Can you believe that Lithe is NINE years old!?  Some of your instructors have been teaching the method for almost a decade, and that is something to celebrate!  I'm excited (and very proud) to announce our Master Instructor status. 


What it is: a combination of the number of years teaching (4+) and the actual number of classes taught (1,000+).  The status is something that is earned; not simply given.  The Lithe Master Instructor embodies a commitment to Lithe, instruction with confidence and selflessness, and continued study of the method. Other elements that define this title include: maturity (and understanding) of Instructor injury prevention, utilization of voice (instead of body) for energy, and the perfect, precise, total command of a large studio. 


We all know that Lithe is different, and teaching it is the ultimate multi-task.  Many people assume that teaching Lithe is like teaching a grounded workout that rarely changes, like Yoga/spinning/barre or Pilates, and they couldn't be more incorrect.  Lithe Instructors are triple threats and it takes many years to become a well-oiled teaching machine.  Our instructors are forever in-training and constantly learning new workouts.   


At commencement, we'd like to announce the inaugural team of Master Instructors! Congratulations to Tiffany Nork (teaching since 2006), Krista DeNofa (teaching since 2008), and Bari Rosenthal (teaching since 2009) on this level of excellence in their instruction of the Lithe Method. 


Image of Lithe Instructors Bari Rosenthal, Tiffany Nork & Krista DeNofa via Dom


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Congratulations ladies! I love all of your classes and hope you are teaching for many years to come!

Congratulations to three fantastic instructors! Thanks for your always inspiring and never fading dedication to our community!

My first immersion class was with Tiff at the old mainline studio. I was hooked.

So many excellent classes with these ladies over the years. "Thanks" for kicking my arse for the 5 years I've been lithing. Here's to many more ;)

Tiffany and Krista-you both have kicked my butt from the first day I took your classes 3 years ago and continue to do so today! Both of you continuously challenge us to be stronger in class and Lauren is right, Lithe would definitely not be what it is without you. No one deserves the title of Master Instructor more than you guys :)

Love these ladies so, so much!!

Congratulations to all, but especially to Bari -She's been kicking my butt at 6 am on Wednesdays in OC since 2011 and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Congrats, ladies! Well-deserved!

Congrats!!! Love those girls! Their classes are the best!

Congratulations! What an amazing group of women!

Awesome! Each a fantastic Lithe instructor in their own right! Every class is fun and challenging! xo

I can't remember what I'm doing on a daily basis, but I still remember the day over two years ago when Krista complimented my form in plank! Talk about major motivation!

Congratulations ladies, I love you all for 3 different reasons and because your approach to teaching and helping us master Lithe are unique to each of you, Thanks for kicking our butts in class!!

Tif and Bari, thank you for always challenging and inspiring us to push harder. I feel like I learn something new about the form and method from you in every class.

Krista, it's been far too long since I've seen you in class, but I may never have made it out of 101s without your patient, spot on instruction and encouragement. :)

Thanks ladies! You truly help make Lithe what it is!

No one teaches a "dog gnawing on your butt" class like Krista! Thanks for always pushing us towards form perfection and great butts!

Congratulations to 3 fabulous instructors!! All of you have that extra something special.

I don't really get what this means? Is it just an "honor" for them, or does it actually do something?

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