Today, while running an errand at lunch, I realized I was walking down the street like it was my own personal runway. I was swinging my hips and stomp-walking like Naomi Campbell after a temper tantrum. Maybe it was the Beyonce blaring in my headphones (turn the lights on!), maybe it was the two giant Marshalls bags I was carrying flapping in the non-arctic wind, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was because today will be my 7th day lithing out of the 9 in a row I'm going for. 

At the end of last week, a couple of classes in, I saw Chrissy and Kristin's Mission: Lithe post and something clicked. I've been chronicling my post-wedding, winter struggle here for a few months--my battles with the elusive work donut alternating with brief stints of motivation and back again. So when I saw that two of my favorite Lithe staffers were embarking on a 9 day reset, I realized that was exactly what I needed too. A full-on, non-half-assed reset. It didn't hurt that in that post, Lauren reminded me that I've done it before, so I could believe it was in me to do it again. 

And of course, as with all things Lithe...THIIIIIINGS ARE HAPPENIIIIING!

Just a few things I've noticed so far:

  • I'm tossing my hair a little more aggressively
  • I'm awake!
  • I hate a few less people than usual. 
  • My legs are...well let's just say I feel like putting on a gold outfit covered in fridge and dancing around like Tina Turner. 

I didn't take my measurements or weigh myself, but stay tuned to the blog for the full report next Wednesday after my 9 days are complete! 

See you in class! (No, for real this time. I'm serious.)


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Just saw you yesterday in the locker room - you're looking gorgeous!

JUDY!! Thank you!! Will you move in with me??

You know - I would do it just to admire your ass in a weird yet hetero way. Please make sure there are cookies available at all times.

Judy, I just CUOL'd (cracked up out loud). Done!

Yay Sayeh!!! You've got this!

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