As promised, I'm ready to dish about my 9 day Lithe reboot since I'm officially complete (cue the chorus of angels). Motivated by Kristin and Chrissy's mission, I started my own. A mission to get back into a Lithe rhythm that I enjoy (4-5 times per week), back to feeling a bit more svelte and just back to feeling better about myself. 

The thing is, I have a total roller coaster relationship with how I feel about my body and health. Some days I feel fabulous! (Stomp-walking to Beyonce). And some days I feel like no matter what I do, my outfit is hideous, my belly is bloated, and I'm just generally overwhelmed. It's on those days that instead of subjecting the world to my awfulness, I feel like I should hide out in a clock tower and grunt at all the girls that are prettier than me, as I creepily stalk them from my isolated perch. Of course these peaks and valleys often correspond with monthly fluctuations in hormone levels and other lady issues that are beyond my immediate control, but over the past 3 years of Lithing consistently (for the most part), I've found that it's much more than that too.

I've found that I feel much better about the way I look...everything, when I am DOING something to take care of myself. In other words, if you were to ask me how I feel about myself and life on a day when I've worked out and eaten well, you will likely get a pretty positive answer. Ask me that same question on a day when I've lost the battle with the work donut, and canceled Lithe, you will get a drastically different answer. Even if you were to walk me to a scale and show me that nothing has actually changed, I just wouldn't feel great. 

It's TOTALLY mental. For me.

The boost that comes from setting a goal, sticking to it, feeling myself getting stronger, and accomplishing it sends ripples through my life far beyond that of my measurements and weight. Although, don't get me wrong, those results keep me going and are not any less impactful. Lithing consistently over the past nine days has indeed done wonders for my body. The reboot is completely real. My legs look longer and leaner, my tummy flatter, and my arms more sculpted. My clothes feel better on my body, and my husband has even noticed. In class, it was completely shocking how quickly I felt stronger and my stamina increased. Reminding me that yes, sometimes it feels like I have to start over at square 1 when I miss a few classes, but I can get it all back, and then some, in under 10 classes. Not a bad deal. 

But beyond all of that, the nine day reboot reminded me of the confidence and control that comes with Lithing regularly. The reason why feeling stronger in my body somehow makes me feel less overwhelmed at work. How proving to myself that I can accomplish a workout goal, makes me realize that the rubbery donut in the office kitchen isn't actually worth it and that I want to eat something clean instead. For me, when I feel like less of a slave to the whims of my own body, I feel like I can take control of all other things in my life. The pile of laundry in the corner of my room, the grocery shopping that I need to do, and the rude woman in front of me on the bus are all much more manageable.

I've seen women take up Lithe, and before long, make drastic changes in their lives beyond diet and exercise. Quiting a job they hate, ending a relationship that was making them unhappy, getting their finances in order, being kinder to themselves and stop taking any more $h*t in general. For my part, that's my favorite Lithe side effect. When I'm lithing consistently...it feels like I step off the emotional, life and body image roller coaster and onto solid ground where I'm in control of myself and my choices. 

And while I know that before long a set of circumstances will have be back in line for another jerky ride to the top of that clock tower where I'll be hunched over a bowl of chicken fingers and ranch dressing, I hope I'll remember the nine day reboot, what I'm capable of, and start over again. 

See you in class!




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Sayeh, you're right! Lithe is a catalyst for change. It's all about inertia : )

LOVE the part about seeing women taking more control over their lives! I feel so much more confident in myself as a person since I've started Lithing regularly!

This is a great post! Thanks for keeping it real! All I can say is: Me too! In a world of comparisons, there will always be girls who are smarter, prettier or stronger than me – despite how smart, pretty or strong I get. Show me a hot gal in a magazine with 6 pack abs and I’ll show you a flabby gut that will never go away completely – but at least it’s not filled with fat like it used to be! Woot! As one of the larger ladies who Lithe, I began wondering who was judging my body while I admired other Lithers’ slim toned arms or high butt (looking at Sayeh!) But as Lithe is a catalyst for change (per Lauren), my mindset has changed from wondering who is checking out my belly to scoping out the girl who gets seriously low on tricep pushups, or blonde girl who is using 8lbs weights! -Go blonde girl! Maybe I could do that too! Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous strength of Lindsay Mack. And about my own body – I’m proud of it because it can keep up with the cardio routines in Pom or Rock Steady and because a pushup is no longer such a daunting task that only dudes in fitness magazines pretended to do.
Can we all finally agree here that self-confidence is born from taking care of yourself? Does anyone look in the mirror after eating fried anything dressed with extra cheesey ranchness and think to themselves- Damn! Look at my hotness! I doubt it – if you do, please introduce yourself to me in class. In my opinion, the best way to the land of self-confidence is through a dedication to balance. For me, it’s eating clean, working out regularly and consistently, shutting off work by 7pm, getting enough sleep, and allowing room for indulgences – like the glass of wine I’m going to have tonight, or piece of the dark chocolate that’s sitting in the customer service right now, or the occasional blow-out –I have the hair for it!
After being inspired by Kristen, Chrissy, and then Sayeh, I too am celebrating 9 days of Lithe! (and an added barre class with some girlfriends!) I finished up last night with Waspie. As Sayeh says, I’m stomp-walking to Beyonce today. Can I see dramatic body results? No – I wish I had taken measurements. But my skirt is a little looser today –so I’ll take it! But I think I got more than whatever physical changes have occurred….I got to know that I can Lithe 9 days in a row- my body can handle it!....I got to meet some new people – why have I previously not thought to ask someone their name? I got to have a really killer streak of dedication to taking care of myself – and oh yeah – isn’t that the path to confidence?
Special thanks to all the instructors and pals that have offered such encouragement over the last 9 days! I’m taking tonight off but see you Thursday!

Amen, Judy. Amen. Next time I see you, we'll do a little Lithe sisterhood dance! We do know enough CCS.

Thank you, Sarah R! You're the lithespiration for this post!

Lauren, inertia is definitely the word.

Well said, Sayeh, I have been Lithing for 2+ years more off than on but this time I am in it for the long haul. I cannot Lithe 9 days in a row but I can take 9 classes in a row by doubling up on classes which I have done and enjoyed, which also landed me in the bathtub with Epsom Salts hahaha. Lithing during the challenge has made me more disciplined in the way that I eat, sleep and work and it has jump started a better more positive attitude this go round. I have also faced my fear of the barre and instead of avoiding those classes I've taken more because I refuse to let it beat me.

@Judy, You go girl, I know how you feel!!!

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