LITHE T-30 CHALLENGE! 29 Apr 2014


Enjoying your break?  Are you ready to take another 20 classes in 25 days?  This is the final phase of the Earned in Winter Challenge!  #TMINUS30 begins on Monday, May 5th 2014. For many of us, this final challenge is like #BikiniRehearsal.  We'll be taking our fitness up a notch (via videos from us!), integrating our Lithe Foods component into our practice and banding together so that we're feeling healthy, confident and fit when the summer season hits in about 6 weeks. 

Sign up Thursday through Monday, May 5th.  How will we keep you motivated?  By banding together in true Lithe fashion!  We'll keep each other in the game by sharing our recipes and our results along the way. 

The Details:

  • Not a here in Philly?  No problem, you can join in!  
  • The Fitness: Lithers must complete 20 classes in 25 days.  One of those classes must be outdoor workouts (Hot-Stepper, Walk-Star or Dutch) & one class must be Rare Form or Melt. 
  • The Food: Eat Lithe!  We want you to continue to eat clean Monday-Friday.  Feel free to utilize your Lithe Spring Clean menus or do your own thing. 
  • Recipe Share:  Inspire each other!  Lithers must share 1 recipe on social media (FB, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram) and hashtag #ImLithe 
  • Everyone Wins: Everyone who completes the challenge and shares a recipe will receive a Lithe T-30 tank!
  • The Ultra Lithe Grandprize:  Lithers who post their results on social media using the #TMINUS30 hashtag will be entered into the Ultra Lithe Bonus drawing: 1 person will win a Lithe WKND (details coming soon)!

Image of Lauren Boggi via Stuart Goldenberg


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Can MLers participate? None of the classes listed in the Fitness section (Hot-Stepper, Walk-Star, Dutch, Rare Form, Melt) appear on the ML schedule. Also, the challenge is 25 calendar days, but not 25 Lithe days. All the classes on Monday the 26th and quite a few on Tuesday the 27th are cancelled. Thanks!

Beyond excited and ready for this 3rd part of the challenge... summer bod I'm ready for you!

Guessing there will be some schedule edits because the outdoor classes aren't on the calendar in the city either. Agree on extending it by a day because of all classes being cancelled Mem Day. This is exciting - love it!!

What if we don't do social media...where can we post a recipe?


Booooo Memorial Day weekend is 4 missed classes right there :(

Please tell us more about the videos! I'll be traveling for work for 6 of those days and won't be able to participate otherwise.

I'm so in for this! My first Lithe Challenge! Ending 1 day after my birthday, I will start out age 37 as the strongest version of me! You gals better bring it because I got my instagram apps ready to dazzle! follow me! judesawesome

Also - my first outdoor classes! YEAH! Wait - when will those be on the schedule? What if it rains that day?

Hey all, don't fret...plenty of outdoor classes, melt and rare form will be popping up at all three studios. Mindbody will be updated through the weekend.

Can you share more about being able to participate if you don't live in Philly? Or more on the videos? Would like to sign up, but also out of town 1 week during, if there is a video program - would love to hear more. thanks!

Hey Lauren!

Can you do a post on things to eat before a morning workout? I'll have to take a few 6am classes for this challenge, and I am the type of person who has to eat before I workout! I'm known to eat a full plate of pasta at 6pm and then rock it out in a high cardio class at 7pm. Thanks!! :)

This is just the motivation I need to get back into shape. Lauren, you always have your eye on the pulse!! Even though I am 50+, I am up for the challenge.

for the social media - how do you know who each account belongs to? my instagram profile doesn't share my email address etc.

Ditto on whether we can still participate in the challenge if we're away for a week!

I cant wait to hear about the videos!

I can't WAIT to hear about the videos.. I'll be Lithing on Location for a few days from Miami Beach / Austin TX!

This is awesome! what percentage of classes need to be taken in the studio?? like many of the commenters before me, I'll be out of town for almost half the challenge! please let us know if we can still participate!

How do we participate if we're not in Philly? I'll be out of town most of the month (wedding/honeymoon!!) and I want to stay on track and I love the challenge! Let me know! xo

Would love to participate, but a someone else mentioned, none of the outdoor classes, plus Melt and Rare Form aren't offered on the ML!

Very excited for this! I'll be moving in June so I want to get in as much Lithe as possible. I fell off the Lithe wagon last month so I'm going to start #TMINUS30 off with a 9 day reset challenge. Excited to see these classes at ML!

Any special treats for the ladies who complete all 3 #earnedinwinter challenges? :)

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