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Happy Friday! This week we're giving away a Lithe 5 class card!  For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us what you loved most about the #LitheSpringChallenge!  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Class card will be automatically added to the winner's account with normal expiration applied. Thank you, and good luck!

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My love is a tie - I loved the recipes that gave me a bunch of new ideas for how to eat more cleanly (especially the pineapple mint smoothie!) and most of all, a pair of pants I bought a year ago that were always just a pinch too tight fit now with room to spare.

I LOVED the combo of class challenges plus the amazing menus!!!!

I loved the camaraderie and support from all of the staff! I feel like I'm pushing myself (having never really lithed before, period) and can really see a change in just this short time!

The challenge helped me to get my eating back on track!

I love that #lithespringclean has resulted in me being a happier and stronger woman.

I have gotten to know some amazeballs Lithers even better! (If you asked for three things: I feel much stronger and leaner.)

I live for Lithe Breakfasts, especially the Lithe Scramble. THe Challenge has got me into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast, which was hard at first, but really improves my daily energy. I love it!

I loved seeing all the awesome instagram photos of delicious clean meals! Some of you gals are IG geniuses!

Can't wait for the part 3 of earn in winter!

I loved the reset. I feel like I've changed my eating habits, and the scale might not have changed much, but I feel lighter. :)

I loved that the #lithespringclean helped me refocus my eating and the twitter challenge really inspired me to post my results. Additionally, I was pushed to try new classes with new instructors. I'm looking at you #Endvy.

#Lithespringclean has reset my diet after a long winter. Only a few weeks ago, I was binging on candy at my desk and eating way too much junk food in general. By bringing healthy and delicious (and filling) food to work, I stay full and avoid those brownie cravings! Together with keeping up my regular class schedule, I have noticed results!

I love getting a refreshed menu each week with easy, healthy, and yummy recipes! Even if I don't follow the menu exactly I love incorporating the recipes, trying out the new ones and feeling inspired to cook/eat healthy and clean.

That's easy - I loved the incorporation of diet. I need a lot of inspiration to eat cleaner, and the challenge really gave me guidelines for better eating goals and habits I can continue to corporate into my thoughtful meal planning. I came up short by two classes due to work travel, but definitely saw results and FELT them due to my eating and consistent activity. This was a great challenge!

It forces me to be more consistent!

The Lithe Spring Clean completely overhauled my previously terrible relationship with food and my fear of the kitchen. I actually reached a point in week two where I got excited to get cooking every day. I have complete confidence that I can continue eating clean, whole foods on my own without the crutch of a pre-set menu, and I'm really excited to see the long term effects of this better diet on my physical fitness. This one was really a life-changer Lauren, thank you so much for that!

I finally realized I can do 6am classes and get to work on time! 6 am was the only way I could make it to all 20 classes and I loved it! I also LOVE all of the breakfasts - Lithe Proats, Lithe Scramble - and that yummy fudge - I will always keep some of that in the freezer!

Inspiration - Lithe challenges are always pushing me to see what can be achieved and find new ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my life.

#springclean has helped me get back into the healthy lithestyle (instead of life) I had but on the back burner for the past year. Not only do I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident, I feel as though I am able to put my best foot forward in relationships, work, and personal endeavors because of it. It has become part of my daily routine and I am so thankful for the lauren, the instructors, and the other lithers for their support!

What I loved most about #lithespringclean is the motivation it has given me. I've seen results I never thought were possible and have been getting my butt to the gym more often than I ever thought I could - and I'm enjoying it!

I love how it made me create a routine with exercise. I've never before committed to keeping exercise as a regular part of my daily life. Now, when I have a day that I'm not able go to class, I can really feel it. Now, instead of my mind telling my body I should work out, my body asks for exercise!

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