Meet Christina D.  She's been Lithing for quite some time now, and I've seen her body (and her skin!) completely change over the past few years. She takes her health seriously and really practices what she preaches. Christina, you look so strong and fit.  I love that you are now in Maintain Mode!

Age: 22

Her Fit.Hip.Healthy: Lithe has been my very-own sanctuary over the past 2 years, simply connecting my mind, body, and soul.

Fell off the wagon: I haven’t necessarily fallen off the wagon recently because my passion for vegan cooking has kept me going strong! However, I do enjoy telling women about my weight issues in the past. I feel like when girls first see me… they’re like “skinny girl”, “most-likely never had to watch what she ate in her life”, etc. After my freshman year in college, I weighed 167 (I'm currently 130). I certainly gained healthy muscle while playing collegiate volleyball, but ladies let’s not kid ourselves… I ate and drank like a typical college kid. Over the past four years I lost almost 40 lbs while creating a healthy lifestyle that works for ME… Clean eating and a daily regimen dedicated to sweating! You have to start somewhere.

How I Lithe: Since I’m finishing up my final quarter in undergrad, I am certainly not Lithe-ing as much as I would like. Currently, my goal is to make it to 2 classes a week: this is perfect for “maintain mode” and I’ll go for high-cardio/tone classes (High-Mini, Thinny, Rock Steady, and Cinch).

Lithe's Calorie Trashers are key for her: If I could pick any class to take, I would hands down say Hot Legs WITH the Trashers. I’m also in love with the de-bloat action from the Trashers, it’s certainly the cherry-on-top!

My Diet: Instead of “my diet”… I’ll call this section my Lifestyle! I started exploring the vegan world in early 2013 (due to acne breakouts…interesting right?) and I fell in love with how my body responded. I am not yet a true vegan, but I certainly try to eliminate dairy, meat, and gluten from my diet during the week. On the weekends I say live life! I stick to alkaline-based ingredients and l love sipping my homemade arugula-red pepper juice in the morning… it provides the best AM-energy boost!    

She does weigh in: I say I’m 5’9 (it’s really like 5’8 and ¾ of an inch…). I’m currently weighing in at 130lbs. I take full-pride in my larger backside… maybe because I’m an A-cup up top.

Image of Lither Christina D. via Stuart Goldenberg


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GORGEOUS! And such and inspiration! Hard to believe you were ever overweight! Well done!

Christina, so glad to see that you maintaining where you are and not trying to lose more weight. You look amazingly healthy and fit and have a gorgeous body! Keep up the good work!

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