After getting to know Lither Betsy C. on Lithe Escape, I thought it was the perfect time to demystify her.  Enjoy!

Age: 34    
Kids?: Maybe someday
Her Fit.Hip.Healthy: Some people don’t believe it, but growing up I was heavy. I was a very active kid, and I loved to play sports, but I was a pretty picky eater, which led to food and weight issues.  At a fairly young age, I learned about eating better, strength training and cardio.  When I was in high school, I became obsessed with spinning, Tae Bo, lifting, running, using an elliptical machine, etc.  That "eating better" part went out the window when I became a victim of the diet fads of the 90s, eating fat free everything and too much sugar.  So I would spin and use the elliptical for hours a day.  All that repetitive motion just made my thighs look like tree trunks.  No matter how lean I was, my quads were always SO big, I loathed them.  

After the summer of 2012, I came home from the last weekend at the shore where I go to boot camp at 80th street in Stone Harbor.  I decided that I needed to look for something like that near home.  I searched for similar workouts but feared they wouldn’t be challenging enough.  I found Facebook friends praising the effects of Lithe.  So I decided to give it a whirl, and I was immediately hooked.  Within 5-6 months, I noticed my clothes fitting better and I felt stronger and more confident in myself.  During the holidays, my mom and sister-in-law were saying I looked like a new person.  My skin and hair looked healthier and I looked happy!  I hadn't lost any weight really, but I was leaner.

The thing I love about Lithe compared to all of the workouts I have ever done, is the variety of different classes to choose from, and they are challenging and effective.  I noticed that my body has changed, I feel stronger and leaner than ever.  The combination of moves, combination of sculpting and cardio are so efficient and fun, what’s not to love!? Another bonus is the sense of community within the studios.  The friends I've made over the last year and a half are priceless.  I love meeting new ladies and getting to know their stories, successes and struggles.  I feel like we’re a team, supporting and encouraging each other to be a better version of ourselves.  I also have to give a shout-out to the amazing instructors.  Without each of you bringing your energy and enthusiasm, where would we all be?!

I used to do 2 classes at night and then for an extra calorie burn I would go to the gym to use the elliptical.  After developing tendonitis in my ankle, I realized the elliptical was doing more harm than good.  By June, I decided to give it up.  A few weeks later, I noticed my clothes were fitting even better than they had since the initial few months.  It took me a year to let go of my fears of not burning enough calories.  I thought that my body was different, and that I was genetically predisposed to gain weight.  Essentially, I thought that my metabolism would let me down.  Almost a year later and I have never felt so good inside and out.  I thank my lucky stars that I found Lithe! Thank you, Lauren!
Fell off the wagon?:  Never.  I struggle to take a day off as it is.  However, when I am out of town, I bring along my old workout videos that are no longer as challenging, like P90X.  I throw in a few Cardio-Cheer sequences from Pom and Stems 2.0 when the P90X cardio intervals aren’t kicking my butt enough : )      
How she Lithes: I try to kill it every time, all the time.  It’s my hour (or two) of me time.  Why not make the best of it?  And by the weekend, I like to earn a few cocktails.  Then sweat it out the next day.  I work hard, play hard.
What is "key" for her:  A balanced diet and as much sleep as I can get. I wear Lithe's Calorie Trashers in almost every workout becuase I have really tight hips.  They work wonders for me.
Her Diet: I am on a somewhat restricted diet due to an intolerance to dairy and yeast.  I don't eat refined sugar.  I eat veggies, grains, nuts, fish, and fruit. The juices and meals available at the studio have been great.  When available, I definitely stock up! 
She does weigh in: I usually weigh in every morning.  At 5’9”, I have been weighing about 138-142 lbs consistently for the last year. I am happiest at this size; Not too thin, not too heavy.  I feel confident, healthy and at peace with my thighs.  I have been on both ends of the spectrum and I like being right in the middle.

She feels: Fantastic!  The Lithe Escape proved that I have a lot of room for improvement!  I came back feeling rested and much stronger than I thought I would.  We took time to do stretching instead of all cardio and sculpting, and I may try to take some more of those types of classes to help with my inflexibility.

Image of Betsy C. in Jamaica via Lauren



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Yay Betsy! I'm so happy you reached out to me on Instagram. And I'm so happy that Lauren took the time to demystify you. I myself used to wonder why (or how) you could wear Trashers in some of the really high cardio classes - like Spirit. Thank you for taking the time to say why. I agree about wearing them to loosen up your hips, as I find they really do work, for me especially after a class like Spirit when my hamstrings are so tight.

I hope you had an awesome time in Paris, and that reality hasn't been so cruel.
See you next week sometime in one of the studios, as I am on vaca this week.

Public Annoucement: If not for this girl, i wouldn't have had the ... I don't know what... courage, strength, thought to do back to back classes. Now I find doing this once or twice a week is a great way to keep motivated and really get into the work. Thanks again B!

I thought Lithe discouraged "back to back" classes. Isn't one workout supposed to be enough?

Not intended as a comment on or criticism of Betsy.... I am a little surprised to see Lithe encouraging, via this post, back to back classes & wearing trashers to all classes including high cardio. I'm concerned that for a lot of people, this would be indicative of some unhealthy behavior.

@Meredith @Samantha - Thanks for chiming in! I/Lithe has never encouraged people to take back-to-back classes. If you search this blog you'll see posts talking about how Lithe was created for efficiency and that doubling up is something that I/we don't recommend doing on a regular basis unless you're combining workouts properly. That is not the intention of this post.

The Earned In Winter Series highlights the many different types of people (and bodies) that workout within our walls, and how different we all are. It's about their stories, and what motivates them.

