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This is me after pulling an 80+ hour work week, a stressful mom week, and a photo-shoot.  Do you ever feel the way that I look in the above photo?  Nobody ever wants to appear out-of-focus and sleep deprived—and you don't have to!  There are many effective services, and inexpensive products wake you up, and plenty of look-alive secrets that are 100% free.  Check out my 12 tips for when you're feeling less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:

Wear a Ponytail: When I need an uplift, I pull my hair into a high ponytail for an instant refresh. 

Caffeinate Your Eyes:  Cotton pads dipped in brewed espresso eliminates puffy eyes and circles.  Its diuretic effect helps reduce swelling, and caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, so it shrinks blood vessels and minimizes dark circles.

Get Moving: I stretch as soon as I wake up to bring a flush to my face. 

Take a Cold (and Hot) Shower: Taking a hot and cold shower around 3PM does the trick for 12+ hour work days. The temperature change revs circulation and brings back color—it totally wakes up the skin. 

Glow: When I'm wiped out my face gets ghostly.  A spray tan gives you instant glow, hides skin imperfections, makes teeth and eyes appear whiter and makes you feel pretty and refreshed.  I visit Amber Bucci at Skin Palette twice a month, but when I'm in a pinch Tarte Brazilliance bronzer does the trick (you'll need an extra set of hands for the back of the body).

Val Daily:  Val Daily and the aesthetician team at Dr. Bucky's can take you from zombie to hottie in no time flat.  Every fall I treat myself to IPL to bring my skin back to its pre-summer tone and smoothness. 

Make your favorite color bright: After late nights or early AM's, I’ll slip on a simple tank dress and heels to throw off coworkers.  Bright colors like yellow and pink warm up skin; I get kudos even on bad days!

Coral Lips: I draw attention away from my eyes with a bright coral lip.  The shade screams I'm awake. 

Blue Mascara: Two coats of Eyeko midnight blue up on the upper lashes only makes the whites of my eyes whiter. 

Wear Pearls: 6AM workouts aren't pretty, but TheraPearl cold compresses help cure morning face. 5-20 minutes over the eyes and sinuses does the trick. 

Highlighter:  My good friend and makeup artist Dawn Episcopo taught me to dab a little bit of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone to brighten up the whole area.

Bling: I pair jewelery with my active-wear during the day - A little sparkle makes you look alive!


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@Lauren, I think you look great in the pic! I tried an IPL facial once and thought it was SO painful and I bruised all over my face. Have you ever experienced this? I'm afraid to try again...

You are speaking my language! Thanks for this post.

Lauren, you really have this whole girl thing down. It's super inspiring!!

Your eyelashes are out of control!

Thanks ladies, glad you're enjoying these posts ; )

Beautiful eyes, skin and personality! What do you do as your spray tan fades and turns spotty? I'm hesitant to get sprayed because I feel like after a few days it gets uneven. Help!

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