear®! 
These innovative shoes are made specifically for use during studio workouts like Lithe. I love that the chic design acknowledges the foot’s aesthetic and allows a natural range of motion and articulation, which is perfect for barefoot training! They provide stability, prevents cramping, and protects against moisture and irritants. Each shoe in the line is made with environmentally-conscious and vegan materials.  The progressive technology behind the materials allows the shoes to be breathable, antimicrobial, and delicate enough to maintain a feel for studio surfaces.  Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear® is available for purchase on blakebrody.com.  
For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us your shoe size and why you want them!  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules: One entry per person.  Thank you, and good luck!



Lither Rebecca Newman took this picture last week doing a leg lift floating in the Dead Sea, missing Lithe (by coincidence!) on her six month Lithe Anniversary!  Rebecca said, "thank you for giving me the vocabulary to transform my body, as well as the empowerment to know that my body rocks, all day, every day! Can't wait to see what the next six months of my first year brings, and many yet to come."  You're welcome, Rebecca! 

Image via Rebecca


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