MISSION: LITHE! 7 May 2014

Long time Lither Lindsay K. just started her 9 day challenge.  She is prepping for her July wedding and hopes that by going public here on the blog she'll be held accountable.  Let's cheer her on! 
Age: 29
Kids: Not yet. I am getting married in July, so at some point I imagine I will be Lithing while pregnant. 
My fit.hip.healthy: I fell in love with Lithe after my first class, 3.5 years ago (wow!). I was a figure skater through high school, and never found a workout that kept up my strength or endurance, much less one that was enjoyable. I gained a bit of weight in college and filled out (late bloomer), but during medical school I began to feel soft and sloth-like. I found Lithe four months into my intern year, and have been loving it ever since. 
Since I first started Lithing, I’ve noticed that both my endurance and my strength have returned and improved upon my 18-year old self. I have more definition in my arms and back than ever before, and my abs are (slowly) making a comeback. These days, I’m on some research time so I have minimal clinical obligations, and I’m enjoying cherry-picking my class schedule to have the perfect blend of cardio and sculpting. I’ve seen significant changes in my body just in the last nine months. 
Fell off the wagon? Never. It is too good a workout, and too good a stress reliever! 
How I Lithe: I Lithe every day that I am in Philadelphia, so between 5-7 days per week depending on my weekend schedule. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately - which is great because I get to see family and friends that I was unable to see during my first three years of residence - but the downside is that there are many weekends without Lithe. I try and get a mix of cardio and sculpting in each week. Lately, I’ve been loving waist work (High Waisted, some new sequences in Lauren’s Floored and Freestyle) because it targets an area that otherwise gets no attention, and I feel that wonderful soreness the next day.
What is key for me: making my workout a priority. It’s the one time every day when I get to focus on just myself, and I’ve found that it helps me relax and de-stress.
My diet: My diet has been holding me back from truly getting to where I would like to be. I love salty snacks, and I’ve always had a big appetite (read: able to eat way more than a normal portion size without getting uncomfortable). I’ve also been living off a resident’s diet for the past few years, which means that I was too tired to pack myself healthy meals. As a result, I ate whatever I could find whenever I was hungry (and justified overeating, because who knew when I would be able to eat again).
These days, I am focusing on my diet. I’ve been pretty good about portion control overall, though it could still use some improvement. I start the day with a Naked green machine juice or a Lithe Greenie, and follow it up with a salad for lunch. Dinner is the hardest, since both my fiancé and I are pretty busy and don’t cook at home as much as we should.  I’m going to eat clean this month during the weeks, and relax a little on the weekends. I’ve tried logging my meals before, and found it helpful, so if I need more assistance with keeping my diet in check, I’ll start doing that again. But hopefully the weekly measurements with Lauren are enough to keep me accountable.
I weigh in: on occasion. I find that I generally have a pretty good sense of my size based on how I feel and look, and the scale is only helpful for when I’ve put on more than a few pounds (ahem, the holiday season). These days, I’m in the low 130s (5’8 tall), and while I would love to be under 130, seeing all the posts on this blog has made me realize that it really is just a number, so a numeric goal is silly.
I feel: great! I have some more changes I’d like to see before my wedding this July, but I feel toned and fit and in the best shape of my life. 
Images via Lauren


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yea Lindsay! Go girly! Love having you in class, keep it up <3

I totally agree with you that diet is the harder part of the equation! I love to exercise, but I also have a huge appetite .. often for not so healthy foods. Cheering you on!!

Go girl! I, too, succumb to the salty snack. We've never met but we must be on a similar schedule as I recognize you from a lot of my classes - and I think Flywheel too! :)

Go for it with gusto Lindsay, you are an inspiration with your hectic professional life. Congrats on your upcoming great day. I am so happy for you.

Lindsay, congratulations on your engagement and surviving residency!! Peeled, Armistice and Waspie were regulars in my pre-wedding rotation - I also love waist/standing ab work.

Good luck with the mission and getting ready for the wedding. So excited to see your results and Lithe bride pics! (hint hint) :)

Wow congratulations on sticking to this healthy lifestyle :)

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