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The subject of this week's 25 Things is one of the newer instructor faces around the studios, and she is a welcome addition. I've only taken a couple of classes with Meredith Steinberg, but her careful attention to form and technique, coupled with her genuinely NICE and supportive personality was immediately apparent. When she broke down a move I had been doing for a long time--incorrectly--her class brought me back to the fundamentals of Lithe and how to do them WELL. This was so beneficial to me as a veteran Lither, but I also thought of new Lithers, and how happy I am that they will encounter Meredith as they embark on the often terrifying prospect of going to a Lithe class. I thought that through her, they will learn how to Lithe correctly, and feel both encouraged and pushed in her incredibly gentle way. After reading her 25 Things, it won't be difficult to realize how her background has prepared her perfectly to do just that. I look forward to watching her evolve as an instructor and hope you will too. 

  1. I grew up in Larchmont, NY, a suburb north of New York City.
  2. I received my BA in Dance & Theater from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and my MFA in Dance from Temple University in Philadelphia.
  3. I lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn for four years before moving to Philadelphia for graduate school.
  4. In New York I worked in arts administration, dance education, arts producing, and exhibition management. One of my favorite jobs was at the Guggenheim Museum, where I trained 120 children to participate in a live exhibit by the artist Tino Sehgal.
  5. I currently work full-time at the Performance Garage, a non-profit dance organization in Philadelphia. I manage marketing and fundraising initiatives and oversee our youth outreach program. I love supporting local dancers and emerging choreographers.
  6. I am a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher and have completed over 300 hours of training in yoga postures, anatomy and therapeutics, sequencing, and philosophy. I am always happy to talk about alignment and form!
  7. I have had injuries to my shoulders, knees, and foot. I think it’s so important to listen to our bodies, modify when we need to, and find ways of moving that are healing—not painful!
  8. I am an early riser. 6AM classes are my favorite.
  9. I have taught dance to students of all ages. I currently teach pre-ballet to very cute 4 year-olds at Koresh Dance Company. In grad school I taught large undergraduate lecture courses focusing on analyzing dance performances through aesthetic, cultural, and historical lenses.  
  10. I have a background as a choreographer, theater director, and performer. I like creating work that is surprising, unconventional, and fun. I have studied many dance forms, but most love improvisation and physical theater.
  11. For a class in grad school I performed a dance piece in the middle of a crosswalk, barefoot in the winter. A passerby called the police because he thought I needed help.
  12.  I grew up taking classes in tap, jazz, and hip hop. I still catch myself tapping while waiting for the subway.
  13. I have always liked board games. I have a poster on my wall of all of the 2-letter Scrabble words.
  14. I took a semester off in college and worked on a dairy farm, herding and milking cows and making cheese.
  15. My full name is Meredith A. Steinberg. The A doesn’t stand for anything.
  16. I love reading on the beach.
  17. I spontaneously make up songs about almost anything: my dog, my houseplants, my sister’s IKEA bookcase.
  18. I can play the piano, violin, carillon, and a few chords on the guitar.
  19. I’d like to build a Rube Goldberg machine one day.
  20. I met my boyfriend Ben on our front stoop when we lived in the same brownstone on Spruce Street. He is an Emergency Medicine Resident at Hahnemann Hospital. Here’s a photo of him Lithing on Instagram!
  21. Ben and I rescued our dog Fergus this year. He is the sweetest little Shih Tzu/Poodle mix and is so friendly. He is my first pet and I absolutely adore him!
  22. I do a lot of yoga and foam-rolling in my living room. When Ben and I were apartment hunting one of my requirements was a wall where I could practice handstands.  
  23. I have two smart and beautiful sisters. My younger sister Genna is an associate at a law firm in New York. She loves dogs and never gets tired of looking at pictures of Fergus. My older sister Beth is developmentally disabled, and is the most sweet-tempered person you’ll ever meet. I gained so much from growing up surrounded by the special needs community.
  24. I wasn’t sure what to write about myself for this post, so I consulted a team of advisors. My sister said to list 25 things that I don’t like (close-mindedness, dill). My boyfriend said to list 25 things about Fergus (enjoys jumping, buries food). My dad said to say, “I owe all my musicality and talent to my father, who is a jazz drummer.” My mom said to tell you that I have a very supportive family (it’s true) and that she once took Lithe 101 and loved it.
  25. I found Lithe through my friend Jennie Katz. (Thanks Jennie!) I love the attention to form, the hardcore but graceful quality of the movement, and the fun energy when we’re all in sync with our CCS. I’m always genuinely happy to be in the studio, whether teaching or taking class. Thanks to all of you for being so lovely to work with!  

Images via Meredith & Dom


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I had a class with Meredith over the weekend and she was wonderful!! I REALLY appreciated her attention to timing with the music, so it makes total sense that she has a deep music and dance background.

Meredith, we would love to have you lithe with us at 6 am in OC! Your Waspie last Friday was fantastic!

Meredith, you rock! Would love to have you come play with us at the ML again! Go Wes! :)

Love love this post. It was immediately clear how kind you are immediately when you started teaching - agree on the more 6 AMs for Meredith at OC!

This was great! Just had first class with Meredith last Friday in OC and loved her immediately! So clear that she really cares about form and wants you to have fun during class! Also love your comments about the special needs community - so true! What a sweet and bubbly personality! - can't wait to see her in OC again soon! <3

Meredith, I am OBSESSED with the Performance Garage and still take Zumba with the Fords when I can! You are also lovely to take class with!

Yay! I love this post! Meredith is one of my favorite instructors, who knew she was SO talented and knowledgeable in dance, theater, and yoga?! But I'm not surprised at all :)

Love you, Mer!

Meredith, I absolutely love taking class with you! Your soothing voice, friendly smile, and graceful movement make every class with you such a treat. Also happy to meet a fellow dill-disliker....! :)

Meredith - you are a woman of many many talents! you are such a great instructor and I hope to have the opportunity to take many many classes with you!

I love your "corrections with a smile!" It's almost like you breathe positive energy right out of you into the class (and my movements!) I noticed during Pom at RH a few 6ams ago that the whole class was in sync for the CCS and it was a little chilling to see/hear that everyone's bands clapped at the same time for every rep. I look forward to many more classes with you!!

Love this, Meredith! Umm...if you're serious about the Rube Goldberg goal, I'm pretty sure I have a volunteer opportunity available for you immediately. Say the word :-)

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! See you in class! xo

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