Check out Kristin & Chrissy nine days later!  Lithers are always shocked at what they can achieve in a little over one week.  Why nine days?  It's a total nine hour reset.  I don't recommend not taking a day of rest, but when you're on a mission and need to turn over a new leaf, nine days straight does the trick.  Our schedules are the secret sauce. There is truly a key at work, as our workouts build upon each other.  All you have to do is make the commitment, show up, give it your all, and be mindful of what you're eating. 

Kristin:  When I don't eat tons of cheese and other dairy, I feel infinitely less sluggish. The same goes for salt. I found that by cutting my salt intake, I felt way less bloated.

By day 3 I realized 1 smart water was not cutting for me during in class, and I either needed to bring 2, or one of those jumbo bottles. Through the 9 days, I started to feel more compelled to drink water even outside of the studio. I never drink enough water, and am pretty sure dehydration is my usual state. You can get by that way (sort of) with a sedentary lifestyle, but try and maintain a fitness regimen without proper hydration and you'll never make it.

I allowed myself two "cheat treats" during the challenge, as one does not simply say no to a friend's delicious homemade birthday cupcakes.

In only 9 days of Lithe, better eating, more veggies, more water, and less salt, I've found my brain is operating wayyyy more efficiently and I have more control over my emotions. On Day 7, I said to Lauren, "I feel more myself again" and it couldn't be truer. It's fascinating how 2 or 3 months off the wagon can cause us to sort of lose ourselves and even forget how it actually feels to feel good.

I also discovered through this challenge, just how supportive a community we really have here at Lithe. I've always enjoyed chatting with you ladies at the desk and felt fortunate to have a customer service position where the clientèle are actually awesome... but having so many of you ask me how it was going and wishing me luck really touched my heart and made me feel so motivated. That's something special that you don't find most places. I'm very thankful to feel the support of such strong, incredible women.

Chrissy:  First, the cheering committee consisting of fellow Lithers was overwhelming. More women than I expected were consistently cheering me on, asking questions, motivating me to stick with it, and found themselves motivated to try 9 days straight, as well.

My time management is back on track. I got into the habit of letting the silliest things stand in my way of getting to class. Now I have a no excuses approach to making it to any class, any time of day and it feels awesome because now I know that I won't let things get in my way in the future. This has to continue to be a priority in my life regardless of what is going on during the day/night.

There's a synergy with taking classes and motivation in so many other aspects of my life. I feel stronger, leaner, far more motivated in general - with exercising, with daily tasks, and my work.  And, finally, my eating habits are back in check. Ill always have Sunday for the treats and extra special things that I'd never permanently give up! Taking care of my body physically led me to take what I was putting into it more seriously. 

Images via Lauren's iPhone



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Congratulations on completing the challenge! Such inspiration, and it looks like you both did awesome! Hope to see you in class soon!

Congrats to you, Kristin and Chrissy! You girls look great :)

Congratulations!!! You are both beautiful people inside and out!! Cheers to your success.

Congratulations on your fantastic results but also finding a way to return to 'yourselves by tuning into yourselves. You both are such terrific cheerleaders and it must have felt awesome to be on the other side of that! Now you know how much we truly love and appreciate your smiles behind the desk on a daily basis. xoxo

This is amazing and I'm totally inspired! I'm going to give this a shot too! Tonight is my Day 4 and I'm going to make it for 9 days! I'm so thrilled for you both - you can definitely see a difference! Much love to two great ladies!

LOVE seeing this - congrats on 9 days ladies! Looking (and sounds like feeling!) great :) Keep it up!

Thank you all for the amazing support!
Judy, I know you'll do awesome on your 9 days... you're already halfway! Go JV! ;)

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