MISSION: LITHE! 6 Mar 2014


Ready to cheer these two on?  They are on a 9 day MISSION!  What's up with the magic of Lithing for nine days straight?  Whenever Lithers fall off the wagon, you'll hear talk of The Nine Days throughout the studios.  Sayeh did it, too.  It's a fact that Lithing nine days in a row (along with clean eating) will get you back on track with the quickness. 

This is a bit of an office challenge.  When you work for Lithe, you're so focused on Lithers, and all the behind the scenes business that it's just so easy to become derailed.  Meet two of my awesome teammates, Assistant Manager, Kristin K. (left) and Director of Client Experience, Chrissy P. (right).  Yesterday, Chrissy invited Kristin to join her on a nine day mission.  Both Kristin and Chrissy are petite and lean to begin with, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are healthy, and feeling good.  I took their before photos, measurements, and spoke to them about what they have been eating.  Here is where they are right now...

Kristin:  Kristin has been eating high sodium foods like lunch meat, cheese sticks and take-out for dinner every night, for months.  Kristin took 4 classes in November & 6 classes in January, and has been really struggling with motivation.  She said, "Each year when Winter comes around, I find myself in a serious funk. This year has been especially rough.  Seems like any time I'm not at work, I'm at home on the couch wrapped in blankets and catching up on tv shows... literally only getting up if someone is paying me!  I've found that exercise is the only thing that has ever effectively helped me keep my moods in check, but even knowing this, there's just something about Winter that completely kills any fiber of motivation. When Chrissy asked me if I wanted to do a challenge I pretty much immediately said yeah, of course! This came as the perfect opportunity to force myself off the couch and into the studio for some desperately needed physical movement."

Chrissy:  Prior to falling in love in early fall 2013, Chrissy Lithed just about everyday for two years.  She went to Paris in November and then the holidays hit, followed by a very snowy winter, so she's been on a six month bender.  She really fell off the wagon, by her standards.  Chrissy took 4 classes in January, and 7 classes in February.  She said that finding motivation amongst welcomed obstacles like falling in love with a man that can really cook, staying in to cozy up to the eternal winter, and forgoing the lifelong sentencing of a fear of food, have made for a few long months

Chrissy said, "I didn't immediately realize these personal standard routines of mine existed until, all of a sudden, all rules escaped me.  I was used to taking care of my body, inside and out. Month by month, six months later to be exact, I witnessed changes that I was SO not used to. My struggles are not to be taken in comparison but, however, on a personal level that became a big deal for me, weighing on me mentally and physically. Getting soft, in more ways than I was used to, opened my eyes to the element of control that normally existed over my eating habits, exercise routine, and self image. Seemingly overnight, getting dressed was a struggle as nothing seemed to fit and I'd mentally punish myself as a result. Weighing in at an all time high for myself, I'm turning my focus back to the basics: Lithe, for physical and mental health, and reigning in the eating habits that fuel my energy to get through everything life hands me."

Tomorrow, I'll post their measurements along with some recipes that I gave them, and on Thursday, March 13th, we'll check in with how they are feeling and see their results!




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Ooh! This is exciting! Go Kristen and Chrissy!

oh yay guys! good luck... hope to see you in class!

Awesome - go Kristin and Chrissy!

I might need to try 9 days during this challenge... The most I've gone in a row is 6, and by then my body NEEDS a rest day. Do lithers just get past that as they build strength? What about muscle recovery days- I've read a lot recently about how they're necessary for muscle repair and growth.

Good luck awesome ladies!

This is great, so looking forward to hearing about their progress. I haven't fallen off the Lithe wagon, but my eating has been out of control this winter and my clothing is more than a little snug. I am now challenging myself to eat clean for the next 9 days as well while keeping up the Lithe routine. Good luck ladies!

You guys rock. Thanks for being so open and honest--cheering loudly from DC ;)

I never heard of the nine days before! Love this you guys can do it! Looking forward to the recipes!

Good Luck ladies, and thanks for sharing it on the blog with all of us!

Go ladies, go!!

go get 'em ladies!!

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