Ready to kick it into high gear with another 20 classes in 25 days during the second most induglent time of the year?  The #LitheEndlessSummer Challenge begins on Monday, July 14th 2014!

Sign up today through Saturday, July 12th.  How will we keep you motivated?  Doing what we do best - Banding together in true Lithe fashion!  We'll keep you inspired with a Spirit Circle, weekly emails, our social media hashtag calendar, more video content via LitheTV, before & after measurements and photos, recipes, and tips from Lithe creator, Lauren Boggi!

The Details:

  • Sign up for the #LitheEndlessSummer Challenge today through Saturday, July 12th.  The challenge runs 25 days: Monday, July 14th through Thursday, August 7th
  • Not a here in Philly?  No problem, you can join in and show us how you're getting Lithe! 
  • The Fitness: Lithers must complete 20 classes in 25 days.  One of those classes must be outdoor (Hot-Stepper, Walk-Star or Lithe Beach - stay tuned, these options will appear on the schedules by the end of this week!), and one class must be Restorative: Rare Form or Melt. 
  • The Food: Eat Lithe!  We want you Eating Lithe (clean) Monday-Friday.  Utilize your Lithe Spring Clean menus, or do your own thing. 
  • Recipe Share:  Inspire each other!  Share one recipe on social media (FB, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram) showing us how you're #EatingLithe on 7.19.14!
  • Everyone Wins: Everyone who completes 20 classes in 25 days, and participates in the social media component (our hashtag calendar) will win their own personal set of Lithe "High Tops" for our super unique, upcoming fall workout, High Top, debuting the week of 8.11.  Winners will also get first priority to experience High Top with Lithe creator, Lauren Boggi!
  • The Ultra Lithe Grandprizes:  We want to see your progress!  Lithers who complete the calendar (posting everyday!) and share their before & after #LitheResults on social media using the #LitheEndlessSummer Challenge hashtag on 7.14, 8.1 or 8.7 will be entered into the Ultra Lithe Bonus drawing: TWO people will win a Lithe WKND (date TBA), and one winner will win a one-day, Lithe Instagram account takeover! 



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Tell me more about Lithe Beach!

IF it's anything like the Beach workout from the LitheWknd that just happened it will be the most challenging, exhausting, but motivating workout you've ever done! Try doing a pushup when the ground is washing away from under you! I STRONGLY recommend the beach workous! Everyone worked at their own level be it the gazelles out in front of the pack or us Athenas bringing it up the rear. So fun and everyone was cheering each other on! Plus you were on a beach! #jerseyshorelithersdoitsandy :)

Judy you are just awesome & I love you!

This sounds great. What are the social media requirements? There is a calendar with hashtags but nothing states if all of them need to be used.
Also if you are participating but cannot attend the 20 can you be eligible for the high tops?

Hi Judy, Yes, Lithe Beach is very similar to our Lithe Escape beach workout, which is very similar to the WKND workout that you participated in! @Lauren, in order to win the High Tops, Lithers have to take 20 classes in 25 days and participate in the hashtag calendar (we want one post per day, but we'll accept 20 posts at minimum).

Those who complete 20 classes in 25 days and complete the hashtag calendar (post everyday!) will be entered into the Ultra Lithe Bonus prizes: 2 people will win a Lithe WKND and one person will win a Lithe Instragram account takeover.

Too much Lithe for your Social Media friends? We recommend that people create an Instagram or Twitter account specifically for this/Lithe challenges.

Lithers that are participating from afar typically show us via social media that they are working out and eating Lithe each day, and complete the hashtag calendar can also win the High Tops!

Did I miss something?? What's lithe beach? #excited

Hey Lauren, so I just joined a similar studio in my new town aka Newtown! Aside can I participate in this challenge there by taking 20 classes in 25 days in Newtown! I seriously need a kick in the butt, after commuting 3 hours a day to the whole stress of moving and getting used to a new place and becoming a vegetarian I have stopped working out and have become too carb centric. I so loved the fall challenge and want to join this one!

If we're participating from afar, do we sign up using the same link?

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