Regarding Lithers taking multiple classes a day, people should keep in mind that we've been doing this for almost 10 years. We keep a watchful eye, speak to people and we even remove people from classes and request doctors notes when we see an unhealthy "habit" occurring. The reality is, many people DO double up. Especially during our challenges. It's not a terrible thing if it's not abused.

I chose to highlight Betsy b/c so many people (myself included) are quick to judge those who push themselves to the max. There are people who can relate to her and her struggles, and how she has/is overcome/overcoming them.

Betsy, thanks for being brave and so willing to be featured. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to work with you for a week on Lithe Escape.

Betsy, you look great, and I don't mean to be rude or hurtful, but I totally agree with Samanatha. This doesn't read "healthy" to me as much as obsessive. I am really shocked that this was posted as something to aspire to. Definitely the wrong message. "I used to do 2 classes a night and then go to the gym..." Seriously? This just made me sad, not inspired.

I have to say that I was obsessive, and now i have learned to trust the benefits of Lithe and how efficient it is. I have never felt so strong and heathy in my life. For the last 6 months I have been doing one class in the morning and one at night when trying to find the right combination of classes, not always back to backs. Two workouts a day isn't for everyone. But to push myself, that's what works for me.

I take two classes a day two to three times a week, sometimes back to back, and other times one in the morning and one in the evening. Doubling up, in addition to Lithing 5-6 days a week, has taken my results up a notch. On a double-up day, I usually make one of my classes a lower impact sculpting class (e.g. Floored, Waspie, High Waisted). I've been doubling up on and off for almost a year with no ill effects. When my body tells me I need a rest day, I listen to it.

Just wanted to throw in my two cents that doubling up can be done sensibly and safely...

How do you schedule "back to backs" now that the premium membership is gone? Do you have a class pack and a 1-a-day membership?

"This just made me sad, not inspired."

Hey Nicole, you know Betsy is going to read the comments, no need to be rude and hurtful.

I'm really not seeing how lithe is endorsing "unhealthy behaviors" by posting "uncensored" blogs. It's one woman's story of how SHE chooses to work out and what works for her. She's being true and honest. Honesty and diversity is definitely not welcome here. More importantly, calling somebody's behavior "obsessive and unhealthy" is just plain mean.
"Everybody love everybody!"
-Ricky Bobby

Betsy, I have always admired your strength and stamina in class, and I wondered at how fit you must be to take two classes in one day. You've found something that works for you. You really look great, but that you think you look and feel your best is what matters most.

I have enjoyed these Earned in Winter posts and learning about fellow Lithers, what they do in and out of Lithe to be their best selves. I love that we are seeing all types of people and hearing about all the hard work that those people have done and continue to do. It inspires me.

Rock on Betsy! I admire your dedication to staying consistent! Super-hard to do.

I understand how 2/day can seem excessive to some people. But it really depends on the person and situation. Myself...I grew up dancing and that often meant 2 classes (3 hours) a night, several times a week. So when I 'got back into shape' as an adult, I enjoyed challenging my strength and stamina by taking 2 Lithe classes a day for a few months at a time. It's how my body was raised in many ways. I was careful about the classes I chose and I listened to my body when it needed rest. After a while, I felt it was time to change and go with 1/day, but still felt like the extra classes were a great experience for my body when I did them. Plus, keep in mind that there are athletes who train a few hours everyday for their sport. It all comes down to how you do it...and why you do it.

I think the number of classes taken is not about better or worse, either way. It's just about what makes your body happy! That's why we Lithe!

Thanks for sharing your journey Betsy - physical and mental :)

Betsy, your dedication to Lithe is truly amazing. I love taking class with you. Watching you give your all, always pushes me to work my hardest and make the most of my class! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad to hear you found what works for you. :)

Athletes train for several hours a day. If you're doing multiple Lithes for an obsessive reason or if the motivation comes from a fear or anxiety, then of course it's not a good thing (taking Lithe even once a WEEK from an obsessive, fearful or depressed place wouldn't be good). And needless to say, if you're combining any workout or sport with too little food that is not good either.
I don't see anything wrong with it really a few times a week and have always wanted to try it myself but was afraid people would think I was being weird.
Lauren and Lithe are very careful with their words and instructions... this woman clearly knows her branding and her communication skills... she wouldn't put anything out there that she didn't stand behind.

BETSY! You don't know this, but when I started lithing regularly a year and a half ago, you were one of the first people that caught my eye and have been such an inspiration to me! I'm all too familiar with obsessing over exercise and have struggled myself with weight and body issues, and Lithe has been a life saver. I'm so glad you're being featured this week, and you continue to be an inspiration to me :) See you in class!

Thanks ladies!! I like to think we all inspire each other. Love all my fellow Lithe ladies!! Woo!!

Late to the party but wanted to say that Betsy, you look fantastic and are def inspiration! While I admit I was a little intimidated by your strength and work ethic at first, I always loved your hardcore attitude and grit in class. It's been great getting to know you better, and kudos for your honesty and bravery in sharing your Lithe story. Booya to the haters - this lady truly kills it! :)

Wow - I'm so late on responding to this! I'm a little surprised by the controversy but let me say: Betsy - I'm so inspired! I think it's reasonable that there is comparison between what featured posters are doing and what works for oneself. In my opinion, if you're athletic enough to perform 2 Lithe classes in a clip and not hurting yourself - why not! You go girl! We are all at different places in our fitness abilities. This broad clearly has strength and endurance that some of use may never achieve so brava for Betsy!

What is most evident for me is that this is a person committed to finding what works best for her own mind, body and self. I think that's the BEST anyone can do for themselves.

Congratulations on your beautiful and fantastic results. I THINK I know who you are - in my head I call you the "really strong hot girl". If that's you, it always makes me try a little harder when you're in class.
Follow me on IG and let's be real lithe friends: judesawesome

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