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Chatting with Shutterstock CEO, Jon Oringer and Forbes about bootstrapping and the future of Digital Lithe...without spilling the beans.

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It is SO awesome to see a woman, especially you, holding your own at a table full of men in business, with a brilliant idea that deserves to be shared. Lithe has changed my life and I am excited for the day it can do the same for others near and far!

PS, You are so fabulous that even your manicure is on point.

Way to go Lauren! Love seeing you and Lithe featured in this Forbes piece.

While I disagree with a lot of the advice given they did raise some interesting points. Glad you're working on the band system patent and not interested in franchising like Zumba! Looking forward to the future of Lithe!

PS- Great Lithe Foods product placement in the segment :)

Love that this was shared with us and I agree 100% with what Lauren said.

I DO think franchising loses the true quality of a workout.

I've had to try other boutique workouts and the workouts themselves are so diluted, I sometimes wonder if even the instructors themselves know the true form of a move they're teaching.

Not to mention these franchises become so market-y. The focus eventually shifts from the workout, itself, to the brand and retail. This became so annoying, I had to search for another workout.

Though I'd love to have a studio close to me, I'd rather see Lithe stay true to it's original form. It's too wonderful and effective to get lost in the mix of franchised workouts.

Annnnnd, if you ever need someone to help test- run that online streaming class, let me know ;)

This is such a terrific video--so cool to watch you own that conversation and I am so excited to hear you're talking about moving into the digital medium. Also love that green juice cameo, yum!

Lithe first changed my relationship with health, fitness and my body when I moved to NoLibs Philadelphia three years ago. I fell in love with the workouts, instructors, studios and community. Employment has since taken me far away from Lithe (or any top-of-the-list target markets), and while I still hit the gym on a regular basis I don't miss a day without hitting FHH blog. I returned to Philly last summer in no small part to reconnect with Lithe Method, and have considered doing it again this year for my own LitheStyle Philly Escape.

For those reasons, I appreciate your care in taking Lithe to the next step. I've experienced the huge variation of studio experiences across franchised brands. While many were positive, others were subpar, inconsistent, disappointing or downright hazardous. I applaud your efforts at counteracting those pitfalls. The copycatting is a real thing too. The good thing, for the likes of you, Prada and Fendi, is that the market values authenticity, which is extraordinarily difficult if not impossible to recreate.

I would be over the moon to have LM in my remote neck of the woods, but I echo Irene's sentiment. The authenticity of the LM experience is what had me hooked from day one and keeps me on the blog and dreaming up excuses to go to Philly to this day. That's worth more than having a watered down version at my finger tips.

PS: When I left Philly I swore I would install the Higher Power Band system in my living room if it meant I could continue, and I stand by this today. As with Irene, if you're ever looking for an enthusiastic test market, put me on the (wait) list. ;)

Before Lithe I practiced Bikram yoga for years. Bikram has managed to maintain tight reign over his methodology / practice and still grow the brand worldwide while maintaining authenticity. Lithe Method is more complex but with the right resources and insistence on authenticity, you can bring CCS to a wider audience.

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